note to my four girls:


a photo like this, posted by you on facebook , will only = PATHETIC.


whenever a self-portrait involves a mirror, a pull-out sofa-bed, & a microwave/coffee maker combo, you have officially hit rock bottom.

if you girls happen to have a momentary lapse in judgement and a likeness of this photo appears as your profile pic?


you've been warned.

love, your mother

(p.s. yes, this was a real fb photo that i ran across last night that was a friend of a friend of a friend. and yes, she was actually wearing a bikini. which i then photo shopped into a TANKini.)


Brittany said...

woops. busted. how'd you find me?

Vanessa said...

I hate the mirror self portraits. Almost as much as I hate the ones that people take in their car. Why? Why your car?

M-Cat said...

If you really want to scare them straight, have them look at my EX - DIL's fb pic's. I can send you more if you need more ammo, and then I can have a 'chat' with them.

Guaranteed, you will never have the problem

Mrs. Tuna said...

Great, now I feel compelled to over search my daughter on Facebook.

tammy said...

I know a woman who did this. Half of the women in her ward made their husbands defriend her after. And then she wondered why.

Suzie said...

My girls have been threatened with this same thing. Although I have to admit to finding some not so flattering photos of them on our hard drive.
Weird that they disappeared one day.
way to be a good mama.

tiburon said...

Your girls AND mine!

This is still my favorite: