DO'S and DON'TS in las vegas on a girls trip or how i let tiburon bully me into these trips is BEYOND ME.

2011-03-27 050

DO'S and DON'TS of a girl's trip to las vegas march 2011:

DO be prepared to eat:

2011-03-27 024

and eat:

2011-03-27 193

and eat:

2011-03-27 027

and eat:
2011-03-27 142

and eat : (and eat.)


DON'T be afraid of getting reallyREALLY close together to get a glamor shot:

Picnik collage

DO go to an awesome concert headlined by one crazy lady:

2011-03-27 088

DON'T be shocked by the insane amount of crazed fans that turn out. in FORCE:

2011-03-27 139

2011-03-27 070

2011-03-27 072

DO recognize mark from sytycd and get in on some sweet photo op action:

2011-03-27 071

DO bring multiple pairs of shoes to wear. and pose in:

2011-03-27 152

worry about taking off your shoes and walking through the casino at 2:00 a.m: (your feets hurt too bad to really care that you are a dirty, filthy, filthy girl.)

2011-03-27 157

DO seize any and every opportunity to straddle glass objects:

Picnik collage

DON'T turn this guy down when your waitress peer-pressures him into buying a round of drinks for your table:


DO see beatles LOVE. it will change your life:

Picnik collage

DON'T get used to staying at a way cool hotel--they will eventually kick you out:

Picnik collage

DO insist that your husband installs a chandelier like this in your living room:

2011-03-27 149

DON'T self park in las vegas. that's only for commoners:

2011-03-27 141

****2019 UPDATE**** the biggest reason i went on these trips were for vanessa.  and then also because i liked jen.  she was fun and would contribute money and i liked her.  but VANESSA WAS WORTH IT.  

thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

**that a photo like this exists in the world:

they just don't make 'em like rick james anymore, do they? bless his little corn-rowed heart....

**more little shopping lists created by the creative-spelling genius of a 5 year old mind:

{translation: get cosmic brownies at wal mart. get pop tarts!}

**the chance to embrace my inner-freak this weekend with peoples i love love (plus jentix) watching all of the outer-freaks watch a woman who has been known to wear a dress made out of raw meat.

but she has ALSO worn a dress made entirely out of hello kitties. which is pretty freaking awesome:

**speaking of hello kitty (or kitty hollow, if you speak mia) i heart the feline-themed gifts people bestow on me--one that i've enjoyed has been my crazy cat lady action figure. it sits on the shelf in my kitchen, watching over all:

**& finally, for this video which made me so incredibly happy--i would TOTALLY be a band geek if we played this stuff. AND had that totally dope teacher.

this is my favorite rage against the machine song. it brings out all my inner-grunge-angst as i'm pedaling my bike up a hill. and the fact that it's being covered with such intense JOY only makes it that much better:

{courtesy of wwMd}

hb mom--loved spending time with you in c. rica


hb to my wonderful mother, who taught me every good thing i know (but may not retain? hmmm....) and is the center of our family's universe.

i hope your day is wonderful--may it be filled with songs of your praise, treats in your honor, and not having to send any e-mails for dad.

i love you! thank you for enduring my antics all of these years~ xoxoxo!

thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

** yahoo weather--

it allows me to hop on roughly ten times a day to check current conditions.

i remember, growing up, that my dad would watch the news every single night to just catch the sports and see the weather.

but when did i become such an old person? i NEVER used to even give the weather a second thought--it was something that occurred AS it was occurring.

merely one more sign of my turning to the geriatric side.....

**speaking of weather, there just couldn't be a thankful thursday post during this time of year without me praising the weather--mid 70's this week? well, okay..... if i HAVE to:

**guilty pleasures. such as my current favorite, holly's world:

it pleases me so. judge not.

**speaking of holly, i love THIS song by josh strickland:

perhaps it's because i fancy myself one of the sexy people? or maybe it's the fact that it's sick beats require, nay, MANDATES that i report.

to the floor.

yes, it's totally formulaic--which reels me in hook, line, & sinker.

**friends who allow my daughter to live the high-life with them in las vegas all week:

chandi may never return.

**a person who would spend money outfitting their ride with this:

{LOVE them.}

**& finally, for alec baldwin:

thankful thursday

thing i am thankful for this week:

**our sweet STAR student of the month:

february's student was chosen for empathy & love--true, that.

i wuv hers.

git 'em or mia should write every grocery list from now on.....

i love when my girls are just learning to read & write--the way the brain processes is an amazing thing.

mia wrote this note for her daddy--translation: "when russ you go to harmons get waffles."

she spelled the whole thing herself while sounding the words out loud-- i only helped her put the 'a' in harmons and the 'l' in waffles after the fact. (as well as decided that 'get' makes SO much more sense spelled as 'git'.)