hb amy!

hb to one of my oldest and very dearest friends--

amy--you are my favorite pirate! ahoy, matey! arrrrgggghhhhhh!

i hope your day is ALL THAT and more--i love you!

merry merry merry

loved this sweet little take on the christmas story--any story that ends with glo-sticks is a winner in my book.

merry christmas to all of you--love to you and yours!

{vanessa rocks for finding this little gem.}

nothing says "christmas" like the star spangled banner.

kaitlyn and her friends sang the national anthem at the basketball game tonight.

i think they are ready to take this show on the road.

and i think i'm ready to become a "stage mother". (but only if i can make her wear a hair-piece as well as a flipper.)

this is how i picture our christmas morning:

for reals.

FREE subway christmas art download!

my bestie kamari showed me the free christmas subway art + banner from eighteen25--

it was love at first sight.

"Just 3 easy steps and you'll have your own Christmas subway art to display.

1. Download and print the document. This subway art is nice and big. 16x20! We had ours printed at *Costco. (download the jpg HERE.)

2. Buy a frame. We used a 40% off coupon and got a great deal on a frame from Aaron Brothers.

3. Add the print to the frame. We're sure you already know how to do that! :)

*When ordering your print through Costco, it usually shows a Resolution Warning. (Not sure why, but we've never had a problem with the way it prints.)

*Also, under print options - check the "do not autocorrect my prints" box (thanks for sharing that with us Courtney)"

i just ordered mine online at costco in a 16x20 and it cost me exactly $6.36. SCORE!!!!

(they also shared how to make those adorable glitter trees for crazyCRAZY cheap HERE.)


LOVED this (almost!) exact re-make of the ORIGINAL.

30rock 12 days of christmas advent

if you are a fan of 30rock (and if you aren't, what's WRONG with you?) then you must check out the 30rock 12 days of christmas advent calendar--

we just enjoyed opening day 1. i love jack douaghy more than the air i breathe.

the dream has died.

mock me if you will (and i have a sneaking suspicion that you just might.) but i thought that they were gonna last forever.

turns out not so much.

so, go ahead and call me sucker, (i hear you!) but i always loved them in this little clip--AND you get a few german subtitles as well as the salt lake city skyline:

at least they will be able to celebrate by purchasing this break-up ornament
for each other:

frowny face :(

10,000 watts

i'm such a sucker for a good holiday advertisement. & this one makes me wanna get all clark griswold on my residence.

well done, target. like i needed another reason to justify my excessive spending at your establishment.

also, i about DIED when i heard the jingle bells/ "our house" mash-up on verizon's genius commercial:

just be, like, "stop."

as always, i heart you, married to the sea--

thanks for always making me laugh by posting random things like this:

life's simple joys.

gas money spent to drive up to slc to see jazz game with friends: $80.00

dinner for four at z tejas: $85.00

concessions at game: $22.00

seeing THIS parked 50 feet away from our hotel:

<span class=


having a drunk groupie offer us $180.00 worth of tickets to the bret michaels concert for $40.00:


<span class=

i must say: i was a bit under-dressed for the occasion. i kept wondering when bret was going to single me out of the crowd and say, "hey, big john! see that lovely 40-year old woman in the fetching mint cardigan? get her a back stage VIP pass, STAT!"

<span class=
{kristin & i}

but the cardi helped me make friends with the bret doppelgänger in the balcony rocking the bare chest and zebra spandex:

<span class=

(don't know what to get me for christmas? how 'bout the bret michaels cruise november 10th-14th, 20011. a suite for the mister & me would only run you approx. $6698.00.


mover and shaker

this just makes me happy.

speaking of happy, HAPPY WEEKEND!


i posted last december about sketchy santas.

& i'm happy to report that 2010 has also blessed them with a bountiful harvest of sketchiness:

abbey= VIP

abbey was the VIP at her school this week and she couldn't be more thrilled and delighted with her posters--

(unless she's her mother, then she's infinitely MORE ecstatic!)

many, MANY thanks to our amy who designed and created them.

santa boot camp

it's a little grainy, i know--but i was still delighted while watching.

what i want for christmas 2010: item ONE

pleasePleasePUHHHLLLLEAAAAAZZEE, santa. i need one.

JUST so i can re-create the scene at :28. it would be beyond my wildest.

there's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do.

i thought this post about the actual size of africa was so interesting.

(oh, toto--you were totally before your time.)

hb jared!

hb to the prettiest saloon girl we ever did see!

you are our favorite gingerbread boy in the whole wide world--

may your day be full of lounging and porn star 'staches--

kevin bacon's biggest fan.

oh my GOSH. could i love kevin bacon any more right now?

i think not.

unless he is wearing THIS outfit:

i won't even make a snarky comment. just know that i am THINKING it.

to martin & dave: IT COULD BE WORSE.


hb tiburon!

hb to the only person i know in the world that might enjoy a concert more than me....

in honor of tiburon's day of birth, some of her closest friends have gathered to sing a heartfelt "happy birthday!"--

(in order of preference)

johnny mayer:

(insert "TIBURON" at :33)

keane: (didn't have to doctor any photos here--lucky girl!)

(insert "TIBURON" at :05)

depeche mode: (oh, DAVE. must you?)

(insert "TIBURON" AT :08)

& yes, that is a sequinned suit.

super sexy chad kroger of nickelback:

(insert "TIBURON" AT :13)

and, finally, her all-time favorite:

hb my friend! love your guts!


thought this installation was genius--

(like i even know what an installation is.....but it sounded smart, right?)

bear hug.

happy december 1st!

to celebrate, i give you the polar bear love above. (btw: his adorableness makes me want to purchase a leaf.)



i loved this self-portrait that mia created at school--she told me it was how she took care of "gehhhms."

i think the likeness is exact: