nothing says "christmas" like the star spangled banner.

kaitlyn and her friends sang the national anthem at the basketball game tonight.

i think they are ready to take this show on the road.

and i think i'm ready to become a "stage mother". (but only if i can make her wear a hair-piece as well as a flipper.)


Vanessa said...

One minute they are twirling around in ballerina dresses and the next minute they are singing at the b-ball game.

Good job girls!

Monica said...

Of course it says Christmas. I just saw National Lampoon's Christmas this morning. Remember, it ends with the Star Spangled Banner.
BTW, they are really great.

Loni said...

Tell Katie her voice is beautiful and they sounded magnificent! Of course she has a lovely voice...she gets it from both her mom and dad :) Now just remember to SMILE, Kaitlyn!!!