do your homework before you go to the concert.

to know me is to know that i love nothing better than to go to a great concert. being a seasoned concert-going vet, i always have one word of advice for people who just got tickets to the next great gig: DO YOUR HOMEWORK!! example: if you just got tickets to see, oh--i don't know........say.....DURAN DURAN, the first order of business is to get their new cd, and wear it out. many people know not what they do and go to said concert expecting to just hear all of the old standbys. note to self: THEY WILL ALWAYS PLAY THE NEW STUFF!!! unless it is a "greatest hits" album, the general reason for a concert tour is to debut the new stuff and have people purchase the music. people who don't do their homework always end up hating half the concert because they are bent out of shape when they leave the hits and hit the new.
i am doing my homework right now with the new "red carpet massacre" album, and i have to say that today is the day that i found the extreme love for it. and i can't believe it took me 8 days to realize that the reason i heart it is that timbaland produced half the tracks--yes, that timbaland. so sue me, but i love a song with a beat that makes me wanna shake it like a polariod picture.
i love "last man standing" and "tempted" and i added "skin divers" to my music--you can find it by scrolling through. (oh, and for most of you, turning your volume up. you know who you are. and what you did.)

vacay destinations near and dear to my heart.

 i love any trip that involves a jw marriott--we've loved the ones in scottsdale, las vegas, santa monica, palm springs, and will be loving the one in hawaii on june 4th.

i love any trip with family or friends--cancun and acapulco and park city and california on that list. i'm hoping to add hawaii and palm springs in the next couple years.

i love a "rock star" weekend in vegas, which involves staying at a hooked-up hotel like the wynn or red rock or when we stayed in the penthouse suite at the bellagio (mother of all dream hotel rooms! you gotta try that one). i would like to add the salone suite at the wynn and a skyloft (yeah, right--at $25,000 a pop prob. never gonna happen--but it comes with a maybach for the weekend! hello,bargain!) at the mgm grand to that list.

but i love any trip BEST where i go with russ.  alone.

we went on our honeymoon to  sandals at jamaica .  we were two 21-year old wide-eyed utah babies but the beaches were beautiful and the resort was awesome. we had a suite that we walked right out of the front door and on to the beach--we were in heaven! what we didn't love was being offered coke in downtown montego bay (okay maybe i liked it a little) or the part where i ate ALL of the local food while russ was cautioning me not to........montezuma's revenge on the honeymoon is a bit of a downer.

before i punch my time card in this life i would like to go to switzerland, spain, the jw marriott at thailand, and the carribbean again. traveling is spendy, but i've always said that it's the best investment you can make in good times. you can't take it with you, folks! well, you could, but it wouldn't be near as fun as blowing it in this life....

mob hit on mia

the superbly-coiffed criminal in the picture above is silvio from the sopranos--he was skulking around my house a few days ago because i am convinced that someone put a hit out on my baby. as you can see from the photos below, someone tried to strangle her with a piece of piano wire.

the day it happened

and the day after
really, she was playing on a chair (translation: standing UP ON TOP OF) next to the window. i told her to jump down because she was messing with the blinds. she jumped and next thing i knew she was crying the "hurt" cry--i comforted her and she didn't say anything until about 30 minutes later when she came in saying she was "bweeding" and she showed me her neck. honestly, it looks like she clotheslined herself, but i think it had something to do with the cord from the blinds. i don't have the old-fashioned kind that they have put warnings out about, but i guess a three-year old will always find the danger hidden in any everyday object. so so scary, though, and i am just grateful that it wasn't worse. i felt really bad, and it looks like it hurts like a mother. i keep thinking someone is gonna call child protective services on me. again. for the 4th time. (not really--i've only been reported twice.)

i did tell russ that it meant that we should take out all our blinds and put in the plantation shutters that i've been wanting forever. he didn't buy it.  

thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

1. teachers & the public school system--today marks 1 week since abbey's tonsils came out and it is time for that little lady to go back to school. i am SOOOO over her tonsils-- i miss my life. teachers are fo sho the highest calling--i salute you!

2. my friend joellen who went to cosmetology school. she does the landscape and maintenance on my eyebrows and i think the whole world thanks her.

3. my daughter katie for being our saturday night babysitter. russ and i love, no, NEED, no, HAVE TO HAVE those hours away from all youngsters. katie makes it possible.

4. liquid lortab (2nd week running. see #1)

5. unlimited supply of hot water. since i've gone into my cat-lady phase this past week and don't leave the house, i likey to take a long, wasteful, environmentally-unfriendly shower. like 25 minutes long. is it right? no. do i do it anyway? you know i do!

6. a husband who wants to make me an omelet every morning. love you russ.  it always tastes better when you make it.

international male, part 2

a new im catalouge dropped the other day and it had a few new items that i am positively and completely in LOVE with:

your mother-in-law will be your biggest fan when you appear wearing the purple haze tuxedo shirt or phillips sweater--both look EVEN better when you open them down to the 4th button.

the sleeveless denim shirt paired with the lace-up leather pant would be ideal for back to school night or parent teacher conference... they oooze confidence and command respect! you won't be suckered into room parent wearing these bad boys....

win friends and influence people in either the kentwood overall or the kentwood gauze overall --everybody loves a man with a bold sense of hillbilly style....

the square neck tank with the beagle shorts, or "manpris" for those hot summer afternoons spent mowing and edging your lawn while looking ghetto-fabulous as you do it. be the envy of all your male neighbor friends.

leather tough guy pants paired with v-neck thermal shirt would be stunning for when you need the ensamble that will be just right for the ward christmas party or scout cake auction dinner--nobody will be bidding against you, tiger!
father's day is coming up this june---do your man a big favor by purchasing him a few items--he'll be thanking you later!

the doll house

we were driving in a upscale subdivision of retirement homes just around the corner from our house about 6 months ago, when to our utter dismay and total delight, we stumbled on this house. this person has obviously come to the conclusion that the world would be a happier place if everyone just put up a fantastic display of dolls and kitties and bears. i just love that they are truly committed to this project, so i had to snap a few photos so i could share the wonder and the magic.

one man's weird is another man's wonderful or vending machine choices of death

when i saw this i was strangely intrigued/repelled/fascinated/grossed-out/intrigued again.

the concept of a vending machine like this actually existing totally unnerves me. yes, i know it's make-believe, but STILL.... i have always said that i think i could kill it in survivor playing the social/political part of the game, but when it came to the eating challenges, i might as well pack my bag and let jeff probst snuff out my torch. (isn't he dreamy? but not as hot as rbc)

checking out the "snacks"--and boy, do i use that term loosely-- available for purchase here, the three that terrify me the most are:

1. scorpion--i have a deathly fear of them--they look so menacing with that nivey tail and stinger. russ found one out in the garage when sweeping it out the other day that was perfectly preserved (and dead, thank goodness) and i had the cold chills for 3 hours. BLEEOCH!

2. that massive grub, just because i know it would be all juicy and squirt out warm, gooey grubby goodness.

3. i'm gonna have to go with baby mice, as that is just wrong on so many different levels.

shimmer lotion from bath & bodyworks is my jam.

i've posted before about the fact that i am a magpie--that's the bird that is attracted to shiny, glittery objects-- so anything i come across that sparkles becomes my new favorite thing.

my friend gave me a bottle of bath and body works shimmer lotion a few weeks ago and i was in love instantly. for me, it's a "no-brainer" as it:

a. comes from bath and body which has yummy smells for a decentish price.

b. makes me shine like a disco ball.

i've used it in all sorts of different fragrances--sensual amber (ooh-la-la) and passion fruit are a couple of my faves--and have had many people comment on how glittery i am. which i ONLY take as a compliment. even if it wasn't meant to be one.

mom is easily distracted

i have always been easily distracted.  mia is taking full advantage of that situation currently:

so is madeline:

i can't believe the destruction and utter mayhem that occurs when i am "otherwise" preoccupied.  

ode to lana larkin or my mom is the best mom ever. i'll fight you.

this photo is my mother when she was in high school--i have always thought that she was a total babe.  also i wondered how she got away with such a "scandalous" outfit for her pic and i wanted to wear the exact same thing.  anyone have a feather wrap i can borrow

my mom has always been the best example of parenting by love--my childhood was fabulous, and that was mostly due to my mother. she has loved us and supported us and said the right things and done even "righter" things, and she's always managed to make it look second nature.

she is kind and talented and quite adventuresome in some aspects. growing up, she was always coming up with big business ventures--she started 5 or 6 successful little home-based businesses and then sold them. she would get them up and running, make some money, then move on to the next venture.
mom has always had an "artistic bone" in her body. she loves to oil paint and would always talk about all of the beautiful colors surrounding us wherever we went. we thought she was a little nutty, but now that i'm old, i TOTALLY get where she was coming from.

my mother was a talented seamstress. i found out later in life that she didn't sew because she loved it, she sewed because it was cheaper and she wanted to provide for our family. many times i would come home from school and she would be there at the sewing machine, stitching a new sunday dress for me or my sisters. she tried to instill sewing love in my blood but, alas--she failed. she DID, however, teach me how to sew a mean "units" belt or pants which was a lifesaver for me in the late 1980's.

my mom has always had a strong testimony of the gospel--she shared that with the lucky people of san antonio, texas, for three years when her and my dad served as mission presidents. those missionaries loved her so much and knew that it was really her that ran the show.

my parents have been married for 44 years this july, and my dad loves my mom more than life itself, and ALMOST as much as golf, which is a lot. a WAY LOT.

my mother is a wonderful grandmother and makes each grandchild feel special and unique. they love to sit on her lap and read a story or make something in the kitchen or sit on the back porch.

my mom is pretty much the coolest thing that has ever happened in our family's life and i am so grateful for her. i love you, mom, and wish you the happiest of birthdays--thanks for being YOU!!

my kid ROCKS or kaitlyn gets good grades in 2008

i wanted to give mad props to my first born--kaitlyn is a great girl and a major help to our family. we love her so much!
she brought home this to us and i thought it worthy of posting.....katie, i am proud of you--WAY TO GO, SISTER!!

5 cd's on a deserted island

okay, so here's the deal: you are going to be stranded on a deserted island with a discman and 5 cd's--no i pod, no library of 10,000 songs to choose from. AND, it CANNOT be a "best of" album or collection. i just wanted to make it as difficult as possible. i know that most people probably couldn't care less, but i like to make these lists. and spend a ridiculous amount of time pondering the choices.

 and so the dysfunction goes on.......

here's my picks:

1. depeche mode songs of faith and devotion--of course you know that these guys would be #1, since they rule the world. i had a moment when i was contemplating "violator", but then i went right back to my first love. it's dark and messy and oh-so addicting.

2. foo fighters echoes, silence, patience, & grace--these boys rock my world and i have been in love with this album ever since it dropped in september of last year. they are one of the only bands out there-- along with the chili peppers whom i was sad i couldn't include.sob-- in my opinion, who still "bring it".

3. alphaville forever young--i still listen to this cd about once a week. it is soooooo my sophomore year in high school and i remember listening to it on my sweet walkman. funny enough, my LEAST favorite song on there is "forever young"--random.

4. u2 the joshua tree--another high school standby, but bono and company killed it on this one. good memories and even gooder music. what's not to love about this whole album?

5. keane under the iron sea--i struggled with this last one, but chose these boys because i already had a band that was dark and moody, some rockers, some new wave & bono, so i wanted something that i could chillax to--this does the trick.

2 dresses that influenced my life

bloggers are posting their wedding dresses and i'm glad i got peer pressured into doing the same:

ya i know, total cliche, but i have to say this dress that made me feel the most princess-like and oh-so-beautiful. these days it's just something to mock with all of it's stupendous beaditry (is that a word? i just invented it.) and my "bustle" on the back--plus i got to wear a veil with the v-headband and that's gonna go down in history. what's not to love about 1991? ahhhhh.....i can almost hear wilson phillips singing now.... also how hot is my husband in these photos? so dang handsome.

the other dress that influenced my life was this red one, as well as many other versions of it:
this dress and other versions of it was basically my "uniform" for about 2 years--my mom was a genius with some knit fabric, and thank goodness as it was about the time that "units" clothing came out--but i was too poor to afford it, so my mom made me this dress in like 10 different fabrics and colors and i had a fabulous variety of belts to throw around my pre-childbearing hips. when i turned 19 i learned how to sew these dresses and pants and shirt combos like unto it.  i hated the fact that sewing was a non-instant gratification project.  i wanted to start it and finish it on the same day as well as wear it out that night to paula's.  i sewed the lazy woman's way which was to never finish the hems on the shirts but just rather tuck them into the units belt.  my mom hated it.  but it was SOOO me.

 i also picked this because russ used to love me in these dresses. i wore them all the time when he and i first met and the fact that he liked me in ANYTHING made a big impact.

thankful thursday

today i am thankful for:

1. doctors who know what they are doing. abbey got her tonsils out yesterday, and for a split second as they were wheeling her away i got super panicked and a little weepy, which is NOT like me. i didn't like the fact that she was "going under" and i just prayed that the medical team would be on their "A" game. they were, and they rock.

2. modern dentistry. i have this compulsive need to chew ice, like all of the time--kamari used to be a dental assistant and is always scolding me, saying that it will ruin my teeth. i HATE it when kamari is right-- i broke my crown right in half two days ago. i can't even imagine what sorry state i would be in if i lived 100 years ago. i am much too high maintenance to have been a pioneer woman.

3. lortab. see numbers 1 and 2? word.

4. blogging. where has blogging been all of my life? i love it so much i want to marry it. i love the relationships i've made and the creative outlet, but i especially love the "mutual admiration society" aspect. 2007 was a rough year for mindi, and having people say nice things does a world of good for a battered soul. thanks, people--much love.

5. spring. my trees are covered with popcorn in my backyard and i love to see things getting their "green on". winter is depressing, and i think we should pass a law to skip most of it.

abbey to tonsils: BUH BYE.

this little lady has some green, dragon-flavored breath coming out of those tonsils, so it's time to part ways.  if i had known she was going to be so flippin' cute in the hospital shower cap i would have scheduled it sooner.

chandler caught me in a weak moment and now we have a chick from sue's pet castle.

this child in particular has a knack to catch me usually on the phone, totally distracted. she called me when i was in the h&m dressing room in california and asked if she could buy a chick from sue's pet castle. i said no. she asked again, with please. i said no, again. she said it wouldn't even be at our house, it would be with abbey guymon's chickens at her house. i said no. she asked again, with please, and i have my own money, and abbey guymon is getting one, blahblahblah. i was just trying on my 5ooth shirt/pants/skirt and totally gave in to all that whining and said, FINE. OKAY. FINE.

flash forward three days later as i
arrive home to find this little guy in a
tupperware container in our garage. what the freak happened to living somewhere else i asked? then i got the story that while it's a baby, it has to stay at our house, it will go with the other chickens when it gets just a bit older, etc. i straight got PLAYED, and good.

oh well, he is kind of cute--chandi named him "hopper" and i dig him as long as he always stays this tiny and never grows up. what do you think the chances of that are???

mia and the midnight manicure

oh, this story is so precious and silly and it totally warms my heart--
mia (almost 3) sleeps in the same bed as abbey (7). what almost always happens every night is that we put them to bed, abbey knocks off and is snoring like a freight train within 5-10 minutes, and mia tries to get up and play. sometimes she takes books and toys out of the closet, sometimes she goes through the bathroom to chandler's room on the other side to bother her, occasionally she pulls out dangerous cleaning chemicals from the cupboards, etc.--- if we hear her we try to get in there to shut her down and put her back in bed. sometimes we hear her, but we are way too busy watching who brett michaels is gonna kick off "rock of love 2", so we let her play for a bit.

so that's how it was going down a couple of weeks ago when she comes in around 11:00p.m. and has managed to get into the bright pink nail polish and spread it all over her fingers and toes. i clean her up, take these picture of her handiwork, and put her back in bed--game over.
the next morning abbey comes in for breakfast and has this bewildered look on her face--she holds up her hands and says, "what happened?" we glance over and see that her fingernails had been coated with BRIGHT PINK NAIL POLISH --AS SHE SLEPT!
oh, my funny baby--it makes me giggle thinking about abbey being dead to the world, arms stretched out, and mia lovingly giving the best manicure, ever.......

russ and mindi drive a convertible red vw in cali

we just got back from a week in california for one of rbc's marriott conventions--he and i were both so sick that we could hardly function, so that was a huge bummer and cut deeply into our social calendar.  but we got to drive the cutest convertible vw all over hollywood.  driving with the wind in our hair and the music up loud with rbc is one of my favorite things, ever.  thank you, budget rent-a-car for taking pity on two sickly sad-sacks.

russ won an award for his courtyard being in the top ten percent of all the hotels, and he was recognized at their awards ceremony, i pretty much think he is ALL THAT.

i loved that this was a vacation type work trip and we enjoyed time together with no kids--we were gong long enough to miss them!!

the BEST thing that we did there was go to the grove in l.a.--it was seriously the coolest outdoor spot i have ever been to--if you are down in the area you HAVE to go.

the BEST PART of this trip is the fact that we got to stay at the jw marriott santa monica le merigot.  it's a pretty big deal and usually much too expensive for an employee rate but somehow we scored.

having a husband who works in the hotel industry is truly a blessing.  i love this life we've created.

shuuuun the nonbeliever!

now i'm sure that if you have teenagers, you are gonna want to skip right over this as you will have seen it five baszillion times already. but it had to be given it's 15 minutes because if i had a dollar for every time i've heard one of my nieces or nephews or children quote lines like, "it's the land of sweets and joy.....and joyness" or "it's a magical leopluradon, charlie! a magical leopluradon!!" i would have that new car i've been scheming to get.

 i must warn you: charlie uses a word we don't, but i figure he doesn't know any better, so i excuse him. this is a little like napoleon dynamite--you might hate it the first time, but it's about the 3rd or 4th time that you catch yourself laughing out loud and quoting the lines--i tell you, this KILLS with the teenagers. the part towards the end where the dancing letter-thingies sing their song was fo sho thought up by someone on lsd, but stick it out 'til the end which is awesome!

3 year old trendsetter or mia takes accessories to a new level.

toys, dolls, purses, misc. dress-ups: $150.00

"play"make-up cases, high-heel shoes, fingernail polish: $50.00

using her mom's bra as her best fashion statement?



ahhhhh--my little mia. i love her so...
BTW: yes, i know it's massive, and yes, they are that big.