shoebox full of soap

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while growing up, if we needed a bar of soap we would go to the shoe-box in the spare bathroom and pick one out from the assortment.

there was quite the soapy selection in that box: green, yellow, white, square, round, oval--just about any kind you could possibly want, we had it right there in the bottom of the box. ALL your hopes & dreams, coming TRUE within the contents of that magical bar soap dispenser.
the only drawback? that they had been used already. at my dad's motel. by random strangers who had checked in and then out, leaving the precious soap behind.

when the guests would leave, my dad would have the maids grab any soap, used or not, and put them into a container in the housekeeping department where they were up for grabs.

it never occured to me just how odd this was in dealing with how we got our family's soap. later in life, when we children would exclaim, "eeeewwwwhhh! dad! how COULD you?" he would answer, "well, we had the maids WASH THEM OFF."


my husband manages a hotel and we get many perks, but used soap has not been one of them.

should i feel gipped?

for katie: twilight new moon 11.20.09

cue eye rolling now......

for those of you who don't have a 14-year old at home who is going to marry edward cullen, i apologize.

abbey's BIG day~ it's great to be 8!

this past weekend abbey was baptized a member of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints.

kristin made her this darling invite to send out to friends and family:

abbey was so excited to have a day that was (and i quote), "all about ABBEY!" we were more than thrilled to oblige~

we love you so much, abbey! it's GREAT to be EIGHT!

best baptism card. EVER. (abbey)

abbey received so many thoughtful gifts & cards for her big day.

our favorite, though, by far was this hand-made gem from her cousin, kamryn:


i've posted before about my "punishment playlist" ,
so i thought this was extrememly interesting when i saw this in GetBack :

"Barry Manilow has now joined the ranks of Metallica and Barney the Dinosaur. They are all part of that exclusive group of musicians whose songs are used as torture. The controversial practice involves blasting music at ear-splitting volumes for hours on end. A truly annoying song helps. U.S. soldiers have used it on everyone from Manual Noriega to the prisoners locked up at Gitmo.

Predictably, most songwriters don't dig this kind of use. It's not the kind of audience they had in mind when hoping for a hit. Manilow hasn't made it onto the U.S. Armed Forces torture play list — yet. But his songs have been picked up by city officials in Christchurch, New Zealand, who plan on blasting "Mandy" in the town mall to keep unruly kids away. Still, torture is torture whether in an Iraqi prison cell or Kiwi mall.

So now that Barry Manilow has joined the "Music as Torture" club, we thought we'd present the Top 10 List of Torture Tunes. Play them loud the next time you want those kids off your lawn. "

10. Metallica "Enter Sandman"

9. Barney the Dinosaur"I Love You"

8. David Gray"Babylon"

7. Britney Spears"...Baby One More Time"

6. Barry Manilow"Mandy"

5. Captain & Tennille"Muskrat Love"

4. Twisted Sister"We're Not Gonna Take It"

3. "Sesame Street" Theme

2. Neil Diamond"America"

1. Meat Loaf"Paradise by the Dashboard Light"

so, agree or disagree?

we {heart} scottsdale March 2009

how much were we in love with scottsdale??

you know the site 'stuff white people like' ? well, there is also 'stuff mormons like'--
we'd like to take it up a notch, so i present to you.....

'what mormons look like'

while doing the (semi) 'high school musical' jump

when getting ready to get in the car to caravan en-masse to arizona

while going to dinner at the desert ridge market place

at a spring training baseball game

in downtown scottsdale after riding the trolley

after hearing for the umpteenth time, " are all those kids really YOURS?"

celebrating not getting kicked out of the desert ridge jw marriott~

while channeling olivia newton-john with your hair-ribbon on the car ride home.

depeche mode necklace from megan

{mindi & megan-- depeche mode concert in las vegas, april, 2006}

megan shares in my love/desperate obsession of depeche. she gave me this awesome necklace for christmas that i love:

on the back there is a photo of the four of us gals who shared a room at the wynn that night. we stayed up way too late, ordered the most expensive room service fries in the history of the world and giggled all night long.

so, depeche mode touring again this year and coming out with an album is a major (as in MAYYYJURRRR) big deal in my life.

their music has been described as "romantic synth-pop", but i love it best when it's messy and rough with a bit of a dark edge to it.

speaking of dark: this video they just put out for their new song is pretty heavy. but i've watched it many times because the premise of the whole video completely fascinates me. again, WHO thinks of these things?


hb neal!

hb to my brother-in-law, neal!
i'm so grateful that you have me for a sister-in-law.

he took us out to the ball game~ minor league baseball scottsdale march 2009

AND he bought us some peanuts and crackerjacks. AND very expensive hot dogs, nachos, and cups of diet coke~thanks dad!

while in scottsdale we went to a spring training baseball game at a beautiful outdoor ball field. we saw the kansas city royals and the los angeles dodgers. (not like i cared. i was there strictly in a socializing capacity.)

my favorite part about the whole experience was the fact that we were able to sit on the lawn with our blankets and spread out. TOTALLY the best way to do it, in my opinion.

the kids ran around all night long and had the best time--our max even caught the homerun ball and was the envy of every boy, young and old!

you're welcome, internet, for that cleavage shot. sorry it's not more spectacular.

superfantastic blog giveaway

it's WAY past time for another shallow, self-promoting blog giveaway!

in honor of our eggxtra special easter holiday coming up, i am giving away some easter seasonals!
if you spit on seasonals, then i have included a 25 dollar gift certificate good at chilis, macaroni grill, on the border grill, & maggianos~

**it's not rocket science, so all can play! leave a comment here, and if you don't have a blogger account, 1. what is wrong with you?! and, b, just leave your name and info under an "anonymous" comment.
don't wanna pimp you out, but will reward your selling yourself out for selling ME on your blog with two entries. NOT required for my love, though.

this giveaway will end wednesday, april 8th at midnight--

kiersta enters a beauty pageant

this is my niece, kiersta--she competed in her local city's queen scholarship pageant--she was beautiful and talented and poised and was clearly the winner in our eyes that night!

although the judges picked the wrong girl to be queen, we forgive them and hope they do the same for those of us who may or may not have toilet-papered their houses. ALLEGEDLY.


hiking camelback

i've long been a firm believer that exercise is NOT for fun and/ or recreation. i believe it is strictly so that i can eat a few more chips & salsa at the dinner table.

so when on vacay, i was peer-pressured into hiking camelback mountain with my besties. (HERE is a funny little info guide on climbing camelback that made me laugh~)

i tried to channel a gazel-slash-mountain-climbing billygoat, because the trail was steep, rocky, and a little rough at patches. it was only about 1.2 miles up, but it felt like a mini-marathon at times. i may or may not have done a little bit of whining. ALLEGEDLY. (but it was really soft, and only to myself.)

all whining aside, i must admit i would have been so sad if i couldn't have been there to see this view half way up:

jody and kristin with our own version of gazelles, darrin & dannielle:

one of the highlights of the whole hike in mindi's opinion was seeing THIS:

i'm not really sure who hikes camelback in a tiny bra and low-slung yoga pants, but it was obviously working for this girl. AND every male between 13-60 within a half-mile range.



one thing that was interesting to me was how incredibly good food tasted once we reached the top. i'm not big on apples, but i must confess that this apple dannielle handed me MIGHT just have been the best one i've ever tasted:

and yes, i realize that my thigh looks grotesque and somewhat deformed. i would like to state for the record that it was squished up against the rock. (okay, maybe not--i think it was a tumor.)

the hikers who made it. (the other ones were left for dead along the trail.)

afterwards we went through the mcdonald's drive thru and ordered more food than i thought was humanly possible for 5 adults. our total was an all-time high for dirty ron's drive thru as well: 51 dollars.

my newest guilty pleasure is the cinnamon melt--pure awesomeness. it's available all day, every day, so you really must give it a shot. you won't regret.