crazy cat lady.

did you know that the university of missouri conducted a study of pet owners, and concluded that cats make their owners happier than dogs?

the research also found that cats can make their owners healthier--the cats actually appeared to lower blood pressure by reducing stress!

so.....all you feline haters (i.e. my sister, my brother-in-law, amy, etc.) can SUCK IT. because i'm going to live longer.

while hanging out with the twelve cats i'll have by age 80.

{video courtesy of dooce}


Vanessa said...

You know we will be old together w/our 50 cats.

We loved that video. I hope you can get Dave and Martin to recreate something similar.

Laura said...

Pretty sure that if you died all alone in your house, your cats would eat you.
Have fun with that :)

alimud said...

Oh my gosh. You know I am so with you on the "pro-kitty" forum. Funniest video I've seen in A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. LMAO! We're up to 3 "catties" here at our house. . . look out Montrue - Mindi and I are hot on your path! ;-)

Suzie said...

when I catch one of those cat lady stories on the news I wonder how I'll conceal my many cats when I live alone in my old age.
I'm working on a plan.

jennie w. said...

I love my cat and hate my dog. I'm living proof that this is true.

Just SO said...

Just so you know we have joined the ranks of cat owners. We have an adorable kitty named Chin.

And that video makes me laugh until I snort.

Mason said...

I HATE cats!!! they are satan's animals..... If you are missing one of your pussie CATS, I have taken them to Ivin's or the Arizona border!!! Tell that neighbor Sister Cowan that her cat is retarded!!! Oh, did I mention that I HATE cats???? When you go to a party, everyone looks at what you brought because of the CAT hair in in your food!!! Pretty funny that the Clove's and Cowan's have no boys, but a lot of Pussy CATS!!

Mindi said...



it's ON.

Omgirl said...

A) that video was awesome!

B) Cats rule and dogs drool.

Kenny & Kasi said...

Cats SUCK!!! They piss and poo in the liter box and then rub their paws on your face and the kitchen counter!!! Hair Pie!!!