things gene simmons can do

gene simmons can break it down on the dance floor like nobody's business.

Picnik collage

gene simmons can scale a rock-climbing wall in the blink of an eye.


gene simmons can make a grown man cry.


gene simmons can make a grown GORILLA cry.


gene simmons can love the ladies. (cuz the LADIES LOVE HIM!!!)


gene simmons can make you participate in YMCA.

and LIKE IT.


gene simmons can drive a miniature van.


and make it LOOK GOOD.


this is the group that went to thirty seconds to mars on a whim last saturday night:

this was also one of the greatest moments of my adult life, as reese's apparently was a sponsor of the tour & welcomed us to "take as many reese's out of this bag as you'd like."

i took ten. and then wished later i had taken more.....

i have to admit that i was dragging my feet on this one--katie really, really wanted to go. but i was skeptical.

i guess i'd written jared leto's band off as just one more movie/tv star's vanity music project, much like juliette lewis , jada pinkett-smith or (heaven forbid!) russell crowe.


plus, since i'd already written them off, i never gave any of the songs a chance. i was too busy comparing them to a "poor man's chemical romance".

it didn't help leto's cause that he was too good looking to be taken seriously-- and the guy-liner certainly didn't help. add to all of this a fan base that's loaded a little heavy on the emo side, and BINGO! you've got yourself a band that never stood a chance.


i must say that this concert changed my mind. completely.

if you have a moment, watch. it's following them on their world tour right now, so you can get the feel of what we saw:

being a concert-veteran, i figured i'd seen it all--but leto pulled out a few moves that made me gasp.

such as diving head-first into the crowd to body-surf. as well as standing on top of the railing while fans held his legs and inviting approx. 100+ fans up on the stage to dance & sing behind him for the last number of the night. insane.

my favorite of the night, however, was jared's big brother, shannon, who plays the drums:

this dude played the drums with more aggression and force than any single drummer i've seen.
(and believe you me, i've seen a lot.) we watched while a crew member wheeled over a little oxygen tank behind the drum-kit, and he'd take a big whiff every few songs--now THAT'S rockstar!

mama likey.

i wanna rock & roll all night.....(and party every day!)


we came.

we saw.


in fact, i'm pretty sure it's safe to say that we rocked the SOCKS off of the jdrf 'rock the walk'~


each family took their 15 minutes of fame:





there also happened to be an INSANE AMOUNT of "rocking on" happening all over the place:

Picnik collage

russ, as usual, was KILLING it with the ladies:

Picnik collage

(if you look closely, you can see from my boot's heel what i was doing all morning long. which was aerating the lawn.)

there were those of us who kept it strictly OLD SCHOOL:

Picnik collage

while others choose a fresh (& japanese anime!) perspective:

Picnik collage

we couldn't have been more pleased with ourselves:

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

one of the highlights was watching gene simmons get down and DIRRRRRRRTY on stage while performing YMCA with our posse:

Picnik collage

**in fact, gene simmons was so AWESOME, that i decided he must have his very own post exclusively about him--

watch for it tomorrow!

my favorite photo of the day:


& my other favorite photos:

(how 'bout russ and his choice of lipstick?! stud.)

Picnik collage


go HERE!


i think these commercials are clever.

devil horns


just a little sneaky peaky of the rocking on that was GOING DOWN saturday morning~

we had such a great time~

lots more to come.



the best part of my day today was when this little man willingly helped me snap a sneaky-sneaky photo of one of the most magnificent examples of the female mullet (femullet to you) that i've had occasion to witness.

i wasn't sure if i could pull it off without being caught, but i think cole instinctively knew what to do. i dare say it could be in his genes. (but NOT from his mother. just his aunt mindi.)

he stood still, posed like a pro, and even gave me a smile the first go-round, though he knew perfectly well that i wasn't taking a photo of HIM.

he even waited patiently while i tried to go in a bit closer:


i couldn't have been more proud.

jdrf walk for diabetes

this is my nephew kayson. he has type 1 diabetes--so does my other nephew gregory, and my friend tiburon's son, ethan.

we will be joining my sister & her family this weekend at jdrf's walk to cure diabetes.

if you feel so inclined to do a good deed today, you could donate to kayson's cause HERE--

**our whole family will be dressing up in conjunction with this year's theme of "rock the walk"--& i don't exaggerate when i say we have gone ALL. OUT.


and, if that weren't enough? a close up:

blackmail pictures appearing monday.

new nano

makes me want to switch.

PLUS they used a cake song.

which reminded me of how much i love their video:

hot tub time machine

it was our long-time friend caylor's 40th birthday this month, and we were so very happy to spend a weekend celebrating his being expelled from the womb in park city.

the pictures above show the cottages we stayed in--LOVED.

the only hang-up with the entire experience is the fact that not one of us brought a camera, so amy's phone made do. (sorry for the fuzz.)

being party-girl extraordinaire, amy made sure that the "one year closer to death" theme reigned supreme:

we all had a pact before embarking on this adventure that the other theme of the weekend would be RELAX--we adhered strictly to this by eating, lounging at the pool, eating, hanging out in the jacuzzi, eating, sleeping, & going OUT to eat.

my newest favorite pc find was
easy street's le bar boheme--

we ate dinner there saturday night outside under festive chinese lanterns, string lights & nestled right next to an outdoor waterfall & fire pit:

{can ya TELL that russ got some sun at the pool? not sure.....:}

our meals were very reasonably priced (for park city, that is) and the atmosphere just simply couldn't be beat. i recommend highly.

all in all, it was a lovely weekend.


so, i know that as a 40-year old woman, i should want NOTHING to do with eminem.

he's all sorts of wrong. i GET that. but why is it that i still dig him?

things i loved about this opening performance of the 2010 vma awards:

a. the venue is seriously SICK. if nothing else, you should watch just to see what lots of money will buy in your entertainment options.

b. totally in love with the fact that the orchestra and drummers were all wearing hoodies. GENIUS.

c. speaking of drummers, i am a SUCKER for a huge drumming section. i loved how they added them into the performance. they were my favorite part.

(yes, YOU should get on board, woman.)

vote 4 amy

i love this girl.

amy happens to be one of my oldest friends. (oh! the stories we could tell...)

she also happens to be one of the six finalists in studio 5's new contributor search~

which also just happens to be a pretty big deal:

amy KNOWS how to throw a party. if you need confirmation, just check out THIS.

as well as THIS, THIS, & THIS.

vote for our party queen HERE. please!

you go! NOW~

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just leave a comment on this post with your link or info. thanks!


once again, these guys are AWESOME.

**the only way it could have been even MORE awesome was if they had used kitties.

BIG reveal.

i loved this video for two reasons:

a. it is awesome.

b. it is TOTALLY what my two brothers would be saying--"yeah,yeah...skip to the end. please...."

have a great weekend!

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

russ & i went on a date last saturday night and didn't return until about midnight.

chandler was watching for us (instead of our usual, kaitlyn--child labor is AWESOME!) and seemed a bit nervous. she called a few times and we gave her all the standard reassurances, "everything is fine," etc.

when we got home, i peeked into her bedroom and walked over to check on her. that's when i saw this photo.

(look very carefully. see anything disturbing?)

so, didja?

if you answered, "holy &%*#,THAT RIGHT THERE IS A KNIFE!" you are correct:

yes, it totally freaked me out.

yes, i talked to her the next morning about the dangers of having large cutlery in her room as a weapon choice (such as accidentally killing her sisters, dropping on her toes, perhaps injuring the kitties, etc.)

no, she will NOT be using butcher knives as her favorite form of security blanket in the future.

& yes, we love that she makes us gasp. and then giggle later:)

thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

**an awesome choir student-of-the-month (as well as president!):

**the fact that a simple thing such as a hamburger phone can bring such pure JOY to a 9 year- old girl: (thanks to breque for making it possible.)

Picnik collage

**that, on facebook,i get to see that my kitty kat likes kitty cats:

**a young diva-in-training who always looks like "hollywood":

Picnik collage

**a wonderful homecoming date that allowed the 16-year-old to play on a ginormous slip & slide:

Picnik collage

**a chance to get to the titanic exhibit.

which also allowed for a chance to take the most wonderful photos, EVER, on the staircase:

(as well as allow the mother multiple opportunities to yell, "ROSE! JACK!" during the tour. priceless.)

**proof that there ARE indeed cats that are fatter than mine:

(thanks, vanessa)

and for the reminder (again, thanks to vanessa!) of how some things just never go out of style: