YOU GET THIS (seriously--you have GOT to watch the whole thing--you won't regret.)

(plus daniel craig = yummy.)

funnyfunnyfunny randomness

i'm in the "not sure" category:

first, EVER, photo of michael phelps--LOVE IT:

he he he:


laughed out loud at this one:


i'm guessing this would make the best mood music, EVAH:


{gracias, more cowbell and time flies, for some of the photos!}

that's what HE said.

i thought the rbc would LOVE to hang this little beauty in our home. i think that really just sums it up nicely, doesn't it?

hope your labor day weekend entails no LABORING!! i'll be back on tuesday--
(but i'll miss you on saturday, sunday, and monday.)

"my lips hurt REAL BAD!!"

(does she look like an addict who's just hit a 'BIG SCORE'??? that's cuz she is. and cuz she did.)

i knew the first night i met russ that i was supposed to marry him--that's because he pulled out mentholatum chapstick about 30 minutes into the date. the only people i knew who carried mentolatum chapstick were my dad and his twin brother, my uncle dale.

so it goes that we have a serious "lip chap" addiction at our house. i've always said that if i were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring one toiletry item it would be carmex. even over toothpaste. (YES, i just typed that outloud.) i'd have to invent colgate out there because there's no way my lips would make it 24 hours.

our addiction manifests itself in chandler--the girl will NOT leave the house without her "chappy", and often picks out clothing with pockets only so that she has a place for it. if her mean mother forces her to wear a dress, she tucks it down in her bra (sorry, love--part of the story) or convinces kristin to sew her a "chappy pocket" like this:

to read about the "industry of addiction" and how carmex=SATAN, clickity HERE

glamour shots by deb....

i saw this on krista's site and just about had an aneurysm--my glamour shots don't hold a candle to some of these beauties.

do you have any precious photos you would like to add?

thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

1. for going away with my girl's club for a night and coming back to a clean house--my man is the BOMB~

2. watching my girls play with a huge tv box. they cut and drew and taped and transformed it into a "house". it always amazes me how many hours a cardboard box can entertain kids. (thank goodness because that's ALL they are getting from santa this year!)

(mia and hadley--homeless orphans)

3. mia's excitement for preschool to start--that ginormous backpack is gonna tip her over, but she's positively in love with it.

4. an unexpected phone call--an old high-school friend ,nicole c.l. ,called me out of the blue this week. she called just to say that she had run across my blog and that it made her laugh. it was that simple. and it made my whole entire decade!! thanks nicole--you are too cool for school! (thank goodness they let us graduate.)

5. haircuts from jody--she hooks us up and my girls look supa-fly. thanks, master-beautician!

#1 songs

i saw this on somebody's blog a while back (sorry, can't remember who it was to give props--my bad.) and i've been wanting to do it. you can find out what song was #1 on the day you were born, the day you were married, ect.

being a music FREAKAZOID this was right up my (back) alley. i looked up the songs on the days my precious bundles of joy were birthed by moi and was shockingly surprised to find out that we must like a mild form of rap. each song represents the 'hood in one way or another--

zwani.com myspace graphic comments

for kaitlyn's birthdate, june 24th, 1994, the #1 song was "i swear" by all 4 one. for chandler's birthdate, february 19th, 1998, the song was "nice and slow" by usher (that video could definitely rival air supply's for best acting award--usher's idea of a "concept video" leaves a LOT to be desired). for abbey's birthdate, february 14th, 2001, the song was "ms jackson" by outkast. the BESTEST one was for my baby girl mia's birthdate, april 28th 2005: the #1 song was "candy shop" by 50 cent (can't even in good concience link that one--too nasty even by my admitedly low standards.)

my favorite by far, though, was the song that was #1 on the date that russ and i were married--june 22nd, 1991. for all of you young ones that only know paula abdul as "that crazy lady from american idol", i 'm gonna school you in the fine art of abdul appreciaton. the video "rush rush" by paula abdul was based on the james dean movie "rebel without a cause"--
zwani.com myspace graphic comments

i always loved this video, and thought keanu reeves was AWESOME in it, although you might break up with me for feeling this way--if you can watch with love for mr. reeves and the ex-mrs. emilio estevez, and you want to watch something romantic, then you really should clickity HERE

to find out what songs were #1 on your special dates, clickity HERE

check- check- check check it OUT....

there are lots of exciting things going on out in the blogsphere......thought i would shout out a couple for you:

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wilford brimley= diabetus cat

one of my blogging bff's, haley, had these on her site the other day and i fell in love:

shallow thoughts: why didn't i invent red box?

there's been a red box located in our harmon's neighborhood grocery store for about 2 years. every time i walk into or out of the store, there is a person at the machine and about 3 people standing behind them, waiting their turn.

now they have installed red boxes in front of two of the maverick stores we frequent, and i don't think there's ever, EVAH been a time that i've pulled up where somebody is not using that blasted contraption, and others are waiting in the wings. whoever owns red box is laughing all the way to the bank.

that somebody was also a teensy-tinsy bit more forward looking than mindi, & mindi wishes she would have thought of this genius idea FIRST.

if i had, i have a feeling that wherever i walked, this is what the sky above me would look like:

and i'd dress like my friend patrick here:

foot fetish?

when i saw u2 in concert with my besties 3 years ago, it was truly a life-changing moment--bono and company were everything i had hoped they would be, plus a little bit more. i was even able to overlook bono's political agenda because their concert was so freakin' good. plus he IS bono, after all....

i've always loved their video for "numb"--it's so random and i love that they have the edge enduring such atrocities as:

:50--fingers poking his face
:58--lots and lots of ear nibbling
1:09--spoon fed cereal
1:14--lots and lots 'o kid slapping
1:23--tank top cutting
1:36--rope twining around face
3:09--(my favorite part) FOOT FETISH ON FACE
3:44--man caress
3:50--belly dancing
4:00--photo shoot with fans

to see the edge at his finest, clickity HERE

if you also want to see one funnyfunnyFUNNY bono spoof, clickity HERE for ben stiller doing bono selling "lucky clovers cereal"

and the winner is.......

and the winner of the superfantastic blog giveaway is:

kristal of the schimbeck family!

email me at mrclove@infowest.com and i will get you your REAL, GENUINE prada purse and i-tunes card to you, pronto!!

this giveaway brought me much joy, as there were a record 148 comments. that pretty much made it the best day, EVER, for me. thank you for entering and showing yourselves--look for another giveaway next month!

jacks and the foam finger

do you know the part in the movie dumb & dumber where lloyd christmas walks into the convenience store and is gonna get "just the essentials"? and then he walks out with the foam, over sized cowboy hat, the paddle-ball, and the pinwheels? well, i've experienced my own version of "lloyd christmas", and i lived to tell the tale.

this is jackson--he is my bestie/blesbian amy's boy, and he is quicker than lightning when it comes to purchasing CRAP: so here's how it all went down: when we came back from park city about a month ago, amy asked us if we had room for jackson to ride down to st. george--we did, and so she came to drop him off to us at trolley square.

she warned my man, "now, russ---watch this little guy. he has 20 dollars that is burning a hole in his pocket. have you seen that scene in dumb and dumber? "just the essentials"? yeah, this is my own little lloyd christmas!"

i told amy not to fear, that i would keep an eye on jackson, and no frivolous spending would get past me. not on MY watch. we left and cruised down to orem, where we stopped at super target.

jackson, abbey, and katie ran in with me. i grabbed a few things, the kids went to look at toys, and then i met them at the front for check out. jackson and abbey had already gone out to the car, and i didn't think anything about it until i heard him from the backseat of the car, calling out, "pop tarts for sale: 2 dollars!!!" i looked back, and he's got a box, just purchased from tar-jay, along with misc. candy. i think, "well, he slipped by me this time, but it won't happen again."

au contraire......

we hit beaver, and he needs to go to the bathroom. he bolts out of the car as i'm yelling, "don't buy anything, jacks--i'll get us all something after we're done!" and the next i see him is when i come out of the bathroom and he's bought the biggest package of jolly ranchers known to man and a gallon of sobee. they were both SERIOUSLY the industrial size and, yup, he's already purchased them. while i was in the bathroom. hmmmmmmmmm.

the next stop is in summit, and before we even open the car doors, i look back at all the children and say, "nobody, AND THAT MEANS YOU, JACKSON--is to purchase ANYTHING in here...you got me? NOTHING!!" and then he bolted away to the boy's bathroom. the next thing i know, we are back in the car and the girls are giggling in the back. i turn around, and jackson opens his mouth and he's got a GLOWING, LIGHT UP "GRILL" on his teeth!! for real?? how does this kid do it? he sneaks past me, grabs his impulse purchase, pays the cashier and is back in the car before i am....

sure enough, by the time we hit st. george at 11pm to drop him off at his aunt brandy's, jackson has managed to spend a nice little chunk of the $20.00 his mother gave him.

i think the boy has a gift.
a special, special gift.

new olympic sports: CENTATHLON and SLAP FACE!