i wish i didn't have such a love/hate relationship with glee--

LOVE= music

HATE= mature themes in the story lines

i'm to the point where i just might fast-forward through all the acting and watch the songs. total bummer.

in the past few weeks, i've added two songs to my ABSOLUTE "favorites" list from glee, which previously had only one sole entry:

now i can add two others that make me happy--

all-male acapella version of a katy perry song? YES, PLEASE.

this one makes me want to put on vinyl leggings and rubber boots and splash in some puddles--(way to go gwyneth. props to you for making it look good.)


Vanessa said...

Agreed. We didn't need to see Santana and Britney kissing.

But, I love the music.

Leca Unplugged said...

I'm so glad you said that. I'm the exact same way. The Mister says he won't watch it any more with me because of the nasty scenes. When Shu kissed Beast-- it was over for him. But I. LOVE. THE. MUSIC. I'm so torn!

tammy said...

I feel the same way. I hate when you can't even watch prime time TV with your kids in the room.

R-Eight said...

Yep, I quit watching when the most interesting thing the writers could come up with premature ejaculation. Really?!? I wait until Thursday and Robin tells me what songs I need to watch on Hulu.