thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

**the loose tooth that FINALLY came out at the pool last saturday:

mia tooth

i tell you what: that baby was holding on for dear life by the thinnest of threads. the only way she was letting it go was the fact that her cousin showed no fear 2 minutes earlier and lost her first tooth to jody's expert hands:

m tooth

the tooth fairy was quite busy that night:

two teeth

**a kitty that makes me laugh when i see i've passed my "FOMO" (Fear Of Missing Out) right on to him:

Picnik collage

ahhh, mahhhhhtin:


**once again, i want to express my thankfulness as a mother of four girls to the young men out there that are still asking to dances.

and in a clever way, at that:


Picnik collage

katie is psyched to go to homecoming with taylor h.~

thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

*a brother-in-law who is trying to break into the lorn industry: (that's LIGHT PORN to you...)

**the fact that sprint has taken the guesswork out of my christmas present from russ this year......

awwwwhhhh! so sweet of them! i love that they are only looking out for my best interests.

actually, i don't care that they are going to bleed me for every last dime. i just want that phone.

***2019 UPDATE** Yeah remember the christmas where dad didn't buy me an iphone after i had told him for MONTHS AND MONTHS that it's ALL I WANTED FOR CHRISTMAS?  yeah.  your dad screwed up BIG time. 

**a daughter who doesn't know how to throw the 'peace' sign:

have i NOT TAUGHT HER BETTER? {sigh.}

we went to the olympic park in park city


one of the new things we experienced this year in park city was the utah olympic park

coming up the hill we could see the ginormous ski jumps and were just a bit awestruck:

Picnik collage

the main agenda was the zipline. we opted for an all-female run and fared pretty darn well:



having proved at lagoon that she was a gnarly adrenaline junky ready for the next thrill, mia sailed through like the seasoned veteran she'd become:


Picnik collage

she also decided that once was NOT enough, so she went for round two:


my favorite part of the afternoon was watching the freestyle aerial show.
the skiers, which seemed to be on the MUCH younger side (am i getting old? hmmmmm.) would ski down the jump up to 60 feet in the air and perform acrobatic fantasticness before landing in the 750,000 gallon splash pool:



super hardcore:


thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

**my friend's husband's amazingly creative way to celebrate their anniversary--

this banner was displayed proudly on river road today:


**a sweet new baby cousin for us to love and kiss on:

Picnik collage

**& for her incredible fashion GOOD sense she displayed at a mere two days old by wearing kitty clothing:


**the last two elementary girls i have taking the annual "back to school" obligatory photo--

my 5th grader:

Picnik collage

& my 1st grader:

Picnik collage

i must admit that i got a bit misty-eyed when watching this from the front porch:


i felt like i had a love-hate-love-hate relationship with the fact that i had no child at home during the day for the first time in SEVENTEEN YEARS! crazy.

**speaking of said child, did you see her awesome backpack that we purchased solely for the fact that it looked just! like! her! :


i might have been so enamored by the items we found at target from the harajuku mini line that i may or may not have purchased THIS backpack for no reason at all.

or for myself: (really. not joking.)


libby marchant is birthed and she's gonna like me best.


this is libby--we've waited a long time for her arrival, and she makes me an aunt on my side of the family for the 10th time.

she sure made her mom work a lot to get her here--but she was oh-so worth it:


she likes her daddy:


getting her long, luscious locks washed:


(so much!)


sleeping with her mouth open:


and hers mom's boobs:


but i'm pretty sure that she likes her aunt mimi best:


dolly's bookstore


one of our very favorite destinations on park city's main street is dolly's bookstore

however, we visit this quaint little bookstore not for the books, but rather for the CATS.

mr. dolly & che (SHAY, as in che guevara) rule the roost here, literally. chandler is absolutely beside herself every time she enters, thinking about the beauty of a workplace environment that not only tolerates but ENCOURAGES her crazy cat-lady behavior:

mr. dolly is the 3rd cat in the line of dolly namesakes:

Picnik collage

che has been around for nearly 18 years, and prefers to chill out on the various sofas and chairs scattered amongst the store:

Picnik collage

chandler's ultimate goal would be to move to park city solely to dedicate her life to her two loves: books AND catties!

we have a feeling she would fit in just fine:


thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

**lagoon's one and only redeeming quality:


** police officers who don't haul this mother's arse off to jail after her 6-year old calls 911.


**and for the same said 6-year old who had the gall to tell the dispatcher who called back to the house that she "had the wrong number". nice:


{buy that rad t-shirt HERE}

**the fact that you really only need ONE chair to watch television: (a mere 18 inches from the set)

Picnik collage

**the desert sage that blooms during these miserable hot months--it is my favorite plant and brings me much joy: (did i just sound like a member of AARP? yikes.)

park city 2011 or living it up at the stein eriksen lodge and loving life.


we loveLoveLOVE our annual trip to park city--the girls look forward to this almost more than any other trip that we take.

our dad's favorite part of the vacay is the drop in temperature of almost 25 degrees: heaven!

this year we walked up and down historic main street:


& took in the quaint "village" view that we haven't yet grown sick of after ELEVEN CONSECUTIVE YEARS:


we rode ziplines:


took time to stop at smell the gorgeous flowers at our hotel:


as well as those painted randomly on the side of buildings on main street:


we also posed for glamor shots:



& rode up beautiful green mountains on ski lifts:


we feel blessed to live our lives doing such totally rad things: