all kinds of awesomeness going on here:

first: i apologize to my mom & dad in advance for one or two (teensy tinsy) cuss words. i think the artistic and musical merit of the clip will make up for my (momentary!) lapse in judgement.

b. this was so great, i couldn't help myself--it HAD to be posted.

(and i don't even like bruce springsteen.)

thirdly: what's not to love about fallon, the glee cast members, jon hamm, kate gosselin, tina fey, betty white, joel mchale, nina dobrev, & hurley singing, dancing, & raising $1205.00 together?



this is tia.

she is the mourning dove that has taken up permanent residency in megan & neal's back-porch fireplace thingy. (what's the technical term?)


i have been totally all about her being back there--she's usually sitting on her nest, and we can all be hanging out at the table right below her nest and she doesn't seem to mind. in fact, i think she rather enjoys surveying us from on high.

unfortunately, my extreme love for this bird has managed to bring me to one conclusion. (and one conclusion only.) i am OLD.

OLD PEOPLE do things like watch birds in nests outside people's houses and talk about them constantly and call their sister (allegedly.) to see what said birdie is doing. & then bring their cameras over to take thirty (allegedly.) photos.

Picnik collage

i was THRILLED when megan called to inform me a few weeks ago that tia was "expecting". two tiny little eggs--

she then implied that tia gets around, since she was fairly certain that there had been a few baby birdies not too long before that.

megan also may or may not have also referred to her as the "michelle duggar of the dove world":





Picnik collage

we're gonna rock down to: ELECTRIC AVENUE

how clever are these google maps directions using song lyrics?

can you name all of the songs?

there's only music now.

i'm seeing john mayer tonight here with hers & hers & hers & a few other very important persons who don't blog. (gasp!) should be good times.

i almost HAVE TO see john mayer., strictly on principal alone. because any man who feels comforatable dressing like doc dr. adam bricker from The Love Boat is most certainly gonna get my concert-going dollars:

i admit: before befriending hers, i never had much use for mayer. but she convinced me to see him in concert, and it changed my mind completely about him.

for the record? i think he can be a bit of a tool/d-bag/attention whore. unfortunately, these are the some of the exact reasons why i dig him.

sick and twisted? yes. there's no way to sugar-coat that one. but i'll own it.

i hope he'll play this song. it's my fav:

and, holy MOLY, the best acoustic version of said song that i swiped from tib:

down load it for f-r-e-e HERE

out 'til thursday.

mean cards


when i saw these mean cards i laughed so hard my side hurt. (really.)

& then i realized why i thought they were so funny: because they would be PERFECT for my brother, ryan, to send to the objects of his scorn.




and then, did i mention the freaking sweet i phone app?

courtesy of i {heart} you

rock on.

as a mother who likes to rock it out, i must say that i couldn't be any prouder of my first-born.

why, you inquire?

because of this photo taken from the stage by a member of runner runner at their concert last wednesday night:

and once more, with the lights on......:

teach them while they're young, i say.

when i read that secondhand serenade (you will recognize THIS song. & THIS ONE is my favorite.) was coming to town with several other bands, i encouraged kaitlyn and her posse to attend.

the fact that it was on a school night was promptly overlooked--how often do you get to see a pretty great band in your own backyard on the cheap?

but the band that the girls fell for, hard & HANDS-DOWN was runner runner--

loved this photo of the lead singer working his magic on the crowd:

i might have become a big fan when i heard katie's favorite song which was made even cooler by this TOTALLY RELEVANT music video:

(watch. really. you will enjoy.)

you can become a fan of theirs on facebook as well--

i must say: i'm a little in love.

scratch map

i am all over this scratch map--

visited somewhere cool? just scratch it off the map!

i imagine for someone like me who loves nothing more than travel that it would be somewhat strangely satisfying to take a coin and rub away.....

{courtesy of a cup of joe}


i LOVED this clever little ad--it makes me want to dance a little bit.

fyi? i don't even watch the emmys.

which is quite strange for a gal who loves her pop culture......? hmmm.

i might just right this wrong by watching this year since jimmy fallon is hosting:


you've heard the expression "dance like nobody's watching", right?

what if it were more like "dance like you want everybody to watch, even though you shouldn't dance and THEY shouldn't watch"?

i was reminded the other day how funny i thought this old-school video was. and i wanted to share.

can somebody please explain this to me?

why is it that, when i am trying to eat healthy at a fast-food chain, i am punished like THIS:

when, instead, i could have been rewarded for naughty behavior like THIS?:

am i the only one who is frustrated that it costs me THREE TIMES AS MUCH to eat healthy than like crap?

sheesh. it's enough to make a gal give up.

speaking of wendy's awesomeness, check out this retro employee training video on chili and friends--whoever is singing is MY FAVORITE.

(see the other life-changing wendy's employee training videos HERE)

kitten. (with a whip?)

this is my newest favorite photo in the entire world. {muchas gracias vanessa}

happy weekend! party like naughty kittens!

thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

**THIS sight that i beheld in all of it's glory yesterday.

i started to do this job myself, but she insisted on finishing it. herself.

isn't child labor a beautiful thing? especially when they look so dang cute while doing it.)

Medical Insurance

**this dirty-ron's tutorial for foreign menu items that i can't WAIT to try.

i'll be trying costa rica's gallo pinto next year.

**this totally awesome gwen stefani dreamcatcher

have i mentioned my (non) love for all things dreamcatcher? if i haven't, i SHOULD.

feast your eyes on this INVESTMENT IN YOUR HAPPINESS:

**this handsome dude.

who wears this t shirt. and makes it look so good.

**and this video. which never gets old.


Picnik collage

(note to reader: this is a pet turtle. it is in no way/shape/form related to the infamous 'desert tortise'. no turtles have been harmed in the making of this post.)


kaitlyn found this little feller--we found out that he's named jermaine, which naturally makes me love him more--on our porch the other night.

he had this note attached to him:


she then unscrambled the letters left with jermaine, and found out that this boy had asked her to her FIRST DANCE (!):


needless to say, the appearance of jermaine caused much excitement in this house--including, but not limited to: squealing, screaming, lots of "awwwwwhhhh, he's so cute!", and "mom, can we keep the turtle?"

the mother may or may not have commented that anybody named after michael jackson's brother would most certainly always have a home with them. allegedly.

kaitlyn couldn't be more thrilled--this andrew is a heck of a dude. (but her parents are even a bit happier.)

to see katie's oh-so-clever answer she gave to her date, click HERE--

(& we hope we don't break our arms patting ourselves on the back....)

**anything including this picture is a winner in our book:


haters gone hate....

LOVE this haters gonna hate print

{courtesy of a cup of joe}


Picnik collage

i was all about these movie-inspired engagement shots--

some of the images are a bit blurry, but it didn't stop me from day-dreaming as i looked through all of them. such great ideas! & not a single one of the "line" in front of the basketball hoop in the cultural hall. (FROWNY FACE.)

inspired by UP:

Picnik collage

inpired by the notebook:


Picnik collage

inspired by atonement:


Picnik collage

inspired by alice in wonderland:


Picnik collage

inspired by breakfast at tiffany's:

Picnik collage

Picnik collage