believe the hype~

so, yeah......

my brain is still FRIED. and i can't wait to see it again.

so, don't walk. RUN. RUN! RUN, QUICKLY LIKE A LITTLE BUNNY! and go see inception.

{i first fell in love with writer & director christopher nolan when i saw the freakishly fabulous memento--it will scramble your egg as well. if you haven't partaken, i suggest you should.}

10 lessons learned from the keane concert (pseudo-thankful thursday)


10 lessons learned from attending the keane concert on july 23rd, 2010 in las vegas, nevada:


1. the house of blues is an AWESOME venue--the entire place holds 1800 people, so you can get up close & personal without having a restraining order issued against you.

(not that i would know what having a restraining order issued against you means. allegedly.)


{l to r: stacey, tiburon, mindi, ahhhhhnold, rbc, neal, megan, & jody}

2. going with your favorite people makes for a better time--especially when you are accompanied by a professional body builder!


3. keane still gives me cold chills when they take the stage.


4. as well as put on one HELLUVA show for a band who some may classify as "adult contemporary". (shame on you that do!)


5. posing for photos with those you love never gets tiring. (something that never gets old as well? seeing the actual photo after wards and saying "i hate that picture of me! why can't i take a decent snapshot?)


6. when people see that you ARE the party, mothers & their daughters will switch their balcony seats in actual chairs in order to mosh in the pit with you.


7. eventually the concert has to end. even when you pray as hard as you can that it won't.

then you are somewhat choked up by the beauty of it all......

8. the ACTUAL song that really, truly, and genuinely DOES choke you up is bedshaped. it is the closest thing i've ever come to an actual spiritual experience at a concert. (and i've seen my share of concerts!)

(yes, i know that most of you don't watch any videos posted. but you really should see the beauty of this song in concert. trust me. i'm an actual expert.)


9. meeting new bff's (your internet girlfriend and her husband, your lovahhh's lover) is always enhanced by the majesty that IS las vegas.


10. no matter how many times you see this sight, it never ceases to amaze you.

p.s. i'm bending the rules this week and categorizing this in the "thankful thursday" slot.

unconventional? you betcha--it's what i strive for.

{thank you to my internet lovvvvahh for letting me swipe all these great photos.}

baby mila's daydreams

adele, a new mother from helsinki writes:

"This is my maternity leave hobby. While my baby is taking her nap, I try to imagine her dream and capture it."

what a wonderful concept! it's all captured in mila's daydreams--



"surfer girl":


"space mila":





{courtesy of a cup of joe}

i wanna make a mess....i wanna blow off stress.....


(yes, i know that my cheeks look like marlon brando in the godfather. yikes!)

we've loved 311 ever since jared & jody told us that we should. and we've never looked back....

i fell in love long ago with THIS love song. and i'm thinking that you've even rocked out to THIS one or THIS one.. but what you might not know is that their concert is one of the most raucous, entertaining, and engaging shows one could see.


going with these two was the best part of the night--if you don't count the "cops" take-down over the railing and zip-tie behind-the-back handcuffing of our friend in the picture above.

it was pretty intense. and the best part was that we were able to observe, like a bad car crash, from our protected "old person" spot roughly 5 feet away. (membership DOES have it's privileges.)


we had some of the best seats we've ever had at usana--front & center, on the railing, overlooking the mosh-pit and GA from about 5 feet up. it was a rubber-necking DREAM. and we took full advantage.


we loved the band and how much they interacted with the crowd and switched it up.


however, it was, at times, hard to concentrate on them as we were too busy trying to narc out the girl and her boyfriend who were the instigators of three of the most major fights we've ever witnessed.

that's when we KNEW we were officially old people. we just couldn't resist the urge to report "the truth" to the authorities....:)

it also helped the situation that the boys played one of my favorite songs. (hims is pretty hot.)

to lindsay, with love {hearts!!!}

i loved this handy lindsay lohan postcard that gawker created for our jail-correspondence convenience.

better hurry! she might not be in for much longer!!

walk it out

yes, i KNOW it's a levi commercial.

yes, i KNOW you've probably already seen it.

but i think it's pretty radical. (plus i LOVE when he strolls through las vegas and "high-fives" a dude from 1:15-1:20.......if i had a dime for every "five" i've given/received in the neon city.....)

and we're back.


sometimes i need a vacation after my vacation.

this might be one of those times......

i might be a bit slow, but i've got many great things coming. bear with me.

thank you, lagoon....

