"so here's to you, mrs. robinson...."

fact: i am a sick, twisted, middle-aged woman who has a secret (okay, not so secret) fetish for high-school musical. and to be a little more specific.....um....ZAC EFRON. now is the part of the blog where i sound even more like a smitten 13 year-old than normal (btw: my sister told me i have overextended my stay on "kick a" and i am not allowed to say it anymore as i am using it all up before the eighth graders can--will now replace with fabulous. or sick. (see slang term of the day) ) i think he is quite dreamy for a little boy and i like that disney can make a cute, happy, shiny movie that doesn't involve teen pregnancy or an overdose on prescription meds. i especially dig HSM2 as it was filmed almost entirely on location here in southern utah and you catch a glimpse of it in almost every scene. lava springs country club is actually entrada,and if you wanna stay somewhere cool and ultra luxurious, check out the inn at entrada here. russ and i stayed there for his birthday in october and felt very rockstar. plus i like the fact that zac rested his hairs on the pillows there as all of the cast of HSM2 stayed there when filming. (i stopped short of asking to stay in the casita that troy bolton occupied when we checked in. but only because russ restrained me.) what i would like to do is send him the tshirt that we saw last night when we went to "27 dresses" and this dude in the bar was wearing it. i giggled all night.

greatest birthday card ever

kristin gave me this birthday card last year and it has been on my kitchen magnet board in a place of honor--how great is this? wish it wasn't so very applicable.

unique utahns of the world UNITE!!!

today i go into chandler's school with poster in hand (btw, who started that heinous tradition? i'm all about taking a few photos to school, but that poster is outta control. if it doesn't look like a pebbles example then you suck as a mother....oh well, par for the course) to celebrate chandler as the "unique utahn of the week". our little chanandler bong is such a funny little duck who's world revolves around her friends and her social life and has been known on more than one occasion to be lining up the next sleep over or play date or swimming fun BEFORE we are walking out the door for the first activity. (who could she possibly have inherited this trait from? hmmmm..) she filled out a questionnaire and some of her answers were so funny that i had to post it. she's most definitely her mother's daughter, but we love her in spite of that fact.

so, this: we take treats in today when we do this thing and chandi wanted donuts, so last night russ went and got 3 boxes and we were in the kitchen cleaning up and i think this conversation TOTALLY sums up how funny russ is and what a caretaker he is and what a caretaker i'm NOT. let me break it down just one time for y'all:

russ: i got the donuts--will 3 dozen be enough?

me: yes, there are only like 26 kids in the class plus teacher, so it will be more than enough.

russ: chandi, do you have a drinking fountain in your classroom?

chandi: yeah, each class room has a drinking fountain.

russ: oh, that's good.

me: (puzzled voice, head cocked to the side) why in the world did you want to know if there was a drinking fountain? that's random....

russ: well, after donuts they will probably be thirsty. i thought they would need a drink of water, and i didn't know if i should bring cups and something to drink or no.

me. (laughing out loud) well, they are fourth graders. if they are thirsty, they can drink their spit.

oh, russrussruss!!! this is why i love him. he just slays me sometimes. what a good dad, and how lucky are we?

oh happy day!

i was both happy and sad tonight to hear that our president gordon b hinckley died this afternoon-- mostly happy that he would be reunited with the love of his life and that he was done with his job here on earth. what a great man who influenced us all and was one of the best things ever to happen to the church! my friend kristin gave me this photo of him a few years ago and its been my very favorite of him. so cute and spry and witty and i will miss him.

u2 in 3D

yesterday we got a wild hair and decided to have a "field trip" down to las vegas--i randomly stumbled across some information about u2 releasing a new 3D movie of their "elevation" tour concert (which we saw in salt lake in december 2005 and it RULED!!) and it was being released friday for a week-long engagement nationwide. i got on the website and it's playing down in las vegas in several different theaters. so we hitched a ride on the party train (actually we just mooched off jared and joellen's escalade--thanks) and went down to the red rock theaters to worship bono on the big screen. we got our 3D glasses and settled in for an hour and 30 minutes of U2 heaven--it was AWESOME!!!!! my only complaints were 1. they edited out my fav u2 song 'mysterious ways'--why didn't they think to call me first and ask my opinion? rude. 2. it wasn't loud enough!! it was plenty loud for most people, but when you are hardcore like me (or as some people would put it, deaf) you want it cranked up so you can feel the love that the edge feels for us. i had a hard time sitting still in my seat, so it was good we were up on the back row so megan and kamari and i could have a more "interactive" experience. we shouted and clapped and yelled for more and thoroughly enjoyed it along with russ, megan, steve, kamari, adam, amber, jared, jody, darrin, and dannielle. dinner was, of course, at cheesecake factory in summerlin (i know, totally suburbanized chain-restaurant food, but it calls to me..). on the way home steve got out his ipod and played 'name that tune' for us and we ended it on a high note by a sing-along to air supply's "making love out of nothing at all". good times.http://u23dmovie.com/

jugglers deserve love, too

my sister loni emailed this to me and i have to confess that i was totally fascinated by it! i guess there is a whole juggling world that exists that i am so very sad to not be a part of. dare to dream, huh?

pebbles in my panties...

i hate scrapbooking. there it is. now they are gonna take away my right to live in utah. AND place my kids in protective custody. but, having said that, i am doing the evil deed even as we speak. i went thru a phase about 5 or 6 years ago when i put together books for kaitlyn, chandler, and abbey. they were never hooked-up, top of the line scrapbooks, just a few pictures stuck on the acid-loaded sheets that i applied with non-approved glue sticks. the problem is that my kids L-O-V-E them and pull them out all the time and pour over them like a banker with the stock market section. so, when abbey pulled hers out at christmas time and i realized that i had hers completed up til the end of 2002 (she was born in 2001, mind you. whoops.), something snapped inside and i realized it was time to stop speaking whinese and bite the bullet. my goal is to have all four books up to date by each of their birthdays and give them to them as their present. apparently mia wasn't even born into our family, as she doesnt even HAVE a book, so needless to say i've bitten off quite a big chunk. i decided to not even step foot into any scrapbook stores until i had used up as much of the 5-8 year old crap and stamped page cast-offs generously donated to me from my older sister, which i'm here to tell you that i have done, even though it was touch and go at times. i just ran out of page protectors on wednesday, so thursday i went over to pebbles. (as those of you in the know refer to on just the first word basis--btw, have to give a shout out to my friend amy's husband caylor who coined the phrase "pebbles in my panties-----genius!) when i walked into the store i kinda wanted to put a gun to my head a little bit because, although the selection is vast and wonderful and limitless, it is overwhelming and makes me a little irrational. PLUS, i'm still kickin' it old school with the 81/2 by 11 books and everyone who's anyone worth their scrapbooking salt in the northern hemisphere has swithed to the big 12 x 12's which i think is just an evil plot to make you spend more cash to switch everything over all the while increasing your self-loathing as you realize you really ARE the worst mother in america. or at least st. george. there was one small section of my sized paper that was seriously on their last legs, but i grabbed what i could and got the hell out of dodge. (usually as a rule this blog will be profanity-free, EXCEPT when it comes to pebbles.) abbey's birthday is on feb. 14th, and i am nearly done with 2006, so i think i'm gonna make it. but then chandler's birthday is feb. 19th, and i havent even tackled her yet. one day at a time. am i the only female who feels this way? please tell me no.

the wonderful subculture of blogging....

i guess all posts cant be totally shallow and superficial--so, here are a heartwarming few photos of us with our girls for christmas--katie, 13, chandler, 9, abbey, 6 and mia, 2 1/2--their dad is one hot ticket too, huh? did you like the large "ORBS" on our tree? thats what the salesclerk at interior elements referred to them as. what happened to just good old giant balls? we live in a pc universe, people.

anyway, i have been pleasantly suprised at my blogging experience so far--it seems like a warm, fuzzy community and all of megan's friends are way cyber-savvy, and so thus are my friends by proxy, which makes me feel even warmer and fuzzier. but i have to give a shout out to my cyber savvy-NOT gals who i long to have join me on this venture. joellen is the only one who ventured out, and kamari in an anonymous capacity. come on, ladies (and that's you kristin and dannielle and amy and even my sister loni)--all are welcome, all are welcome. there is peace and serenity in the light...join in the circle of love! all of the rest of you, love the comments, keep em coming and i will no longer be the silent lurker, either.

it's all better with "BLING", BABY!!

so, my mom and megan and i hit the big old navy clearance sale last week. my mom is awesome and buys a buttload (and she would be so very proud that i used that particular phraseology...yikes) of clothing for each of the grandchildren's birthdays every year. meg and i get the pleasure--and believe you me, it always is when you get to spend other people's money--of helping her shop. well, for some reason lana became somewhat obsessed with these gold shoes for emery (my brother ryan's little girl) and for mia. they were gonna be too big for mia by a couple of sizes but they were seriously marked down and so i said lets get them, mia will be in hog heaven. wow, did i underestimate these babies--they are so lovingly cared for and worn as much as possible that i knew they were destined for their 2 minutes of blog fame. btw, the leg turned to the side on the tip-toes pose? TOTALLY not staged by the mother--that is how she poses for pictures, legit!! she is such a little ham and knows how to work her mojo while making us all laugh and love her just a little bit more.


i admit that i love the independent newspaper. i always pick it up when i am out and love that it does feel like a bit of an unerground magazine for the ultra hip and cool. but i have a major beef with their latest issue that talked about the best of 2007. one of their music reviewers put out his best 25 albums of 2007. now, i consider myself to be fairly up to the moment on all of the latest music happenings, even if they arent all depeche mode, but this list was retarted. out of the 25 artists he named as the best, i recognized 8--EIGHT, I TELL YOU!! who wants a list with groups that nobody but . 0000023% of the population has heard about? all it does is make you feel that much more out of it and like perhaps you have been living under a rock for all of last year and how could you possibly have missed that great new album by caribou?? (yes.) so, here is the list he had (the * will be by the ones i recognized):

1. arcade fire*

2. iron & wine

3. dinosaur jr.*

4. of montreal

5. feist

6. the shins*

7. grinderman

8. caribou

9. the new pornographers*

10. the national

11. the white stripes*

12. baroness

13. memomena

14. thurston moore

15. holy f*#k (yes, it was spelled like that, and secondly, what the h!?)

16. okkervil river

17. bishop allen

18. eddie vedder*

19. norah jones*

20. richard hawley

21. the clientele

22. low

23. the broken west

24. animal colletive

25. queens of the stoneage*

now, i dont know this reviewer, and i'm sure he is a super swell dude, but for the love!! i'm not asking for albums by danity kane or t-pain or even britney spears for that matter, just throw us a bone!

why reality tv rocks my world

so, usually my tv watching consists of a few hours here and there, mostly kbyu and national geographic documentaries....sometimes i take in an occasional catholic mass on that random religion channel that shows the nuns and the priests when i can fit it in between my reruns of little house on the prairie (sorry kam). seriously? i am a total reality tv junkie. hey--admitting you have a problem is the first step, right? okay, please please PULHLEEEZE tell me that you are watching celebrity rehab with dr. drew on vh1--holy mother of train wrecks, this could be the big one! i just started it about a week ago and i am totally hooked. seriously, jeff conaway makes me feel pretty dang good about all my dysfunction. plus dr drew is totally hot and i dig how he manipulates the celebs into thinking they actually WANT to get sober--riiiiight. i also am gonna put myself right out there for your disapproval and admit that i am hooked on rock of love 2 with bret michaels..sick and twisted, i know. BUT my brother in law neal who is a conservative, church-going cpa/financial advisor is in love with it, so therefore i justify. other reality shows i heart:

the hills--so cheesy and just a little bit staged but who cares? spencer and heidi are gonna make it, i just know..

the amazing race

survivor (got a little burnt out this last season, but this new one with fans and favs should rock)

scott baio is 46 is pregnant--WAY staged this new season, but still good

addiction--actually quite educational, which almost goes against my requirements, but hey

the soup--joel mchale for president of the world! he kicks so much butt

shows i love that arent reality that are totally rad are:

journeyman--best show of the new season but might not be back sob!

chuck and pushing daisies--got off to a slow love connection with these, but they've grown on me big time

greys anatomy

private practice (i know, i shouldnt but oh yes i do)

the office--dwight has to be my all time fav

30 rock--who would have known that alec baldwin was a comedic genuis?

now is the part where you chastise me and say how do i have time to watch this much tv, so now is the part where i bear my testimony about how tivo changed my life and how much i cant live without it. sad, sad, sad but oh so true.

why i heart vegas, part deux

okay, one of the things we've done a lot over the past 5 or 6 years is see the shows in vegas--we have been to a bunch and have enjoyed every single one--my all time fav is probably still "mystere", the cirque du soleil (okay, i'm not even gonna spell check that one. sorry, dannielle) show at treasure island. if you havent seen this, i highly recommend that you do--it will blow your mind! the performers do some pretty crazy things and the music is awesome. we've also loved "o" at bellagio, "ka" at mgm grand, and carrot top at the luxor--he is seriously funny, and with the exception of one or two naughty words, totally entertaining and the tickets are pretty cheap. both mama mia and blue man group were great, danny gans--um, medium, but if you are in the 50-75 year demographic, you will dig him. we just saw tony and tina's wedding at the rio, which is an interacitve show--you go into a wedding reception and participate in a "real" italian wedding--my fav part of that show was the sweet wedding singer they had--donny dulce--complete with bon jovi hair and black leather pants and some moves that were just too good to be true! i wanna see stomp out loud at planet hollywood, i read on ashlyn's blog that it rocked her world. i also think phantom at the venetian would be great. one show i really dont need to see, ever? that stupid magic show at planet hollywood with pamela anderson--LAME. but i think russ would like it.

the power of britney

for all of you britney spears naysayers, i speak to you today about the healing and calming powers of her new cd, "blackout", and i kid you not--this is my cutest baby, madeleine (okay, actually megan birthed her, but who's REALLY keeping track of that stuff?) whenever she is in her carseat and starts to fuss, megan turns on britney and literally within the first 2 seconds of hearing ANY song on that cd she is lulled into a full-on zen state. megan has talked about it to us and we have laughed but i am here to tell you i witnessed it firsthand yesterday and it totally freakin' worked! legit! megan can put in another cd, sing to her, try to give her toys or a drink and she is having none of that. but the second she hears "you wanna piece of me?", all is right with the world. who woulda thought? now all we need to britney to stop the war in iraq with her special musical magic.....


"are you over thirty? nerdy, uncool, or simply suburban? get hip in mere days!"
i want to marry these cards i love them so much. i found them a couple of years ago up at z gallery in slc--they have all the cool terms that any self-respecting mother of four needs to know and the pictures they put with them are hilarious! dannielle said that she actually found them here in santa jorge at the store grun (over by great harvest bread on the boulevard) the perfect gift for the unhip busta!! www.knockknock.biz

why dave gahan is a rock god!

posted by megan and mindi (photo at depeche mode hard rock hotel november 2005)
here is our ode to mode (and dave in particular). a first glance at dave might leave you wondering why we pledge our allegiance and unfailing devotion to brother gahan. he is a little on the skinny side, we prefer to say sinewy and athletic (as all legit members of the rock and roll lifestyle are) and you might say his face would be considered average, we prefer to say devastatingly handsome, but all bets are off once you have seen this man perform live in concert. when he hits that stage there is not another man alive, with the exceptions of neal and russ, who oozes more raw, powerful sex appeal and makes you want to take him home and put him under your pillow. we go way back with dave, all the way back to 1993 when we saw him at the delta center along with martin, fletch, and alan a.k.a. depeche mode. it was love at first sight and if you ever want to see grown women not acting age-appropriate just come with us next time he hits the concert circuit. we have already committed to seeing at least four concert dates since we realized that the three we saw last time just weren't EVER enough!

why i heart las vegas

with my man in the travel and tourism industry, one of my loves in life is traveling--we do it whenever and wherever possible. when we were young and first starting out, we were just psyched to get a discount or deal and it didnt really matter where we were staying as long as it was cheap and not a total roach-trap. not so much anymore.....in my late-summer, early fall of my life, i have come to realize that i am a total travel snob. i dont wanna go unless it's a kick a jw marriott, the hotel park city, or the wynn in vegas. which brings me to my thought for today: i heart vegas!! i know, i know, some people think that sin city is dirty and gross and all it has to offer is gambling and drinking. ah, contraire--vegas today is totally hooked up!! we stayed at the red rock hotel and casino last sept. and it was SWEET! meg stayed at the signature at the mgm grand and loved it also. we went down with meg and neal in december to the bellagio on a weeknight when it was slow and they asked if we wanted to upgrade. our rate was $169 and if we went for it, it would be $250. they had us at hello, and we got the total rockstar penthouse 2-bedroom suite that was 2,000 square feet!! we were so jacked, but what made my joy even more full was when our bellman told us where the super-secret hooked-up VIP area was in the hotel (by the piano bar) and we went in there acting like we owned the place and sat right on their expensive leather couches and ate fancy finger foods and drank diet coke out of little glass bottles with a butler hovering over us waiting to serve. i love that stuff!!
we stayed at the wynn a couple of years ago when we went down for depeche mode and i have talked about it obsessively ever since. next month we are going down with steve and kamari and jared and jody and staying out at lake las vegas at the ritz carlton. other hotels i wanna stay at in vegas:
wynn salon suite
venetian palazzo
THE hotel at mandalay bay
encore at wynn (opening 2009)
signature or skylofts at mgm grand
you only live once, and i guess i've decided we are gonna have to live large whenever possible!


for real? am i seriously gonna do this thing? i love to stalk blogs on a daily basis and consider myself quite the anonymous commenter, but i have major reservations about my cyber-skills, or rather lack of them. but, for the greater good of all mankind and depeche mode devotees AND lovers of all useless pop-culture information, i am taking this bull by the horns and going for it. now i just gotta find someone to take a glamour shot of me in a white levi jacket with the collar up and that light behind my hair....... or do i go for the off-the shoulder feather boa and the heavy stage makeup? (which btw, i always seriously wanted one of those from that fabulous place in crossroads mall, or on that sweet white background that image photography had at the red cliffs mall) choices, choices.....

one thing i know for sure is that my megan is going to have to help me. and that i am going to have a VERY super-special VIP list of invite-only people who can read it. and to not be heartbroken when i look at my blogcounter thingy down at the bottom and see that it registers about 1.5 hits. is this a popularity contest?