happy weekend

need a little awesome in your weekend?

shatner DELIVERS:

{courtesy of petunia face}

thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

*the chance to see my blogging bff vanessa this weekend. i {heart} her.

she'll be in santa jorge with her pharmacist hubby, elton. i think he is bringing me illegal mexican fen-phen. it's gonna be EPIC.

*a 12 year old girl.

chandler was so excited for the big bday this year--she was celebrating her last "hurrah" (no official birthday parties after 12 at this house. unless you are turning 40. and then you get an awesome surprise one!) she walked around for 2 weeks with a clipboard listing all games, activities, & time-frames.

aunt megan made the most delicious oreo cake. presents were gifted and admired:

eleven teen and pre-teen girls in one basement for the night:

(jealous much?)

birthday invites, streamers, & prizes: $35.00

pizza, drinks, & snacks for eleven: $60.00

having your parents cave and give you a cell phone against their better judgement:


*parents who are wonderful examples to me.

mom & dad are leaving on an 18 month mission for the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. they are going to be serving in the temple presidency in costa rica!

i am so proud of them and what they represent--they have been the most loving, caring, intuitive & giving parents, and i am grateful for their influence in my family's lives.

i'm not so hot on them being several continents away, though. so for now i am going with the idea of it being an outstanding vacation opportunity when we go visit them.

i hope it takes.

*& finally, for the fact that i don't need this.


YEP. still funny

i checked out awkward family photos to see if they still had what it takes.

the answer is a resounding YES:

"does barry manilow know you raid his wardrobe?"

when i started blogging, one of the very first things i did was compose a list of my favorite 80's movies. i love them passionately.

so it shouldn't be a surprise that i totally ordered one of these breakfast club prints today:

it was a no-brainer. it cost 10 bucks! (a bargain, by any means!)

can't wait until it comes.

one of my favorite quotes from the movie is when bad boy bender finally admitted his feelings for princess claire. then he came to this logical conclusion:

bender: remember how you said your parents use you to get back at each other?

claire: [nods]

bender: Wouldn't I be OUTSTANDING in that capacity?

{thanks, shannon, for the 411}


if you like iPhones as much as ralphie here, then enter kami's iPhone accessories giveaway~

you get this:

& your choice of one of these:

hurry! the contest ends at 10pm, sunday the 28th.


i giggled through this whole video.

but it made me thankful for my girlfriends--sometimes we have so much fun i'm afraid it could be considered a crime......

{it also made me thankful that i could gut 3 minutes of tik tok again. but not enough to make me want to brush my teeth with a bottle of jack.)

raggedy annes

last week my mom emailed me this photo. and i had NO idea who it was.

i called her and asked who the little girls were--she informed me that it was me & loni in our raggedy anne halloween costumes, taken about 1975ish.

i was floored--i looked and looked at the photo and saw no resemblance to either her or i. i also don't remember the costume, and had never seen a picture of myself or my sister in the costumes.

it rocked my world a bit. i'd figured that i'd seen just about every image from my childhood.

guess i was wrong.

i'm thrilled to be mistaken, however--i love that i get a new little sneak-peak into my young life. plus, it shows what a RADICAL sewing ninja my mother was! (she was pretty incredible. no store-bought costumes for this young lady! what in the H happened to me? pathetic.)

a tutorial in pseudo-suburban gang signs

this was my very favoritest photo that we took whilst on our hike the other day.

which shouldn't shock you, as it has us all throwing our 'gang signs'.

what SHOULD shock you, however, is the fact that NONE OF US ARE GANG MEMBERS.

crazy, i know. but we're just a bunch of suburban dwellers and their offspring. (you would have never, ever known, would you?)

i realize that many are not familiar with our beloved gansta sign of choice--it represents our hood. the mean streets where we come from. our PROJECT, if you will.


i thought it might be time for a quick, easy tutorial of pseudo-suburban gang signs and how to properly throw them.

to represent for LV, you would do so in this pleasing manner:

i should also give mad props to the creator and master-inventor of the LV gang sign:

what tickled me to no end, though, was the fact that almost EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. , young & old, knew exactly what to do when it came time to throw their very own unique and special sign.

so, in addition to the beloved LV, we will also accept the following:

& my favorite. the one which is most near & dear to my heart:

teach them young, i say.

i {heart} tear-away pants

i'm gonna have to get behind vampire weekend after they made this rad video with cameos from the likes of jake gyllenhall (in tear-away pants!) AND joe jonas~

hb chandler!

zwani.com myspace graphic comments


hb to my chandler!

twelve years old is not THAT old, you realize.........right? (yeah, RIGHT.)

we love you, chanandler bong!

gabe & max's internet thing

{thanks to kami, who knew i'd be all over this kind of nonsense~}


non-sierra club hike

i can tell that i am getting old.

why, you ask? (at least that's what i'm PRETENDING in my head that you said. i realize that the more correct answer might be, "DUH.")

because i am starting to have late-in-life guilt about living next to something as magnificent as
snow canyon, and the fact that i've been there about 2.5 times in the past 10 years.

and because my children haven't been. but by golly they know the inside of the movie theaters really well!

so this year, on president's day, we decided to celebrate the glorious births of washington and lincoln by hiking en masse to white rocks.

baby dole & his daddy were ready & willing:

the day was absolutely perfect--60 degrees, sunny, with a slight chance of massive amount of offspring:

there was a large sand-dune hill that the kids enjoyed running down. soon, there were all sorts of daring feats of bravery, technique, incredible skill, as well as death-defying acrobatics:

we mothers took a deep breath, turned a blind eye to the sand/dirt/mud, and let the kids get bananas.

our friend amber even violated her first commandment of sand dunes and let her children wear clothing. WITH POCKETS. (living on the edge!)

dannielle brought her fancy big camera with large neck-strap attached as well, so she got a photograph of the photographer:

the day was lovely. we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

but you can always count on somebody, somewhere, who wants you to take a photo of his wood:

hb dad!

{derrill & mindi-- 1974}

hb to my wonderful father--

i love you! (and your volkswagon bug.)

thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

a husband & father who thought to bring roses to all five of his women on valentine's day:

*a birthday girl who celebrated 9 years on valentine's day with a cake made by our aunt megan:

*a cartoon from these guys that made me giggle:

*the documentation of "how women have a planning meeting". (translation: LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF FOOD.):

*these lovely ladies who's company i enjoy on a monthly basis:

(girl's club. established 1998. still going strong.)

*and for the genius of this commercial: