hb vanessa!

this is vanessa:

she is a glitter-glamazon extraordinaire:

she is also the founder & creator of the highly-imated-but-never-duplicated "schmidt 3-quarter-turn pose:

my favorite thing about her?

she likes to snuggle with me:

i love you, bff! hope your day is OFF THE CHAIN.

since vanessa appreciates a kitty as much as i do, please to enjoy the following videos in honor of her birth:


Vanessa said...

The cat wishes were the best part! Well, that and the collage of you and I which I am going to get printed and framed and put next to my bed.

Thanks for the shout out! You are the BEST!

tammy said...

I will never get that pose down.

I would also never be able to do a birthday shout out to Vanessa as well as you've done here.

Amy said...

Really? You had to go and ruin a perfectly good birthday salute with a whole bunch of kitty nonsense! Why do we need to pollute everything Vanessa with your damn cat fetish! I love Vanessa... she is the bomb!She is the posing bomb, that is!