in your eyes

why does this bug me so bad?

this is a very large framed photo at planet hollywood in las vegas--when i first stood in front of it, i was ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY SURE that the eyes belonged to robert deniro.

i asked the girl in the gift-shop right across from the photo if i was right, and she said, "no. it's steve mcqueen."

i'm not sure if i can accept defeat so easily.

p.s. if you knew the movie scene the title of this post referred to, a little something to make your day:


Lori said...

I would have said deniro too ... the girl in the gift-shop stares at it all day long, she's probably just confused, plus, i think she's new. In my experience with asking gift-shop girls important questions in vegas, it's always best to get a second opinion.

p.s. that clip DID make my day, thank you very much! The perfect song to have stuck in my head. Muchas gracias.

Judi said...

I ♥ Lloyd!
I ♥ Mindi!

Sandra said...

It is most definitely Steve McQueen.

Nancy said...

It looks a bit like Sting, too.