true confession time was time to get dave & martin fixed.

i figured it was part of my duties as a responsible pet owner. but REALLY because i thought that dave was a girl and i didn't want martin to get her in a heap of trouble.

the sad part about this little antidote is the fact that i wasn't worried so much about that at first---when russ asked me about getting them both fixed so that dave wouldn't get in a family way, i told him it wasn't gonna happen. because they were brother and sister. and that would be incest.

the even sadder, more pathetic part of this story is that i truly believed what i was saying.

the moral of this story? don't be an idiot. AND get your pets fixed.

{ps--found out that both dave & martin are boys. but still got them both fixed since i was told they could each impregnate up to 3 dozen female cats. you're welcome, feline ladies.}

what i want for christmas: ITEM THREE

this delightful little cupcake car

"Put on your matching hat, slip under the muffin top of your Cupcake Car, and let the world figure itself out for awhile. Get (or give) the sheer, joyful chaos of a gift that is mind-blowing, triple-dog-dare, double-infinity forever cool. Make the kids or grandkids literally squeal with joy. Bring it to work and buzz the breakroom. Crash parades! Putter about the ‘hood. Ever had a crowd of kids chasing after you just for the crazy gleeful heck of it? (No worries, the top speed is a comfy-safe 7 mph.) What’s it made of? A 24-volt electric motor, a heavy-duty battery, sheet metal, wire, fabric, wood…and mad genius. Launched at Burning ManSM as a cooperative art car project, the Cupcake Car sprang from the fevered mind of Bay Area artist Lisa Pongrace and her less-rules-more-laughs posse of artists and techno geeks. Yours will be tricked out with your favorite topping, so start thinking flavors." price: $25,000.00

so totally worth it.


i wasted 10 minutes @ lord likely's extra-ordinary inter-active moustache-o-rama--after all, one can't really miss when there are mustaches who's names are "harlot handles" and "the damned frenchman".

quite theraputic. and delightfully uncomplicated.

you can thank me later~

{courtesy of jimmy fallon blog}


i saw this in the old navy ad today in my newspaper--and i do believe i have never loved a turkey more.

13 thoughts about sea world (in no particular order.)

1. much of the background music has been scored by yanni. with a bit of kenny g thrown in for good measure. and that there, folks, would be the musical marriage of two artistic GENIUSES:

2. it never, NEVER ceases to amaze me what some people would consider "appropriate theme-park wear".

3. i might have visited every SINGLE bathroom within the entire seaworld boundaries proper.

4. twice.

5. "the pink flamingos are that color because they eat shrimp. the white ones are vegetarians." --chandler

6. is it really necessary to record the entire 30 minute presentation of "sea lions LIVE!" ?? i mean, really--who's gonna watch that?

7. i laughed out loud when i saw a guy standing in line at lunch wearing THIS t shirt:

8. sea world needs to step up it's game, BIG TIME, in the food/snacks/beverage department. if i can't see something every 10 minutes that appeals to me whilst living it up on vacay, then you are SORELY underperforming in this arena. (translation: it doesn't take much. come ON, guys!)

9. mia is EXACTLY 42 inches tall. (go figure!)

10. i might have teared up during the shamu show. twice. or perhaps three times.


11. being able to ride on the tip of a killer whale's nose while being propelled through the water at 20 mph is severely overrated as a job. i think any of us could do it.

12. in fact, russ and i are preparing for our very OWN killer whale show complete with music and sound effects in our back yard.

13. we suggest that you reserve your tickets now. it's gonna be HOT.

mia is thankful for....


if you are sitting in some airport or driving over the river & through the woods, then you have time to waste this week on nanotube--

it's totally addicting because the premise is so simple: use the left and right arrow keys to rotate the ring and catch the balls as they float outwards.

this game had me at "balls." plus, it's so simple, right? even a total idiot could do this.

unless you're like me & get THIS score the first go 'round:

happy thanksgiving

My belt is already unbuckled

I dare you to try and carve my turkey

I'm thankful for a holiday that doesn't require atonement or starvation

i realized yesterday that i've never, ever cooked an entire thanksgiving meal. somebody else is always around to do the hard part. which is how i prefer it.

i AM making a mean batch of mashed potatoes, though--with about 50 cubes of butter :)

i hope that you & yours have a wonderful turkey day together--NOT like jimmy & blake's:


newport beach was uh. MAY. zing!

having a room with an incredible view AND balcony is pretty much all it's cracked up to be:

& waking up to this each morning certainly didn't suck:

thanks to jamie, who whispered in our ear about the fantasticness of corona del mar--it was breathtaking and definitely our favorite beach area:

when frolicking in the surf, it's all just fun & games......

....until you do a full face-plant into the water. then it's SAD times :(

but then it turns out that your sister's coat can double as a dress, so you decide you'll survive:

we totally loved renting bikes down at balboa pier and riding down the boardwalk--we felt just like jack tripper, chrissy, & janet:

one of our other favorite experiences was taking the auto ferry over to balboa island--QUITE the experience for desert dwellers!

lying on the beach, soaking up the rays when you should be in school instead RULES:

also: madi does NOT like sand--she wanted to wash her feet immediately! "dirty!"


Womanizer in LA hands

Sliimy | MySpace Music Videos

strangely intrigued by this.

what i want for christmas: ITEM TWO

this last unicorn dress--

but only because i'd look so very fetching in it. & people could pet me.