.......for making a childhood dream/fantasy of mine come true.

as a young girl/teenager, every time we went to lagoon (translation: white-trash disneyland) i used to beg, BEG for my mom to have our family's picture taken at the pioneer photo gallery--

you got to dress up in costumes from the old west and take reproduction photos.

sadly, my mom always said "no."

happily, this past vacation, my "dad" (translation: russ) said "YES!!!"

our bff's, jody, jared, & family were there to share in the joy that i felt had been missing in my life for all of these years:

<span class=

when we decided to go for it, we told the woman in charge that we wanted the MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF DEBAUCHERY in the photo.

we listed the aspects absolutely vital to this photo:

1. guns and ammo.

2. money.

3. illegal moonshine straight from the still.

4. gambling.

5. loose women.

i think we were able to capture all of the above elements nicely-----







and one last closeup for the grandparents on the mission: ( my parents have NEVER been more proud!)


i can say now, honestly, that i feel complete.

i am already planning on us doing THIS for our next photographic experience at lagoon:

**the only thing missing in these photos was kaitlyn--

she was unable to attend the photo shoot due to excessive water weenie usage:



how clever are these?

hb loni!


you are still a princess to me!

love you so much~



and we're off.

family vacations are always planned with good intentions but always seem to hit a few snags along the way.....

here's hoping for a snagLESS drive, children who talk sweetly to their siblings, 48 miles to the gallon, EVERYONE going potty at the same stop and not 5 minutes after getting back on the road, truck drivers who honk their horns when you make the "HONK!" sign, clear skies, & lots of all-you-can-eat buffets:

i'll catch you on the flip side. (translation: july 27th)

if you wanna go and take a ride wit me

<span class=

meet the newest member of our family.

acquiring this car has been no easy feat-- we started researching the car classifieds around march. i estimate we made over 50 inquiry calls, test drove over 25 cars, spent $100 (twice!) at bountiful mazda for "used car inspections",and made one trip to las vegas as well as one to salt lake city.

after all of that? still no car.

funny, but when your budget is basically the equivalent of lindsay lohan's last month's bar tab?'re options are gonna narrow.

be patient, we told ourselves. the right car will come along. we are in NO hurry. we are willing to wait.

somebody who was not so hot on waiting?

<span class=

so it was a christmas miracle when this one dropped into our laps. and we decided to "make the relationship work".

we couldn't be happier:

<span class=

**for the record we would like to apologize to kaitlyn for not following the incredible example that p diddy set in purchasing THIS car for his son, justin's 16th birthday last year:

as well as state for the record that we saved $356,600.oo

therapy through shiny things

some days are just a bit harder to cope with than others.

so, sometimes, when i'm feeling bummed out about life in general, i lock myself in the powder bathroom and do this:

& it works like a charm, every time.

ball. (full of surprise.)

surprise ball from kate spade new york on Vimeo.

i want one.

{courtesy of i *heart* you}

jell-o mold competition

if you have roots embedded deeply within the state of utah, (or yeewwwwwtaaahhhh) you should be able to fully appreciate the beauty of the 2010 jell-o mold competition~

the first place winner this year was titled "aspic ascension--tastes like heaven":

some of my other favorites were


"louie comfort's jiggly bits lamp":

&, of course, "healthcare re-form":

i was just bummed that the winner wasn't named oranjalo OR lamanjalo......


i'm always a sucker for a good advertisement--yahoo! stepped up to the plate with these.

stuff on my cat

i have enjoyed wasting time for quite a while on stuff on my cat--

how can you not love these?

i especially love the ones of stuff piled up on them while they are taking a kitty nap:

i've been contemplating sending some of my finest work to the website.....but i don't want them to reject my felines. i don't think i could handle the emotional aftermath & extensive psychological scarring i would suffer if they didn't make it.

they just worked too hard: