101 random thoughts or mindi's musings of the mind.

1. i'm ready for fall.
2. but not too much fall--and NOT the cold.
3. if you play with fire, you are gonna get burned.
4. then why is it so fun to strike the match?
5. my sister loni used to collect all of my brother mike's toenail clippings in a cup.
6. we all saw that cup with a disgusting amount of dirty nails in the pantry for years and we didn't think anything of it.
7. puffy cheetos are my current favorite.
8. i love this album. as well as this one.
9. rbc turns 40 years old in 2 months!
10. i bought 8 boxes of alphabits cereal at harmons the other day.
11. my girls want to buy salted nut rolls every time we hit mr. d's.
12. they make me want to puke.
13. i shake out and fold each pair of jeans when transferring from the washer to the dryer.
14. it's a little anal or ocd but i think it helps with the wrinkles.
15. i hate cleaning the kitty litter box out.
16. today is a 'comfy clothes' day--nothing binding or restricting.  a bra only if i see someone other than my immediate family.
17. i bought a ped-egg at walmart yesterday.

18. it was on the 'impulse buy' aisle and i ipulsed.
19. i also bought a slap-chop. (even though vince likes hookers.)
20. because it was cheap and i am not good at dicing or chopping up an onion.
21. i want someone to make mia's scrapbook for me.  i wish i could afford to hire some sucker.
22. gravity is NOT working with me or my breasts right now.
23. we've been watching breaking bad on dvd.

24. a conservative high school match teacher who decides to start manufacturing meth completely fascinates me.
25. i hate it when people use 's in the wrong place. it irks me to no end. (or should i say 'irk's'?)
26. if i could have only one make-up item it would be lipstick.
27. i LOATHE running.
28. i like things to smell good.
29. if i could visit europe, i would want to go to switzerland.
30. i need to cook more. but i don't really like it. and it doesn't like me back, either.
31. i have a mid to moderate potty mouth.   & garfunkle playing in the background every time i say that.
33. at times, i think i have adult a.d.h.d.
34. i'll spend a ridiculous amount of $$ on jeans, but don't want to pay more than 20 dollars for a shirt and 30 dollars for shoes.
35. i wish i was having mexican food for dinner. and every meal.
36. i got these cutest nick & nora owl pajamas for mia & madi yesterday on sale for $7.98.

37. i have a very real fear of the dentist.
38. i hate the taste of anything coffee flavored.
39. confession: i might have left a few confessions in confession booth.
40. it was pretty freeing in a surprising way.
41. i think funny guys are sexy.
42. i would shave off 10 years of my life to always be at my ideal weight.
43. without having to work at it, naturally.
44. i've thought about my weight 50 times a day since i was in the 3rd grade.
45. dark chocolate is a waste of chocolate.
46. i haven't worn nylons for over 10 years.
47. peanut m&m's have become a favorite of mine over the past 2 years.
48. i don't like to talk on the phone.
49. which surprises most people who know how social i am.
50. i get burnt out on blogging.
51. my mother-in-law had a heart attack when she found out i pierced kaitlyn's ears at 2 weeks old.
52. it was very 'CATHOLIC' of me,  she thought. ****TRANSLATION 'NOT MORMON'****

53. so, naturally, each one of my girls has had their ears pierced before 4 weeks old.
54. i was born into a very strict but very loving mormon family.
55.  my entire family including both parents, both sisters, both brother-in-laws and one brother are still fairly strict orthodox momons.
56. i am the black sheep of our family--i don't do very well being a mormon.
57. but i'm still trying. hoping that one day it will come naturally.
58. i once saw an adult man next to me at the stoplight pick his nose, look at it, and then eat it.
59. i actually started gagging.
60. i think my 4 girls are the most beautiful, talented, & gifted children in the world.

61. i never took the ACT.
62. i did, however, take the DCAT (dixie college aptitude test.)
63. i never cared enough to find out what my score was.
64. but i like to say it was about a 36.
65. i find joy in popping a really great blackhead.
66. intervention makes me cry.
67. every. single. time.
68. i can take down more diet dr pepper each day than most people i know.
69. it's not something i'm particularly proud of.
70.  i've talked about stopping to see if you actually lose weight.
71. but i don't think i can actually go through with it.  it's my zero calorie comfort.
72. i've never turned on/operated our lawnmower.
73. and i'm totally okay about it.
74. i can have whole conversations after i've taken my ambien. and not remember a word.
75. i can be a hopeless romantic.

76. but then i can also turn around and totally be 'the guy' in our relationship. (read: insensitive)
77. i haven't joined the pta for the past 5 years.
78. i'd rather send $$ to the school.
79. my stereo in my car is totally ghetto.
80. which pains the music aficionado in me. GREATLY.
81. i can't whistle.
82. i wish i could have someone come in and clean my house weekly.
83. especially my wood floors--i hate to clean them.
84. but i LOVE to wipe down my granite kitchen counters--i do it many times a day.
85. i sometimes like confrontation.
86. wtf?

87. i just picked off all of my nail polish today in sacrament meeting.
88. as well as colored a spectacular picture of joseph and his amazing technicolor coat!
89. i like helping the kids with math.  that's russ' job.
90.  mine is english or writing any paper.
91.  i have never broken a bone.
92. pedicure= HAPPINESS.
94. i have a heart shaped birthmark on my foot.
95. the kitties are under my computer chair even as i type--i don't want to roll over them.
96. but my sister wishes i would.
97 i am really super sick of eating salads with chicken right now.
98. i listened to this pink song and actually threw a fist full of glitter in the air the other day.
99. it made me happy.
100. i can't believe i've almost made it~
101. my 10th grade teacher, donny basile, can suck it! ( see? i CAN FOLLOW THROUGH.)

we went to DEPECHE MODE and i got us the coolest custom shirts

{l to r: lindsay, tiburon, mindi, amy, megan, melissa, steve, jared, holly, mark/jake, jody, kamari, russ}

could i have been any happier tuesday night at the concert? i think not.

sitting all together in a luxury suite at the concert was really some juice that was worth the squeeze--we had room to mingle, stuff our faces, and break out the best moves.

one of the best moments of the concert is ALWAYS when they sing 'never let me down' and get the whole entire crowd waving their hands in the air: (like they JUST. DON'T. CARE.)

i will never forget how it felt to be part of this experience, singing and waving my arms, arms tingling with goose bumps.

we went to a nickelback concert and we weren't even ashamed.

{l to r: colby, kristin, jody, jared, steve, neal, mindi, kamari, russ, tiburon, amy, caylor!}

 we went to a nickelback concert and it changed our life.

suffice it to say that it could be the best value for your entertainment $$$ if you have a high tolerance for white trash, skanks, & beer consumption. oh, and some naughty language.  but it was a strangely inclusive group. surprisingly.

the theme of the night was 'DEVIL HORNS' and jody & i dressed accordingly:

truly, one of the best parts of the evening was talking with this gentleman from kearns. he told us that he had a bottle of jagermeister in the freezer at home if we cared to join him--when we asked where he lived, he replied, "four blocks up and turn real subtle-like to the right." it was the cutest way to give some directions that i'd ever heard of.  and this is really his photo.  he was deligtful.

your favorite slave or megan jody and mindi hit the dm concert in vegas

well, i figure i only have about 6 months until my 4oth birthday, at which time i must turn my head to the wall and die. so i gotta LIVE IT UP in the meantime~

and that included scalping tickets to depeche mode in las vegas on saturday night.

we weren't able to buy them when they were first on sale--i even called ticketmaster 10 minutes before they went on sale and kept my salesman on the line asking insipid questions--good thing he was a fellow depeche mode lover and we could swap concert stories back and forth. but all the sucking up was good for nothing in the end--there were no tickets left for the venue. the pearl is AWESOME since it is so small, but also totally in demand by rabid dm fans with no life and lots of $$$.

we were able to buy 3 tickets for less than face value, but only 1 was for general admission--and it was right down on the floor where we wanted to be. 

we decided that we would take our chances that if someone saw us sneaking into ga they would hopefully turn a blind eye. we managed to get in and felt like we had gotten free admission into an exclusive club.

the concert was so great--and there are a few constants that always hold true:

martin l. gore still dresses like a hot tranny mess (yes. that's him in the silver sequin ensamble.

dave gahan still struts like a 20 year old--even though he might be due for a hip replacement.

we still don't know what fletch is doing up there. besides pushing a few keys on the piano.

the coolest part of the evening was when the whole crowd started waving along to the music--it was a sea of arms. and this is always the moment when i think that dm music could heal the world. or at  least cure cancer:

 i loved this evening with my sister and my friend.  depeche mode gave us a night to remember.

thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

**these 3 little ladies and their willingness to participate in the "FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL MUG SHOT PHOTO SHOOT".

and can i state for the record?


**this awesome keane pillowcase set that i need.

only because they would be the much younger, non-afflicted band that i would choose to follow if depeche has to give it up. (or the killers. i've got to decide who wants me more.)

**this sweet little love note i found on my computer when i came home from the gym.

i love you, kaitlyn~

(there was no passing out, fyi.)

**this OTHER sweet little love note that my brother ryan sent me.

whoever thought of this one RULES.

