i {heart} jane jenni

when i ran into the products by jane jenni the other day it was INSTANT LOVE.

any person who can combine whimsical images with pop-culture references is a total GENIUS in my book.

no biggie giveaway

my girl kami is having a giveaway--

get on over to enter & win one of these adorable silhouette necklaces from chelsey!

i love that kami's has her daughter, avery, her son, aiden, and her doggie, rukkus:

{which is the only dog, btw, that i've ever seen in real life & wanted. he does TRICKS. need i say more?}


well, it's official: i am TOTALLY geriatric.

why, you might ask?

yesterday for lunch i had cottage cheese and tomatoes. and thought it was LOVELY.

oh, how far i've fallen......

bust a move

can't wait for september 9th-- the new season of glee starts that night and my girls & i will be front and center.

megan gave me the heads up that there is a sneak peak of mercedes jones busting car windshields while singing--what a perfect combo!

here's the new fall promo:

you need to get on this train.

thankful thursday

**for the small al rounds st. george temple picture i conned my good man into buying me at costco--as i've gotten *ahem* more mature in these past years, i've found that i'm a sucker for anything that depicts the red rocks and beauty of southern utah.

i'm glad that i'm so persuasive--i have WAYS.

**for the chance i had to see footloose at tuacahn theater with thayne jasperson this week--

it was surprisingly good and we managed to avoid heatstroke when a rainstorm blew through.

the only thing that surprised me was how miniature thayne was--i swear, if the boy was 5'3'', i'd be shocked. but his dancing was so amazing that i wanted to put him in my pocket and take him home. and maybe place him under my pillow? hmmmmmm....

**for fellow glamazons--i got to see my blogging bff vanessa in pine valley on the 24th of july. she is freaking FABULOUS and every bit as funny and beautiful in real life. and between the two of us i'd say we have over 12 feet of height. so nobody is gonna mess with THIS business.

i just wish i would have remembered to actually comb my hair that day. YIKES.

**for little girls who like to dance. AND know the words to "don't stop believin'". train them young, i say.

studio mela

i've seen different prints by studio mela around the blogsphere--but i finally got over to the etsy site to check them all out and found SO many different great ones that i want:

mad men yourself

you don't have to watch mad men to enjoy the beauty of mad men yourself--

it allows you to make your virtual self over, 60's new yorker-glamour-style.

the options for your 'mini-me' are endless, and the graphics and music are ultra-hip. i confess, it was cheap therapy for me as i picked body-type, hair color, clothing, accessories.....good stuff.

here is my 'mini-mindi':

i like that i am holding a donut. it brings me immense joy.

here is the 'mini-rbc' that i created:

i put him in the scene i like him best--hanging out in an expensive hotel room with his lighter readied for that night's power ballad.

if you do this and turn out as abfab as i did, do share~


i guess if you REALLY loved twilight enough to marry it, then you would join these 'twi-hard' fans and celebrate your eternal love with a twilight-inspired tattoo--

holy mother of pearl! what part of 'permanent ink' do they not understand?

when looking at the photos, kaitlyn squealed & told me that this was the one she would choose:

i told her that robert pattinson's autograph would look really silly when she was having her 3rd baby. or when he was arrested for drug trafficking.

it also makes me thankful that, as a young, impressionable teen in the 80's, i wasn't privy to the permanent ink option to express my love & devotion for what i thought was 'COOL'.

because if i had, i would be currently sporting a tramp stamp like this:

or this:

in addition to this:


and THIS:

nirvana vs rick astley

my brother mike sent me this video. i think it rules.

who woulda thought the rickster and kurt cobain had so much in common? WEIRD.

ps you can get this awesome rick astley shirt HERE

my imaginary friends.

i've always felt like i "know" people on reality tv.

i like to talk about them as if they have been on my speed dial for years--i also like to dissect their problems, tackle their issues, & offer advice on their love life.

i know it's pathetic and somewhat disturbing. but i can't seem to help myself from becoming (as russ so aptly puts it) "an integral and vital part of their lives."

can you see his sarcasm dripping off of those letters? i hope so.

what i wish i COULD do, however, is to stop my celebrity pseudo-bff's imaginary (or non) situations/story lines/competition placements from affecting me or my mood. swings.

pathetic example 1: mindi agonizes over which sytycd dancer she should pledge her allegiance and un-dying devotion to. she is torn between brandon, jeanine, kayla, & janette. she decides to stick with her original first love, brandon, but then nearly comes unglued when he lands in the bottom two (all because of evan and the freaking eyelid sympathy vote! THERE. i said it!). she's relieved when he ends up staying, but is bent out of shape by jeanette being voted off. she thinks melissa should have gone home (sorry kami) but knows she's staying on because she tackled the breast-cancer issue. she then talks for an excruciatingly long amount of time about how janette would still be here if she had performed the b.c. dance. and had a better gum/teeth combo.

pathetic example 2: mindi has talked for weeks about how daisy should pick flex on daisy of love--he's (fairly) stable, good looking, and doesn't look like an unemployed d-bag with a closet full of affliction tank tops. she DOESN'T want daisy to pick london, who is an unemployed d-bag with a closet full of women's skinny jeans. daisy (of course) picks london, and the rest of mindi's night is filled with emotional eating & angry emails to vh1.

i am a smart enough woman to know that the only fact i should REALLY get my panties in a bunch over is the fact that i should be embarrassed to admit that i watch a show such as this.
and to solemly swear not to insert myself into said trashy reality-tv show dynamics, EVER AGAIN.

wait for it........




yeah, no. don't hold your breath.

it's all about the roosevelts

this was pure marketing genius on taco bell's part--


i was totally intrigued by this ksl ad--and i say BRAVO to the woman who posted it:


...with proposal and wedding ring.

That's right! Act now on this one-time offer. All you have to do is date and marry me and you can be the proud owner of a 1992 Jeep Wrangler (along with a 1970 woman). Jeep has a lift, safari top for the summer/hard top for the winter, rear locker, 33" tires and (new this year) an 8000 lb winch.

Not only do you get the Jeep, but you get me. And boys, I don't come stock. I am FULLY LOADED! My add-ons include: a great sense of humor, an affection for "garage nights" (that means working on stuff in the garage), an amazing work ethic, temple-worthiness, an appreciation for sports, the ability to live well within my means, logical reasoning skills, a "work hard so you can play hard" mentality, and I'm great with kids, too!

Terms and Conditions:

1. Marriage must last a minimum of 5 years.

2. Jeep cannot feel neglected - trips to Moab required - but it's a package deal. You take the Jeep, you take me!

3. Honda 400EX included in lifetime package.

4. Honeymoon required.

Contact me at wedding.jeep@hotmail.com

Men only, please. I am ALL woman!

here. take this or something.

it's no secret that i have a special place in my heart for a funny t shirt--the good folks at noisebot certainly don't disappoint--

toyota prius

yup. those suckers got me again. so great!

now if they could only REALLY convince me to go green. that would be helpful.

christmas in july

i've posted about how much i love the trimmings & trappings at one horse shy--

so if you are the non-procrastinating, plan-ahead type of person, here are some excellent suggestions for your holiday gift giving:

a very chicken butt christmas cards

all purpose bah humbug holiday greeting card

merry whatever holiday apathy t-shirt

anti-christmas bah humbug mini button