hb tiburon!

hb to the only person i know in the world that might enjoy a concert more than me....

in honor of tiburon's day of birth, some of her closest friends have gathered to sing a heartfelt "happy birthday!"--

(in order of preference)

johnny mayer:

(insert "TIBURON" at :33)

keane: (didn't have to doctor any photos here--lucky girl!)

(insert "TIBURON" at :05)

depeche mode: (oh, DAVE. must you?)

(insert "TIBURON" AT :08)

& yes, that is a sequinned suit.

super sexy chad kroger of nickelback:

(insert "TIBURON" AT :13)

and, finally, her all-time favorite:

hb my friend! love your guts!


Vanessa said...

I think Tib would look hot with long hair, she should grow it out.

I know she is going to LOVE that last wish, seeing as Bono is her fave.

M-Cat said...

My most favorite post of the day!!

And you might get punched for the Bono - but it's making me laugh!

tiburon said...