15 lessons learned while @ disneyland 'o DISNEY! how much do we love thee?

things we learned from our trip to the hip-hop-happiest place on earth:

1. going with family = PRICELESS.

2. santa just so happens to hang out by the pier at california adventure daily from 10 to 5 pm. who woulda thought?

3. it's always, ALWAYS advisable to take along a 'sugar daddy' who will foot the bill. (and who's easy on the eyes.) ours didn't let us down. well played, rbc.

4. pocohontas is SMOKIN' HOT. none of the other princesses stood a chance when the chick with leather and fringe appeared. i gotta admit--i was TOTALLY into her.

5. mindi nearly ran over 2 pedestrians while rubbernecking at CINDY CRAWFORD and her hubby, randy gerber. who walked RIGHT. PAST. US!

she would definitely be the star with the most wattage that i've ever spotted--and she looked fantastic. (damn her.)

6. for a mere 8 american dollars, one can purchase an ENTIRE TURKEY LEG that will feed a family of 4. god bless the usa!

7. disnelyand is for LOVAAAAAHHHHHS:

8. whilst playing my traditional "who has to wear the worst costume while laboring at disneyland?" game, i found a new winner--any person who has to wear this during their indentured service to 'toon town:

(ps--who in the H thought it was a good idea to bring back overalls? was somebody smoking peyote during that particular costume concepts meeting? and why wasn't i invited?)

9.speaking of mistakes--disney doesn't make many. but i believe they might have just committed a major fashion faux pas when they charge upwards of 200 bucks so that your little one can look one of 3 hot messes:

(and yes, i drug this actual, crumpled brochure all the way home just to mock it. which might be a bit cynical on my part. but, oi VEY....)

10. it's always good to catch a nap whenever one can--whether in the comfort of your own home, or on a solitary bench in the middle of the california adventure boardwalk surrounded by thousands of your friends:

{i am so gonna get in trouble for posting these, defying parental instructions. but, truly--these were my FAVORITE photos of the whole entire trip. i love my parents!}

11. i still, STILL have issues with wearing non-cute shoes with jeans. i always feel like it might be my own personal version of 'dress like a lesbian' day. not that there is ANYTHING wrong with that--i like both lesbians. and comfortable shoes:)

12. it IS possible to get a 4-year old onto the tower of terror by telling her "it's just an elevator, honey...."

not so easy to do the same with the street-smart 8-year old. but bribery involving a 'VIP' pass works. abbey was so brave!

13. it is also possible to get your entire family (minus grandma and the 3 little ones) on the tower of terror for group photo.

but murphy's law states that they are gonna seat a random bald stranger and his kid smack-dab in the middle:

(can you tell that abbey--lower left--was NOT happy? not happy at all....:)

14. disney at christmas time ? {sigh.}

15. having a stranger take your group photo might = a bit fuzzy....

dance party usa

kami posted her favorite dancey-dance tunes and asked us to follow suit--which was like shooting fish in a barrel for me, as i love nothing better than a good tune that makes me want to shake my money maker.

so, here's one of my 'go-to' songs that always puts me in a good mood--my girls heard it first on THIS movie and it's been a favorite ever since:

you might recognize this veronicas' tune from a sytycd routine:

{ this is also a great dance tune from the veronicas, but the video is a wee bit naughty even for moi.}

(we've all been at one time or another) CAUGHT IN A BAD ROMANCE

alrighty then!

i've never been a huge fan of lady gaga and all her weird/freakish baggage that she brings to the table, but the woman knows how to throw down THIS mean dance tune that makes you want to bust a move in your bathroom while alone in front of your vanity mirror whilst deciding which "drop it low" move is gonna be your money shot.....


anyway, i so dug this video for several reasons:

1. we get to see ga ga au-natural and she looks pretty freakin' good.

2. the creepy animal masks/futuristic chastity-belt combos were kept to a bare minimum. could lady ACTUALLY be going soft on us? awwwwwhhhh.

3. that spectacular dress/wig/boot combo displayed at 3:30. i smell christmas present for megan!

4. the stone cold foxy dance moves displayed. in order, starting at 2:47 -3:27, again at 4:11 and really getting into full swing 'round 'bout 4:33. i'm thinking i could have maybe, MAYBE even had a shot at being a backup dancer....if i could only get the 40 year old stink off of me!;)

5. the last 10 seconds that include sparks flying out of a brassier. classic!

now, i realize that nothing ga ga does is without controversy--this video DOES let it's freak flag fly just a tad bit--so be aware.

please to enjoy:


{l to r: mindi, loni, derrill, michael, lana holding megan, & ryan}

okay, just how stylin' was my dad up there in that photo? the man knew how to work a polka-dotted shirt and the white man's version of an afro--NICE!

i actually remember taking that photo--it was while we were on a family vacay/larkin family reunion in california, & i was obsessed with the pirates of the caribbean ride. good times.....

thanks for all of the helpful suggestions in newport beach--we are going to try to incorporate as many of them into our getaway as possible.

sea world and disneyland are also calling our names. so we have NO choice but to obey.

i will be back in action monday, november 23rd. but i will think of you fondly every day.....

p.s. attention all potential burglars: we have people staying at our house, guarding and watching over everything. their names are martin & dave and they are NOT afraid of opening up a can of whoop ass. (as well as a token human.)

for kaitlyn: something better than TWILIGHT


who needs edward & bella?