life's simple joys.

gas money spent to drive up to slc to see jazz game with friends: $80.00

dinner for four at z tejas: $85.00

concessions at game: $22.00

seeing THIS parked 50 feet away from our hotel:

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having a drunk groupie offer us $180.00 worth of tickets to the bret michaels concert for $40.00:


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i must say: i was a bit under-dressed for the occasion. i kept wondering when bret was going to single me out of the crowd and say, "hey, big john! see that lovely 40-year old woman in the fetching mint cardigan? get her a back stage VIP pass, STAT!"

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{kristin & i}

but the cardi helped me make friends with the bret doppelgänger in the balcony rocking the bare chest and zebra spandex:

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(don't know what to get me for christmas? how 'bout the bret michaels cruise november 10th-14th, 20011. a suite for the mister & me would only run you approx. $6698.00.


abbey= VIP

abbey was the VIP at her school this week and she couldn't be more thrilled and delighted with her posters--

(unless she's her mother, then she's infinitely MORE ecstatic!)

many, MANY thanks to our amy who designed and created them.



i loved this self-portrait that mia created at school--she told me it was how she took care of "gehhhms."

i think the likeness is exact: