blogging: it's good for you!

when i read this i thought , "finally!!!"

We've heard all about the negative effects of blogging: there was the NYT-induced blogger-death panic, in which blogging created an unhealthy lifestyle, resulting in two heart attacks that would have happened anyway. And there are the people who have had relationships destroyed by compulsive blogging. Blogging also exacerbates narcissistic tendencies! But expressing your feelings might actually be good for your health, Scientific American finds: "Research shows that it improves memory and sleep, boosts immune cell activity and reduces viral load in AIDS patients, and even speeds healing after surgery." Whoa. Four reasons why blogging is good for your health:

1. Bitching and moaning alleviates stress! "As social creatures, humans have a range of pain-related behaviors, such as complaining, which acts as a 'placebo for getting satisfied.'"

2. It gets you high. "Blogging might trigger dopamine release, similar to stimulants like music, running and looking at art." (Meta-blogger Emily Gould said as much in the NYT Magazine.)

3. If nothing else, there's the placebo effect: "Cancer patients who engaged in expressive writing just before treatment felt markedly better, mentally and physically, as compared with patients who did not."

4. Instant feedback, unlike your diary: "Unlike a bedside journal, blogging offers the added benefit of receptive readers in similar situations." Sharing is caring!
Blogging—It's Good for You! [Scientific American]

so i get to reduce stress, get high, talk about myself, and have my ego stroked all in one fail swoop??

we never said it was rocket science. it's certainly not that hard to figure out, is it?

3 reasons....

mia--3 reasons why i love you:

1. i love that you say "thank you" and "ganks" and "you welcome" all the time. you say it without fail every time we help you and i think it's the sweetest thing.

2. i love that you say "mom, get off the pooter!" when i am in blog-land, then climb in my lap and grab my face with your hands and call me back to reality.

3. i love your chubby little fred flinstone feet--and that they would look like this in fancy sandals

are you ready to bring it??

check out how well you know your 80's music HERE
i missed two--i didn't bring my a game.....:(
post your scores IF YOU DARE!!!

btw, i was naive enough in the 80's to think that boy george wasn't gay.....really. i thought he just liked putting together crazy outfits and wearing stage make-up. oh, how i long for those innocent times....

{thanks, erica!}

"they see me rollin'....they hatin'..."

this is what i am considering getting russ this mack daddy whip (see slang term of the day) for father's day. i just have to buy it from prince waleed of saudi arabia first, but i figure since it's his 38th car, he might not be that attached.

now just where to find someone to finance the 4.8 million......


funnyfunnyfunny randomness

a mullet AND faded steps on a 10 year old? where's child protective services when you REALLY need them???
no words for this one....

how it is every night at our house....

and russ said nobody would be interested:

poor, poor emo kid--

what my children gave me for mother's day:

truly frightening--

whoops!! shoulda removed those before the reporter came over.......

and so it begins....

{twinkie ad courtsey of more cowbell}

thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

1. music--just got the cd's in the mail for tiburon's 80's swap and i was so impressed with all the great songs people came up with. i have lots 'o tuneage to jam out to whilst kickin' it on a lounge in hawaii.....i couldn't live without music, EVER. i heart it so.

2. season one of 'lost'--we are just now jumping on this bandwagon, people--don't hate! it took an episode or two, but now we are fully hooked and i am convinced that this is the way lost was meant to be viewed: one after another after it considered bad parenting that all four kids watch with us? we hope not.

3. friends and family--we are farming out the kiddies about 4 ways to sunday for this trip, and i am so grateful that people will play into my game. no, REALLY, thank you. i love you guys!

4. cool weather in may--am i really living in southern utah right now?? it's supposed to be 1 million degrees by the end of may. we so lucky.

5. watching my baby ride a trike--she is the last one.....kinda stings a little. but she is oh so sweet. i wuv her.

secret confessions on a public space

secret confession time: tuesday when i posted the motivational poster i had no idea who the girl on it was. i just liked the poster (!!!)

then people started commenting "giada this" and "giada that" i was like, who is giada and why the H is she in my comments???

pathetic. i know. i just had to google her.
why am i such a freak????

i guess if she isn't on a vh-1 trashy reality tv show then i have NO CLUE who this person is.

if you, too, are in giada outerdarkness, click HERE

sixteen songs--

so i am finally getting around to mailing out the cd's for tiburon's 80's cd swap. it's been a long time coming, as we waited for a few stragglers (that's okay, girls!) and then waited on me for the past 10 days. (not okay, girls. i suck.)

there were some awesome cd's made for the exchange, and i was languishing in my shame spiral about my lack of graphics skillz when i made a phone call to my friend who just happens to own a really bitchin' real estate company. he took pity on this newb (see slang term of the day) and pimped out one of his design guys (thanks eric, you rule!) who made this totally tripendicular cd label and jacket:

it's not what you know, but who you know, and who THEY know. we seriously have the coolest friends. thanks, stevekemp--i owe you, big time.

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"cuz i'm an idiot, and i'm your boyfriend."

a couple of weeks ago i showed bobby brown's "every little step"-- now it's time to see a video that spoofs that one spot ON.

i love jimmy fallon--i think he has done some really funny stuff, but by far the funniest is the video for his song, "idiot boyfriend".
reasons why you must take 5 minutes to watch this:

1. biker-shorts and suspender-wearing impersonation of bobby brown? CHECK.
glitter jumpsuit and afro-sportin' impersonation of michael jackson? CHECK.
purple rain-loving, rockin'-the -headscarf impersonation of prince? CHECK. (all for u, rachel!)

2. you gotta listen to the lyrics: "hey baby--you like fine cookin'?? cuz you know what? i got a swanson dinner in the freezer with your name on it....."

3. if you always wanted to see a major crash- and- burn by a boyfriend meeting the family for the first time, this is YOUR LUCKY DAY.

warning: at the end of the video, the girlfriend's father utters a word that rhymes with sass or mass. proceed with caution. if your kids already heard you utter that word within the last 72 hours, then you are home free.

if you like swanson's frozen dinners, click HERE

3 reasons....

kaitlyn--3 reasons why i love you:

1. you are a good girl and try hard to help our family choose the right.

2. you still want to hold my hand or put your arm through mine in public--you are loving and affectionate and don't care who sees it.

3. you are smart--you work hard to get your good grades, and seeing you excel in school makes your father and i so very proud.

hawaii here we come

this is how i feel right now, knowing that there are only 6 days until we parlay (see slang term of the day) the time away in hawaii!! russ has never been, and the last time i graced the shores of oahu it was 1982, so it would be an understatement to say that we are excited.
so, my question to those of you more skilled in the islands than i: what do we need to do??

we are staying the whole time on oahu, and plan on doing the poly cultural-temple-pearl harbor bit, but i don't wanna miss out on something fabulous that we should be doing but have not been clued in to.....

whatcha got?

hey! so do i!

really, it's just too bad they don't know that it's already been transferred to MY ACCOUNT...

memorial day at jw marriott las vegas

our biggest indulgence in life is traveling--thankfully, with the rbc in the hotel business, we get to do way more than our fair share. the only downside is the fact that our children are travel brats/snobs and think that all vacays should entail a jw marriott. we've often times said that we should really cut our kids off and give them a serious reality check--but then russ and i would have to stop as well, and that's just not an option. we are not into self-denial.
we spent sunday and monday with our friends the cowans at the jw marriott las vegas

this is a beautiful property and they have a great pool --

here's a little candid photo russ took of me and kristin sharing a laugh with colby contemplating what to order for dinner in the foreground.....
i also thought it would be nice to post a photo of me in my new black swimsuit:

i'm actually irritated with myself because this is the only shot of all 4 adults that i got all trip long--colby & kristin are some of our oldest friends as well as some of the best looking, so we should have had more glamour shots:

one of my favorite things about vegas is that you get to see someone at the mall who could be snoop-dog's twin, dressed in white satin pants and silky poet's shirt with a iridescent fedora--rbc asked for a photo, but the boy showed he was straight gully (see slang term of the day) when he informed him it would cost 5 dollars. usually i consider that 5 dollars well spent, but i refused on principle alone, and we got the sneaky back shot:

we love you deedle, haddie, bunny, colby and kristin--we had a great time ordering drinks at the pool and consuming mass quantities of food!! thanks for playing with us!

"i tried to get it higher, but i ran out of aqua net"

(mindi's 1987 contribution to bad 80's hair.......)

i screamed out loud when i saw this video gem on friday--i can't tell you how many times i have asked fellow children of the 80's if they remember "dance party usa" and NOBODY does.....i've started to think that maybe it was something i made up in my own head. or perhaps just the after-effects of a bad robitussin trip?? i even tried to find clips of it on the internet, but to not avail...

but now, there is PROOF that mindi is not so crazy. this show was what happened when you took american bandstand, then lowered the age to 13 years old, and threw in some bad styling choices and a little new jersey trailer trash. it was my FAVORITE!!! this clip is particularly satisfying: it has just about every crime committed on behalf of fashion in the 1980's. REALLY.

my favorite is how the cameraman keeps coming back to pan over that slutty girl in the way- short jean mini-skirt that we all seemed to know. and the girl who decided to wear her aerobics outfit.....and the d-bag who cut the sleeves off his tshirt and put shoulder pads underneath. oh, and the girl with the biggest on-screen hair i have ever seen.....i could go on and on.
for 2 minutes and 50 seconds that will literally change your life, click HERE

my new favorite motivational poster

i TOLD you so!!!

with memorial day happening yesterday, tiburon made it possible to play this little game today--and the topic is near and dear to my heart: favorite beverage.

hands down, no question, end-all, beat-all supercalifragilistigespialidocious drink in the universe. plus the experts say it guarantees you a lifetime of happiness. what else could you possibly want?

pork and beans: magically delicious!!!

weezer's stock just rose in my book after seeing this video they just released--it's got cameos from the "chocolate rain" dude, a shout out to the world record holder for most t-shirts worn at one time, as well as the "evolution of dance" dude and
chris crocker (who is barely a dude and says the f word aLOT so no link for him).
and the list goes on, people: miss teen south carolina, the karate guy who cannot make a flip, even my boy
kevin federline makes an appearance--btw, you need to click on k-fed to see 30 seconds of the best commercial ever filmed.
basically everyone who is anyone who has had their 15 minutes of internet fame gets another 3 minutes--good stuff!
to start your memorial day weekend off right, consume a little "pork and beans" here

funnyfunnyfunny randomness

i got on this site the other day and was fully amused....

if you've been lucky enought to experience THIS video magic, you know what is going on below: