and the winner is......

shawn of swaneesinger!

she made me laugh out loud with her comment, "i will whore for a new purse! does that put me in the running?"

why, YES, shawn--it does.

please email me your information at and i will get your prizey in the mail to you a.s.a.p.!

thank you all for entering--it brings me great joy to see your shiny happy comments.



numbers canvas--WANT IT. NEED IT. MUST HAVE IT.

hb dannielle!

hb to my bestie/family, dannielle--hope your day is THE BEST!


i just got some of the photos back from malea at tickled pink photo--it was seriously better than christmas morning!

to quote chandler bing, "could i BE any happier?" i think not.

you need to check malea's action out--she was simply stellar.

next up is a family photo in may--hope you will be able to contain your excitement until then....

classified ads


i *heart* kelly kapoor

saw this on the genius i *heart* you and laughed my arse off

you can also follow her on twitter for a giggle


so my sister megan has been doing THIS:

we had the ultrasound and planned for THIS:

the little one was born at 5:49 p.m. february 24th, and came out THIS:

we couldn't be more surprised!!
(and thrilled.)

cole jeffrey --

7 lb. 8 oz.

19 1/2 inches long

macgyver approves

just fyi: macgyver APPROVES of my superfantastic blog giveaway--you best be gettin' in while the gettin's GOOD.

best oscar speech

if you don't know what he means, then WATCH AND LEARN:

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

saw this on yahoo and thought it was interesting--

the 10 germiest jobs in America: is yours on the list?

Dr. Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona, whose nickname is "Dr. Germ," spoke to ABC News recently, about the germiest professions in America:

1. Teacher/day-care worker

2. Cashier, bank employee

3. Tech support/computer repair

4. Doctor or nurse

5. Lab scientist

6. Police officer

7. Animal control officer

8. Janitor or plumber

9. Sanitation worker (AKA garbage man/woman)

10. Meat packer

i thought it was very telling that TEACHER was further up the list than janitor, garbage person, AND meat packer. as well as disturbing. hmmmmmmmmm.

i've always said that it takes a special type of person to smell my kid's morning breath and STILL want to mold them into responsible, god-fearing citizens.

Thanks Cool myspace comments

many thanks to you, educators.


it's looking like 2009 might just be the 'year of the concert' for mindi. which is EXACTLY how mindi likes it.

i am psyched that my tiburon is somewhat (okay, ALL THE WAY) obsessed with keane and got her friend jen tix to hook us up with sweet tickets to see them may 12th in slc at kingsbury hall.

my sister megan turned me on to keane about 2 years ago, and it's been true love ever since. they have such a lush, romantic sound that i just dig, and it really doesn't hurt that they list my beloved depeche mode as one of their major musical influences.

i heart them so much that they made the list of 5 cd's i'd take to a deserted island--

one of my favorite songs of theirs is a bad dream

5 lessons learned from the 11 year old's birthday party.

1. never underestimate the power of a small group of girls. frankly, it's a tad bit frightening.

2. $2.00 showing of "marley and me" had many, MANY people sobbing loudly at the end. (cue eye rolling by the mother who's a cold-hearted beyotch)

3. $2.00 was two dollars too much to pay for showing of "marley and me". period.

4. having an aunt megan who will make you a soccer cake is more valuable than gold.

5. a single issue of "tiger beat" will entertain 5 adolescent girls for up to 40 minutes.

oscar fashion

in my (not so humble) opinion--


kate winslet--it's oh so lovely to see a woman who's not bone thin and looks TO DIE FOR.

anne hathaway--looks like a movie star should.

slumdog millionaire star freida pinto--beautiful.

with co-star dev patel

benjamin button nominee taraji p. henson--love her hair. shows that short can be sexy.

zac efron--YUMMY (do i hear the opening bars of simon and garfunkle's "mrs. robinson" in the background? why, yes, i do.)


miley cyrus--what the? you look like an albino artichoke. yikes. plus, aren't you only like eleven (okay, 16) years old? three words: AGE. APPROPRIATE. DRESS.

beyonce--did she shop off the set of "dynasty"? i think joan collins wants her dress back.

lisa rinna--might have been ridden hard & then put away wet.
i can almost hear the sound of a bud light can being opened--


tilda swinton--so androgynous. going for the 'shemale' look? fyi: IT'S WORKING.

melissa leo--who ARE you? and WHY are you wearing a dress from my junior prom?

robert pattinson--for real? i was hoping you would take a shower.
guess not.