still hooked.

oh, glee: how clever of you to keep me hooked despite my semi inner-conflict to quit you by taking a song i never really liked in the first place and reworking it by the dalton warblers. (i would totally wear one of their fan-club t shirts.)

plus, how GENIUS was this katie couric interview of sue sylvester?


i was absolutely giddy that sue was voted "loser of the year" by beating out these other losers:

the economy

mel gibson

the housing market

dina lohan

wall street

tiger woods

the dallas cowboys

brett favre's cell phone

9% unemployment

sparky lohan (dina lohan's dog and, apparently, ALSO a loser.)


Brittany said...

confession: this was the FIRST glee i've ever seen in my whole entire life... !! and i laughed out loud, and i loved it! yay. i'm now a convert.

heather said...

Best. song. of the. episode! love them!!

Vanessa said...

WHAT?? No hating on the Destiny's Child.

I do like this version. It is catchy!

Loni said...

Probably shouldn't mention the Glee Cast Concert coming to Las Vegas on May forget I said anything.