i've got a bottle of baby asprin...and i'm NOT afraid to use it.

(i think it starts to get REALLY good at about 2 minutes--that's when they pull out all the stops!)

you're welcome, internet.

just be your creepy self for halloween

this is the actual blunt card that my brother, ryan, sent to me this week.

it warmed my heart. and due, not in small part, to it's naughtiness. (shocker!)

some of the other winners:

"the house with the sucky treats."

this list of twelve of the worst halloween "treats" you could get was awesome.

it totally reminded me of my trick-or-treating days. and you BET that i knew which houses gave out the good stuff. and which ones gave out apples. (right around the corner.) or always "ran out of candy". (next to east elementary.)

some things never change.

have a happy halloween! get down with your bad selves....

and here's a little sneak peek at what russ and our male friends are dressing up as this year--it's SPECTACULAR:

{gracias, petunia face!}

thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

**my firstborn. kaitlyn rocks. and i'm so proud of her. (me so lucky.)

**good friends and family who helped me out whilst vacationing with my man. it always helps us have a better time if we are not stressing about the kids--thank you to my megan, kristin, & heather g. for hooking a sistah up.

**yet ANOTHER photo opportunity to portray myself as a crazy cat hoarder on this blog--i'm afraid dave & martin have us completely wrapped around their little cat claws. what suckers we are!

and for the record: i do NOT condone them laying on my kitchen counters. it irks me to no end. AND i wipe them down every day with clorox wipes. (not that it makes a big difference. who am i kidding?)

these fat cats think they own the joint:

and pretty much they DO.

**this little piece of info about khloe's prenup made me shake my head. and then wonder if it was time for me to re-structure my marriage agreement with russ to reflect my true worth. i'm just saying that nobody is concerned if mindi or her family gets lakers tickets. WHO'S TO BLAME HERE?

**this awesome video of the kuroshio sea, displayed at the second largest fish tank in the world.
to check it out in person, you'd be making a trip to the churaumi aquarium in okinawa --

but i think you get the same vibe by watching it here. (hit "full screen" to get maximum fulfillment. and maybe let it load for a minute so it won't stop to buffer~)

"you might have to go to the prom alone...."

oh, rhett & link--how i love you so!

these two just have an uncanny ability to put a smile on my face with their witty parodies and sometimes oh-so-random videos.

their latest genius is i love local commercials-- you can nominate your local business to win a free commercial with these two jokers. and so far, the results have been pretty spectacular:

{buy this freaking awesome tshirt HERE}

for kaitlyn: edward cullen make-and-take

robert pattinson cross-stitch pattern.

i smell enrichment night craft!


i've been totally fascinated by the story of stephen wiltshire--

wiltshire is an london-based artist with autism who draws city panoramas after getting a glimpse of the location from a helicopter. what absolutely blows me away about him, though, is the fact that the details of his drawings are astounding. every single thing he captures is done from memory, and his exactness is pretty mind-blowing.

this article was especially informative--read it if you get a chance.

To kick off the "Early Show" series, on Friday, Wiltshire boarded a helicopter and flew over Manhattan for 20 minutes to capture the New York cityscape in his mind. He is now in the process of recreating that image at a renowned art school, the Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn. Wiltshire will draw the cityscape onto a 20-foot long canvas. He should be finished with the work by Friday.

watch him live HERE

lessons learned in scottsdale

**staying in the casitas at the camelback inn is the way. to. go. (note to self: re-think your hatred of cacti in the use of landscaping. but ONLY if you have full-time gardeners on staff.)

**climbing to the top of camelback mountain makes you a BAD ASS. if only in your own, 40 and nearly 40-year old minds.

(no, i did not take the photo--and i wish i knew who did so i could give credit~)

**it IS possible for man to live on chips, salsa, & guacamole alone.

**taking the tour at taliesin west is SOOOOOO worth the 38 dollars a piece.

and that frank lloyd wright was a flippin' GENIUS.

**yes, the sunsets in the sonoran desert are all they're cracked up to be. ESPECIALLY if seen from the spa pool.

**also, it's best to see the desert nightlife from a comfy chair surrounding a fire pit. (even better? a dude playing acoustic guitar. YEEEESSSSSSSSS.)

**dinner at a swanky steak restaurant for the big four-OH! can be lots of fun~

but can also make you seem like a bigger idiot when a woman comes to your table and introduces herself as your sommelier. and you just nod your head like you are TOTALLY DOWN with that. even though you have no clue whatsoever about what you need to do with that pertinent piece of culinary information.

(translation: sommelier = wine steward. which we plan on having on hand at ALL times from now on. even though we don't drink wine.)

**there are many, MANY sides to forty.

and mindi always, ALWAYS spells it 'fourty'. until spellcheck tells her otherwise.

**you can, indeed, go through a whole vacay and only take one. single. photo. together.

(and the sad fact is it's because you took it yourselves.)

**note to self: THIS was the song of this trip--sung two different nights out by the fire AND at the piano bar. good stuff.

yeah. YOU!

i just loved this image~

{courtesy of le love}

eye of the tiger

this post of pure awesomeness by petunia face just had me in a giggling fit the other day--i had to share:

"I already have a ficus, but am still in need of the following:

ceramic tiger

rattan chair
leather vest with floral applique (child's)

white vest (also seems to be child's, possibly suede)
sitar flowing robe
printed pants
forehead dangly jewel

redwood burl? Is that what that is?

If you have any of these items and will not be needing them, please let me know. Subsequently (or consequently, is there a difference?) if this is your family and you are open to adopting me, I come with my own ficus.

Happy Hump Day,


hb russ!

yes. it's true: russ is the big four-OH! today.

i love you, babe. here's to FORTY MORE!

and i'm OUT 'til tuesday. (ahhh, used to love that song.)

kristin wiig

i think kristin wiig is one of the funniest ladies in showbiz right now. plus, the woman is HOT.

her sketches on snl are my favorite:

forever in blue jeans

i wasn't a huge puck fan in the beginning on glee--but after seeing this little sneak peak of what he does with a tune from mr. diamond himself, well.......i might be falling for him a bit.

plus, it helps that i AM in his demographic of females aged 34-45.

(it's a little blurry--sorry 'bout that.)

caruso magic

it seems that everywhere you turn you are gonna see something about the boy in the balloon--

this one, however, is my favorite:



emotional, much?

oh, my. MYMYMY.

i am getting old. and sentimental.

i know this as FACT because i may or may not have teared up watching this clip from sytycd:

yes, i am fully aware that i could spread the whole minute and twenty one seconds on a cracker while drinking a glass of wine.

yes, i am also aware that adam shankman is a bit of a drama queen.

but i think it had something to do with the beautiful music--the song is to build a home by the cinematic orchestra--

you might recognize it from the freaking awesome cameo it played in this little gem:

(i'm also gonna fully admit that this song made me get up and get my groove on.)


i was totally grossed out/repelled/sickened/strangely fascinated by dead fly art--

i can appreciate what a sick & twisted mind it would have taken to come up with this!


Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

excerpt from usa today:

HILDALE, Utah (AP) — Former members of a polygamous church are offering outsiders a guided tour with promises to answer questions about the history and traditions of the community.

Richard Holm and his brother Heber Holm are among those who are launching "The Polygamy Experience: A Guided Tour of Colorado City." The first tour is Saturday.

Colorado City, Ariz., and Hildale, Utah are twin towns controlled by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

The four-hour tour will include accounts from those who have lived in the towns. Richard Holm was exiled from the FLDS faith in 2003 by church leader Warren Jeffs. Heber Holm left the community 35 years ago.

FLDS spokesman Willie Jessop says he hopes people won't get suckered into what he calls a scam.

The tour costs $70 for adults and $60 for children

i wish i would have thought of this first--

i wonder if the tour customers know that they could save themselves 70 bucks (60 if they are underage!) by just visiting st. george's costco?

thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

***the fact that blogging, indeed, still pays--you get notes and coupons like these from friends who know you have a sad and unhealthy love for your felines. (louise--you RULE. muchas gracias~)

**this little person. she's so extremely advanced--must get it from her mother?

piano lessons

i absolutely adored this video and it's message-- gives me a little hope about the world we live in....

{courtesy of a cup of jo}

working lunch

i giggled when i saw the pure genius of expense a steak--

you can submit whatever $$$$ amount you spent and these good folks will produce 'receipts' for the exact amount to submit as official business expenses. they even crumple them up to appear authentic! (not that i condone this type of unacceptable behavior. in the LEAST. theoretically. )

i always marvel at people's ability to come up with a great angle-- too bad i don't have a boss to submit any receipts to. kinda bums me out to not use this great application.


{courtesy of a cup of joe}

true, that.

"TV: it gives so much and asks so little in return." - Homer Simpson


so, i think i had mentioned that i was not really feeling the office this season. i wanted to, REALLY. but no dice.

then, i watched jim & pam's wedding. and these 189 seconds single-handedly redeemed this show for me:


i am so digging these cast metal animals--i think they want to take up permanent residence in my living room.

as long as i don't have to clean out any large litter boxes, i am so down with them moving in~

{courtesy of the most awesomest stuff ever}