FREE subway christmas art download!

my bestie kamari showed me the free christmas subway art + banner from eighteen25--

it was love at first sight.

"Just 3 easy steps and you'll have your own Christmas subway art to display.

1. Download and print the document. This subway art is nice and big. 16x20! We had ours printed at *Costco. (download the jpg HERE.)

2. Buy a frame. We used a 40% off coupon and got a great deal on a frame from Aaron Brothers.

3. Add the print to the frame. We're sure you already know how to do that! :)

*When ordering your print through Costco, it usually shows a Resolution Warning. (Not sure why, but we've never had a problem with the way it prints.)

*Also, under print options - check the "do not autocorrect my prints" box (thanks for sharing that with us Courtney)"

i just ordered mine online at costco in a 16x20 and it cost me exactly $6.36. SCORE!!!!

(they also shared how to make those adorable glitter trees for crazyCRAZY cheap HERE.)


Vanessa said...

You should be on Studio 5 with all these great tips you have just given us.