i love where i live.

this is what the temperature read yesterday at 4:44 p.m.

thank goodness for these next few months, so i can long for them when my skin is literally melting from my bones in august. but still leaving the stretch marks, naturally. (thank goodness--wouldn't wanna lose those babies!)

happy weekend! i hope you get to do something along the lines of frank poncherello's disco dance extravaganza:

(fyi: estrada's incredibly sexy disco routine starts at :48)

{courtesy of petunia face}


buddens said...

it brings back my childhood crush i had on eric astrada! and when i say childhood i really mean it - i was like 4! oh man, i want to learn that dance and bust it out while i clean my house or something. it's amazing.

Vanessa said...

Sorry buddens, at age 6, I called dibs on Ponch. He was to be my husband.

Vanessa said...

And, I love where you live too. Except when it's raining.

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

Hi Mind! One of these days I will live there or own a place there. and then you can't rub it in. :)

Miss you!

tiburon said...


16 more days :)