the dream has died.

mock me if you will (and i have a sneaking suspicion that you just might.) but i thought that they were gonna last forever.

turns out not so much.

so, go ahead and call me sucker, (i hear you!) but i always loved them in this little clip--AND you get a few german subtitles as well as the salt lake city skyline:

at least they will be able to celebrate by purchasing this break-up ornament
for each other:

frowny face :(


Suzie said...

Looks like ScarJo & Ryan Reynolds are finished too!
What up?

MotherBeck said...

I won't mock you if you don't mock me about thinking that Ryan Reynold and Scarlette Johansen were gonna last forever....who in their right mind would divorce him???

Vanessa said...

It's a damn shame. If they can't make it work...who can?