bathing beauty

i loved reading this article about hamburg, germany's inner alster lake's giant woman sculpture--

For ten days, the giant woman sculpture called “die badende” (“the bather”) hung out in the water, making inner alster essentially the world's biggest bathtub:

i do think that she looked a bit tranny, though--i guess when you are one ginormous female, you are gonna get a bit of that:


Vanessa said...

2nd pic down. What exactly is that guy doing w/his boat?

Vanessa said...

And she has pretty fabulous makeup!

Lamchops said...

OR...she was made to look like a true German women-no offense.

Kimlynn Jones said...

what is the man doing with his boat

is he :

1.having sex with her?
2.poking her?
3.trying to molest her?
4.using his boat as a p***s to push into her v****a?
i dont think number 3 is true
maybe his boat hit that spot?

Kimlynn Jones said...

he is using his boat as a penis to push into her vagina
Definite ley .....................