c. rica

my dad & mom sent these photos last week of beautiful costa rica--i can hardly wait for the end of this month because we will be going down to visit them!

we will be staying with them in san jose and visiting areas in between from guancaste to los suenos.

has anybody been to costa rica? & if so, what cool things do you suggest?

here are my cute parents blown away (literally) by the volcano irazu:


Vanessa said...

It looks beautiful!! You are going to have a fab time!

Omgirl said...

Go to the beach called Manuel Antonio. It has a nature walk through the rainforest right there on the beach. It's pretty cool to be walking a few feet from the waves and see sloths, monkeys, agoutis, etc. LOVED Costa Rica. great food, nice people. Take a trip to the temple while you're there. Then look up in the Celestial Room. see that big gold medalian around the chandellier? YOURS TRULY did that! And the rest of the gold and custom paint was done by Mr.Yours Truly. true story.

Shannon said...

Jason and I went a few years ago. We actually stayed t Los Suenos. LOVED IT! Learned to surf there as well!
Manuel Antonio is amazing. You will love it in CR!
Pura Vida!