WWF apology.

LOVE it.


making my day today was THIS article from TMZ that my vanessa sent me:

"Alec Baldwin claims an American Airlines flight attendant WENT BALLISTIC on him on a plane at LAX moments ago ... all because he was playing "Words with Friends" while the aircraft was still at the gate.

Baldwin just tweeted about the situation ... saying, "Flight attendant on American reamed me out 4 playing WORDS W FRIENDS while we sat at the gate, not moving. #nowonderamericaairisbankrupt."

It's unclear if Baldwin was removed from the plane or left voluntarily -- but he DID get off the plane and was moved to another flight.

FYI -- "Words with Friends" is basically Scrabble for your smart phone ... and it's SUPER addicting."

even better was her comment accompanying the email:

"How do we play WWF w/Alec?"

so, if anybody knows mr. baldwin's wwf handle, let me know.......

holiday mayhem

it's december 1st. prepare for holiday mayhem~

happy turkey day~


yeah. what SHE said.

TRANSLATION: "don't eat me! 'cause i am sick. i sneeze, i throw up, and get runny noses. that's what you will get, too."

married to the sea

married to the sea
: i love you.


no posting for a month means catching up. which i dislike.

so we'll do the condensed version, hit the major highlights, call it good & move on.

in the past six weeks we've....

gone to sadies with a fun group of kids:

Picnik collage

& continued working on our "wood" coffee table book:

jared coffee table book

the parentals escaped to one of the most beautiful places on earth for rbc's 42nd birthday:

Picnik collage

where they checked and, YEP. STILL IN LOVE:



& dave grohl reinforced my theory about a not-so-hot guy turning SMOKING HOTwhen he knows his way around a guitar and a microphone:

Picnik collage

we dressed like cats for halloween:

Picnik collage

as well as hippies:

Picnik collage

& a sweet little strawberry:


Picnik collage

we embraced some crazy on the daddy-daughter date:

Picnik collage

& chuckled over the continued creative spelling stylings of our mia:


(TRANSLATION: "hi, my name is mia. i am building a house for my family. it is going to be SASSY.")

but the best part of the past six weeks was having our grandparents return home to us:



i loved this video that my friend jennie posted~

some people ARE just lucky.

i {heart} charts

these graphs from i love charts made my day~

{courtesy of a cup of joe}


yes, i realize that these guys are just trying to ride the wave that these guys so lovingly created.

but that dude in the hawaiian shirt is just so AWESOME.

thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

**beautiful weather for a motorcycle ride. and a buddy who wants to get in on the action:


i think we look so natural:


**the fact that i may or may not have (allegedly) BEAT somebody in a game of words with friends who may or may not (allegedly) be in the photo above.

which might just be my greatest achievement, ever.

i place it right above marrying russ and birthing my four children:

**mia's fantastic spelling skillz:


(TRANSLATION: "this is an ice cream. it is strawberry. it is yummy.")

**that the 80's dream is still kept awake & alive by my 13-year old's school:

(on the downside, she came to me and described this outfit as "from the 60's". dislike.)

80's chawni

**baby libby's shopping skills.

she went right along to las vegas to search for a homecoming dress, and she couldn't have been any sweeter. or cuter. i think she might possibly be the actual cutest baby in the world.

here she is just chillaxing in the dressing room amongst the 400 dresses we tried on:


**when i find random old photos on russ's cell phone that i've never seen.

like these:




Picnik collage

**that the good 'ole candy bar card never really goes out of style:




**& finally, for j lo & fiat. for making me actually want to purchase a fiat. (it's sooooo cute!)

my favorite part is at :14--

homecoming 2011*


katilyn went to her homecoming dance last saturday night with her good friend, jordan h.

i couldn't believe how beautiful she looked--it seems so not fair that she received only the good genes from both her father and i......

her dress was beautiful, thanks to her aunt megan, who's impeccable shoping/bargain hunting skills came into play with a dress that was SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT OFF:

Picnik collage

& much love to joellen for once again making her look like an absolute princess:

Picnik collage

7 lessons learned from madame tussauds wax museum

Picnik collage

7 lessons learned from our trip to madame tussauds wax museum:

1. using the president's personal phone line is really no big deal:

Picnik collage

2. stevekemp is still the world's greatest photo bandit:


3. ALL THE LADIES want to get married to george clooney:

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

4. george clooney tends to be a very bad boy:


5. lindsay lohan is still not a great role model for the young girls:


6. mia ONLY wanted her photo taken with girls:

(thanks, kamwee for your awesome photography skillz)

Picnik collage

7. the dads really only wanted their photo taken with girls, too:

Picnik collage