Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

chandler & i saw something today whilst browsing in the toy aisle of target that literally took our breath away:

so, a few things:

1. i had NO idea that the head honchos at barbie were such hipsters--kudos to whichever suit had the divine "inspiration" for d. bag ken. VISIONARY!

2. stocking cap + xs knit designer tank + girl jeans = MAGIC.

3. i MUST get his waxer's number. stat.

4. i wonder if he has a dog named pussy cat, too? (ironic!)


gina bina said...

Roaring. There's a reason why you're the best Mindi!

Elise said...

I found your blog on Mormon Mommy Blogs. I thought it was funny so I kept reading. And then I saw Megan Larkin, this girl who I went to school with like 100 years ago. Your sister? Small world. Small Mormon world, anyway.

That's all I had to say. Your blog is funny. I know your sister. Over and out.


Chase said...

I follow your blog religiously, because you find gems like the sexually-ambigious new line of Barbies. Keep up the great work!

A Photo A Day:

tammy said...

I have a strange desire to play Barbies again.