**and, finally: THIS.

it TOTALLY reminds me of my brothers.

and how they would look if they worked in conjunction to bring the world their story through interpretive dance.

i wanna credit card that's got no limit or i sang nickelback's rockstar during karaoke night

so i've always been secretly down-deep ashamed that i've never had the chance to sing karaoke in a public space. but the real crime here, in my opinion, would be the fact that the world has never had the chance to hear me.

it took a lot of guts to sing this in front of a semi-interested people in a mexican restaurant.  but i'm glad i did it. yolo!

we left our hearts in san diego

despite depeche mode raining on our parade, we managed to pull through and have a lovely time down in san diego~

baby dole accompanied us on our venture and was the sweetest little man--his mama didn't let him get out on our balconies to see the view, though....not even a little bit! 17 floors up was just too much for her to take~

we loved our view at the san diego marriott hotel & marina--we ate and lounged and ate and swam and ate and shopped and ate and ATE!

we went over to the historic hotel del coronado on coronado island and loved the festive party vibe they had going on.

we decided that money can INDEED buy happiness if you were staying at the beach village at the del--it was a whole 'nother world. one that we wished we could get used to! simply gorgeous~

we all got the blogger-required "prom photos" at sunset:

just missing the corsage:

we were oh-so-glad that jody & jared were kind enough to share their "special sunset spot" with us.

we got lost for half a moment while searching for it, and i wanted jared to ask the carload of guys that we pulled up next to at the stoplight if they could help us find his "special spot."

he refused.

while taking our sunset shots, we realized dole was snoozing through the whole thing.

we didn't want him to miss out, so we got his 'money shot':

san diego= GOOD TIMES.

this photo of russ and i will forever be a favorite of mine.  i do love this man.

we drove to san diego to see a depece mode concert and they canceled the day before.

the only thing worse than NOT getting tickets to go to a depeche mode concert is getting tickets for a depeche mode concert in san diego, driving 8 + hours to go see it, and having dave & martin & fletch CANCEL.

with this being the third time that depeche has had to cancel concerts due to illness or injury during the tour of the universe, my b-i-l neal said that maybe we should consider following a younger band. perhaps one that doesn't have a lead singer in need of a hip replacement in the near future?

i told him SHUT UP.

despite being incredibly bummed at the prospect of an evening with no concert, megan, jody & i decided to wear our t shirts anyway. i think the gaslamp quarter of san diego was VERY thankful.

80's heartthrobs: john hughes edition

i posted last week about my sadness over director john hughes's passing--

he was the greatest 80's film director in the history of the universe (TOTALLY unbiased here!) and his movies live on~

i saw an article the other day about 'WHICH JOHN HUGHES CHARACTER WOULD YOU PICK?' and thought it would be fun. 

so, who would you pick?

from sixteen candles:

from pretty in pink:

from ferris bueller's day off:

from the breakfast club:

from some kind of wonderful:

from weird science:

if it were me? i used to think that it would be jake ryan--he was THE epitome of the greatest boyfriend on the earth: he had ultra cool hair, filled out a pair of 501's like no other, and drove a red porsche. total no-brainer.

but now, i've decided that i would totally go for the bad boy with all the issues--john bender. nothing like a project, huh?

if he wasn't available, then it would TOTALLY be principal ed rooney. what a heart-breaker!

music is what feelings sound like or

music has always been the great love of my life.

it defines key moments in my existence and helps me recall them. it never ceases to amaze me that you can hear the opening notes to a song, and it takes you RIGHT. BACK. to that exact moment in time.

i've had a passion for music for as long as i can remember--it defines ME.

so when i woke up in the middle of the night the other night thinking about why i've always loved the song 'cry' by godley and creme & what musical influences MIAMI VICE had over me, i knew i must blog it.

i missed my prime-time miami vice window--my parents weren't into tv, at all,  and i was watching moonlighting and days of our lives to be bothered with a show about two cops

but then i got a job at skywest airlines when i was 20 years old and my life changed.

i worked from 7am to 3pm most days, and was somewhat surprised to find that my favorite way to unwind was to watch crockett and tubbs finesse the gangstas AND the ladies in miami. the show played every day from 3:30 to 4:30 on cable, and i was immediately hooked.

i mean, really, what's not to love? they drove cool sports cars, wore bitchin' outfits like white sports coats over pastel tees and preferred their shoes with NO socks. plus, they ONLY worked cases that involved drug trafficking, prostitution, and/or gangsters. it was the holy trinity of television greatness:

but what got me, REALLY got me, was the brilliant use of music to tell the story. i read in later years that director michael mann was the first television series director to really push the music as hard as the story line. he was the pioneer in this style of directing, and i thank him for it because i am a full-blown SUCKA for it.

i remember being blown away when i watched this scene--i had it recorded on my vcr and watched it over and over. there was so much emotion, betrayal, and conflict, which was all illustrated perfectly by the song. PLUS, it has ted nugent. how much more greatness can one handle in an episode? really, take the time to watch these little clips--and just enjoy the glory of all things 80's. and yes, i know you are mocking me at home in front of your monitor....

other stellar examples of blending (albeit cheesy) acting and mtv music:

the end.