since traveling is our passion, i was inspired by THIS article listing some of the most picturesque places to smooch in the united states:

"JFK Park; Philadelphia, PA: While Robert Indiana’s famed LOVE statues can be found in a handful of U.S. cites, we’d like to steal a kiss in front of this one — now that the spot's been nicknamed LOVE Park":

"Times Square; New York, NY: Mimic the famed post-WWII kiss by smooching in the middle of this iconic locale. (But do watch out for cabs, please!)":

"The Kissing Camels; Colorado Springs, CO: This rock formation in the Garden of the Gods makes for an awe-inspiring geological kissing post":

"Niagara Falls; U.S./Canadian border: Since the 1950s, these roaring rapids have been known as the “Honeymoon Capital of the World.” More recently, TV couple Jim and Pam from The Office said their vows here":

"Paris hotel; Las Vegas, NV: Can't make it to France? Here's a romantic substitute for the real Eiffel Tower — and this one's got a prime location in the middle of the fabulous Vegas strip":

"Paradise Cove; Maui, HI: As the most popular wedding destination in the U.S., this is the site of many couples’ first married kiss — or "honi" as they say in Hawaiian":

"Northern Lights; Fairbanks, AK: To steal an Eskimo kiss in front of this aurora-borealis background, your best bet is to visit in the winter when the colors are most vibrant":

"Union Square Park; San Francisco, CA: Pucker up in front of one of these pieces of urban art, found throughout the city. You never know, you may just leave your heart here, too, while you're at it":

i think that i was perhaps a bit inspired when i read this--not but just a week prior to seeing the article, rbc & i realized, while on date night, that we had not taken a photo while kissing since june 22nd, 1991.


we decided to remedy the situation while at the same time grossing our children out in the most painful & heinous way possible:

Picnik collage



Vanessa said...

"Get a room" is what your kids were saying I'm sure.

I'm saying there better be lots of those pics taken this week in front of the ocean.

Just SO said...

Man I would love to go to any of those places. I love that you took those last two a grossed your kids out.

gina bina said...

I love this! My family HATES it when BD and I take kissy pictures. I LOVE it. We take hand-held shots everywhere we go :)

*KaTiE cLoVeR* said...

but that's okay, i still love you.

tiburon said...

I am scarred. Permanently.