breathe i can breathe you in.

i am the first person to admit that i have quite a diverse range of musical artists that i love (um, HELLO, nickelback? i know.) but some are a bit more special than others.

foo fighters would be just about on the tippy tippy TOP of my heap--i think that dave grohl is funny, intelligent, a musical genius, and the PERFECT example of how a guy who is not really hot at all can become the world's most attractive man whilst singing and playing a guitar.

these boys are my go-to if i want to really rock out--and i feel so strongly about them that i would be willing to state for the record that there isn't a band out there currently who can do it better. (oooh! sweeping statement.)

so i'm scheming, trying to figure out how to be in las vegas tomorrow night for the premier of their movie back and forth:

oh, my.

i can't get enough of their new single, rope:


Melinda said...

Love them. Sad that the only theater in WA that is playing it is sold out...booo!!!

heidi said...

i just saw them on snl and i had to wipe my chuin because of my dave grohl drool. he's my favorite kind of unwashed.