thanksgiving pants

does anybody feel like they need to be wearing a pair of these right about now?


{swiped from HERE. thanks!}

palm springs


{l to r: jody, dannielle, micki}

a few weeks ago i had the good fortune to enjoy a lovely 2 days in palm springs with my bike and my bff's.

we geeked up in our bicycle-wear (is there ANY biking clothing that looks cute on a person unless they weigh 115 or less? lame.) & cruised the flat surfaces that the city had to offer us.

and it was good.

my friends even withheld their disapproval at my riding sans clips & shoes: {gasp}


but nobody seemed to really notice my fashion faux-pas--could it have been because of this breathtaking view?:


or perhaps this one:


you can even pluck fruit RIGHT FROM THE TREES! in palm springs, california:

Picnik collage

naturally, there was much ingesting of food to be done--we enjoyed dinner (two nights in a row!) at long-standing palm springs tradition las casuelas--

dannielle's delightful mother, andrea, was right in the middle of all the action with us:


the next day i had my first mediterranean food experience with dannielle's brother, matt, and his lovely bride, micki--it was surprisingly good! even though it was kabobz spelled with a z:

untitled-1426 (Large)

we were sad to leave, but took solace in the magnificent rainbow that bid us farewell as we drove out of town:



here's to you NOT wrestling with the turkey today:

things i am genuinely thankful for:

a husband who makes me an omelette every single morning. just because he knows i love it so--he's a caretaker and there's nobody better at it than him.

a daughter who is a responsible big sister, who gets good grades and tries hard to please her parents.

for another daughter who takes pride in her school work, is a wonderful organizer, and has a soft spot for her catties.

and yet another daughter who keeps her bedroom clean despite living with the littlest sister, who loves to read and also give lots of loves and hugs.

and, finally, for the caboose who holds us all together and keeps us laughing at what she'll say next. we love hers.

for these things, i am truly grateful. happy thanksgiving !


i wish i didn't have such a love/hate relationship with glee--

LOVE= music

HATE= mature themes in the story lines

i'm to the point where i just might fast-forward through all the acting and watch the songs. total bummer.

in the past few weeks, i've added two songs to my ABSOLUTE "favorites" list from glee, which previously had only one sole entry:

now i can add two others that make me happy--

all-male acapella version of a katy perry song? YES, PLEASE.

this one makes me want to put on vinyl leggings and rubber boots and splash in some puddles--(way to go gwyneth. props to you for making it look good.)

b. flowers power


lovedLovedLOVED the brandon flowers concert we saw the other night with kyle & kami--

kami & i must have called each other on the telephone like in 7th grade and coordinated our outfits--gray shirt & black sweater with flower for kami, black shirt & gray sweater with flower for mindi.

great minds think (and dress) alike:


we had a pretty sweet spot over on the front side of the stage where we could lean against the bar and not have to shove people or "box out" for our space. (we might be getting a tad bit old.)

brandon was certainly very happy to see us there--here he is, pointing us out in the crowd:


i was delighted with his cover of bette davis eyes:

Picnik collage

we got to see russ's assistant manager and her bff's show their devotion to brother flowers in bedazzled form.

i must say i was a bit envious of their flower power:

<span class=

for his last song, brandon brought out surprise guest & killers drummer ronnie vannucci for a pretty sweet acoustic version of when you were young:


ANOTHER tee vee star bff

i was so proud of my life-long bff amy and her fabulous tutorial on "glammed-up dishwashing gloves" on studio 5--it seems like everybody i know is claiming their 5 minutes of fame & i couldn't be happier than to have "known them when".

& if you know amy, then you know that putting a little bling on things is her e-speciality.

check her video action out HERE (i'm retarded and can't figure out how to get it to embed.)

i especially loved her sexy red fingernails--i thought they were super hot:


i made russ buy me this cat box sign the other day--it cost $31.00 plus tax.

he said it was ridiculous. i said it was an INVESTMENT IN MY HAPPINESS.

martin & dave agree:

brother flowers

excited to see brandon flowers at the depot with two fabulously cool people tonight--

if you happen to be in the general vicinity and want to see one righteous performance, then stop in, and we can hang.

i got wind that he was doing a pretty radical cover of "bette davis eyes" which just might time-warp me right back to 11-year old mindi working the ms pac man videogame over in the arcade whilst letting my bff wear my retainer while she watched.

the only way it could get EVEN BETTER-ERRR is if he would then also throw in this little ditty:

good times...

b flowers is just a pocket-sized little dude, but he packs quite a punch:

i've posted this before, but if you haven't seen his video for crossfire, then you NEED to--seriously one of my favorites. (and, HELLO?! charlize theron! win/win.)

komforte food

i thought these komforte chockolates were so clever. and a tad bit bizarre.

french toast isn't too much of a stretch. but ramen noodles? i'm withholding judgement until i get one of those bad boys in my mouth.

{courtesy of a cup of joe}


i keep thinking that ok go needs their own blogging category here at wtym--

each time they come out with a new music video, i wonder, "is this the one where they run out of ideas?"

and then, each time, i realize that they still got it going on.

fear is NO factor


{l to r: katie, ben, brooke, andrew, keairra, jake, bree, mckay}

katie & her buddies went to their sadie hawkins dance the other night and had such a good time--

their FEAR was FACTORED earlier in the day when they competed for prizes and the ultimate title of FEAR FACTOR CHAMPION.

each team displayed their logos proudly:

Picnik collage
Picnik collage

& then contestants were invited to participate in the beauty of.....

ketchup-drizzled m&m and "dirty diaper" dining:

<span class=

worm/cricket gathering (only 30 bucks for 1000 worms--bargain!) in which russ upped the fear by throwing in my worst nightmare:

<span class=

mustard-covered marshmallow drop & catch:

Picnik collage

goldfish swallowing (bree swallowed TWO!):

<span class=

and, my personal favorite, a happy meal shake:

<span class=

in which THIS stud was the only finisher:

<span class=

they took pictures before the dance:

<span class=

and some couples showed quite a flare for the dramatic:

Picnik collage

all in all, the girls were lovely:


and the boys meant BUSINESS:

Picnik collage


the end.


1. i couldn't stop giggling when i watched this delightfully random video.

2. i would like to know where one could purchase such an item.

FIRST place.

i was informed that all of the awesomeness above snagged us FIRST PLACE in the "t-shirt" category at the jdrf walk we ruled in september--

but we might have to admit: was it ever even a question?

(we think not ;)

the only thing i wish we could have done was perform an awesome pseudo-rock-dream-sequence like this little clip that i have been in love with.

plus, how awesome is zach galifianakis?


what the fetch?

my evil, naughty-sense-of-humor side was totally entertained by these posters by minga--

see the whole series HERE

{courtesy of a cup of joe}

if you're serious about entertainment....

i just loved this conan ad for american express--so funny!

it's been an "off" coupla weeks for blogging--i'm just not feeling it. sorry 'bout that. i'll try harder next week to not suck.

happy weekend!

makes me want to join a bowling league.

how could this video be 11 years old and i've only just discovered it?

it brought me joy yesterday.

keep calm and....

any poster with cary elwes trumps the original.



TEE VEE star!

my kami was on studio 5 the other day with her genius chalkboard speech bubbles--

i am so proud of her!

check out her action here:

(next step? OPRAH.)

thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

kids that look cute in their halloween costumes:

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

Picnik collage


friends who have an equally as evil sense of humor as i do & who will stop to take a photo of this:

(thanks, caylor)

& for the fact that chuck norris is STILL a big deal in the czech republic: