thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

**our neighbor & long-time bestie colby, for rescuing martin from certain death. (okay, maybe not certain---but close.)

when we left friday for the weekend, apparently we shut marty in our powder bathroom.

colby came on saturday afternoon to borrow some chairs from our garage when he heard a loud meowing coming from inside the house. he found martin in the bathroom, and that catty was none too happy to have been left in that predicament!

although there was no food, he had plenty of water due to his favorite watering hole:

<span class=

smart kitty even made a temporary "litter box" with an entire roll of toilet paper:

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we felt HORRIBLE that we had left him shut behind the door--and we were grateful that colby came to the rescue.

**fast flats: these little black, fold-able ballet slippers come with their own little purse and they SAVED MY LIFE the other night in las vegas. i dont know why i think it's ever a good idea to wear heels for an extended period of time--it always ends in tears.

thank goodness for these little babies. i HIGHLY recommend.

7 things we learned over memorial day weekend in las vegas

7 things we learned from our memorial-day weekend in las vegas:

1. Max Brenner is an awesome place to eat--

for a restaurant that is famous for it's desserts and chocolate, we were superDUPER impressed by the dinner menu. yummy.

what was really impressive, though, was the totally decadent, totally WORTH IT chocolate syringe (yes, you read that right) that we purchased and devoured.

it was quite possibly the best chocolate i've ever tasted in my life:

2. the cosmopolitan was still as spectacular as we remembered.

you should stop in just to see the ever-changing scene in the lobby:

cosmo lobby 2

cosmo lobby

or just to gaze upon the giant chandelier in the middle of the casino:


3. cheap blue man group tickets CAN be found. we just have to sit in the second row and run the risk of being sprayed by pureed banana. as well as strain our necks from looking upwards........but it's worth it:


4. nothing beats a romantic dinner out on the town with my hot man.

except for maybe a photo-op in front of the waterfall at the wynn:


and then realizing, for the first time in our 23+ year relationship, that the color of my man's skin is darker than my own:


5. we come to the conclusion that our children are well-traveled when the six-year-old is perfectly comfortable in the super-secret-VIP-room at the bellagio. that we shouldn't really be visiting. as we are neither VIP, nor staying at the bellagio.



6. a pool with a ginormous chrome shower head is better than a pool with no ginormous chrome shower head:


7. celebrity sightings? a dime a dozen over the holiday weekend.....

we are brave enough to snap a crappy cell-phone photo of holly madison:

we realize that chuck liddell is really, really tall when we stand behind him while waiting to be seated at dinner:

& jamie kennedy's stock rises just a bit higher when we are seated across from him in the same restaurant, and he tells russ, "happy memorial day, dude."