true confession.

i have lived on this earth for 41 years. last saturday i performed a "farmer blow" for the first time in my life.

i was simultaneously completely repulsed and proud of a job well done.

in my defense, i was on a bike for an extended period of time with no kleenex and a continual runny nose. things were getting dicey--desperate times call for desperate measures! (sorry, mom.)

thanks to our gingerbread boy, jared, for walking me through the complicated process. and for looking away when the first attempt landed all over my shoulder.


Monica said...

No lie, I used to run with Kleenx, I have horrible sinus issues. Six years ago duing the St. George Marathon my older brother finally told me enough is enough, he was not waiting for me to find my Kleenx any longer. He taught me to farmer blow and I have been a free woman ever since. I think eh regrets it because sometimes I am not very discreet. My friends have learned that I should be the back of the line when biking. Sometimes on the treadmill I have to remind myself that Kleenx is really required in that situation. I'm pretty girly in most of my life, but this one I am not.

Omgirl said...

LOL! On your shoulder, hahaha!

When I lived in India where there was no Kleenex, I used to have to farmers blow it every time I got a cold. Pretty gross, but also much easier on your poor nose!