blogging: it's good for you!

when i read this i thought , "finally!!!"

We've heard all about the negative effects of blogging: there was the NYT-induced blogger-death panic, in which blogging created an unhealthy lifestyle, resulting in two heart attacks that would have happened anyway. And there are the people who have had relationships destroyed by compulsive blogging. Blogging also exacerbates narcissistic tendencies! But expressing your feelings might actually be good for your health, Scientific American finds: "Research shows that it improves memory and sleep, boosts immune cell activity and reduces viral load in AIDS patients, and even speeds healing after surgery." Whoa. Four reasons why blogging is good for your health:

1. Bitching and moaning alleviates stress! "As social creatures, humans have a range of pain-related behaviors, such as complaining, which acts as a 'placebo for getting satisfied.'"

2. It gets you high. "Blogging might trigger dopamine release, similar to stimulants like music, running and looking at art." (Meta-blogger Emily Gould said as much in the NYT Magazine.)

3. If nothing else, there's the placebo effect: "Cancer patients who engaged in expressive writing just before treatment felt markedly better, mentally and physically, as compared with patients who did not."

4. Instant feedback, unlike your diary: "Unlike a bedside journal, blogging offers the added benefit of receptive readers in similar situations." Sharing is caring!
Blogging—It's Good for You! [Scientific American]

so i get to reduce stress, get high, talk about myself, and have my ego stroked all in one fail swoop??

we never said it was rocket science. it's certainly not that hard to figure out, is it?

3 reasons....

mia--3 reasons why i love you:

1. i love that you say "thank you" and "ganks" and "you welcome" all the time. you say it without fail every time we help you and i think it's the sweetest thing.

2. i love that you say "mom, get off the pooter!" when i am in blog-land, then climb in my lap and grab my face with your hands and call me back to reality.

3. i love your chubby little fred flinstone feet--and that they would look like this in fancy sandals

thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

1. music--just got the cd's in the mail for tiburon's 80's swap and i was so impressed with all the great songs people came up with. i have lots 'o tuneage to jam out to whilst kickin' it on a lounge in hawaii.....i couldn't live without music, EVER. i heart it so.

2. season one of 'lost'--we are just now jumping on this bandwagon, people--don't hate! it took an episode or two, but now we are fully hooked and i am convinced that this is the way lost was meant to be viewed: one after another after it considered bad parenting that all four kids watch with us? we hope not.

3. friends and family--we are farming out the kiddies about 4 ways to sunday for this trip, and i am so grateful that people will play into my game. no, REALLY, thank you. i love you guys!

4. cool weather in may--am i really living in southern utah right now?? it's supposed to be 1 million degrees by the end of may. we so lucky.

5. watching my baby ride a trike--she is the last one.....kinda stings a little. but she is oh so sweet. i wuv her.

3 reasons....

kaitlyn--3 reasons why i love you:

1. you are a good girl and try hard to help our family choose the right.

2. you still want to hold my hand or put your arm through mine in public--you are loving and affectionate and don't care who sees it.

3. you are smart--you work hard to get your good grades, and seeing you excel in school makes your father and i so very proud.

hawaii here we come

this is how i feel right now, knowing that there are only 6 days until we parlay (see slang term of the day) the time away in hawaii!! russ has never been, and the last time i graced the shores of oahu it was 1982, so it would be an understatement to say that we are excited.
so, my question to those of you more skilled in the islands than i: what do we need to do??

we are staying the whole time on oahu, and plan on doing the poly cultural-temple-pearl harbor bit, but i don't wanna miss out on something fabulous that we should be doing but have not been clued in to.....

whatcha got?

memorial day at jw marriott las vegas

our biggest indulgence in life is traveling--thankfully, with the rbc in the hotel business, we get to do way more than our fair share. the only downside is the fact that our children are travel brats/snobs and think that all vacays should entail a jw marriott. we've often times said that we should really cut our kids off and give them a serious reality check--but then russ and i would have to stop as well, and that's just not an option. we are not into self-denial.
we spent sunday and monday with our friends the cowans at the jw marriott las vegas

this is a beautiful property and they have a great pool --

here's a little candid photo russ took of me and kristin sharing a laugh with colby contemplating what to order for dinner in the foreground.....
i also thought it would be nice to post a photo of me in my new black swimsuit:

i'm actually irritated with myself because this is the only shot of all 4 adults that i got all trip long--colby & kristin are some of our oldest friends as well as some of the best looking, so we should have had more glamour shots:

one of my favorite things about vegas is that you get to see someone at the mall who could be snoop-dog's twin, dressed in white satin pants and silky poet's shirt with a iridescent fedora--rbc asked for a photo, but the boy showed he was straight gully (see slang term of the day) when he informed him it would cost 5 dollars. usually i consider that 5 dollars well spent, but i refused on principle alone, and we got the sneaky back shot:

we love you deedle, haddie, bunny, colby and kristin--we had a great time ordering drinks at the pool and consuming mass quantities of food!! thanks for playing with us!

"i tried to get it higher, but i ran out of aqua net"

(mindi's 1987 contribution to bad 80's hair.......)

i screamed out loud when i saw this video gem on friday--i can't tell you how many times i have asked fellow children of the 80's if they remember "dance party usa" and NOBODY does.....i've started to think that maybe it was something i made up in my own head. or perhaps just the after-effects of a bad robitussin trip?? i even tried to find clips of it on the internet, but to not avail...

but now, there is PROOF that mindi is not so crazy. this show was what happened when you took american bandstand, then lowered the age to 13 years old, and threw in some bad styling choices and a little new jersey trailer trash. it was my FAVORITE!!! this clip is particularly satisfying: it has just about every crime committed on behalf of fashion in the 1980's. REALLY.

my favorite is how the cameraman keeps coming back to pan over that slutty girl in the way- short jean mini-skirt that we all seemed to know. and the girl who decided to wear her aerobics outfit.....and the d-bag who cut the sleeves off his tshirt and put shoulder pads underneath. oh, and the girl with the biggest on-screen hair i have ever seen.....i could go on and on.
for 2 minutes and 50 seconds that will literally change your life, click HERE

3 reasons....

chandler--three reasons why i love you:

1. you have such a tender heart--i love it when you are sweet to your sisters and take care of mia while using your "mother" voice.

2. you are my go-to gal for organization and order. i am proud of the fact that you leave your bedroom spotless every morning. i also realize that's a RARE thing, so keep up the good work!!

3. you are my social butterfly--always planning, always wanting our family to do something together. you really ARE your mother's daughter.

sometimes this happens....

sometimes, when i get on the computer and the time gets away from me, mia is naughty--as you can see, it's not always "safety first" at our house:
i hope that dcfs doesn't come to pay me a visit soon......whoops. my bad (see slang term of the day).

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thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

1. abbey singing in the 1st grade talent show--it was put together last minute (as are ALL things when you are 7 years old) but she was a little superstar! i think she would have done troy and gabriella proud with her version of "start of something new".

2. the fact that i don't live in kansas--today there was a horrible wind storm and we were fearful the house might just be carried off. mia was not a fan. all i could think of was thank goodness we will never (knock on wood!) have to experience a tornado.

3. freedom of speech--now, where else but in america can you talk about your non-love for silkies and not get thrown in the slammer?? i've had that post in my drafts for like 2 months and finally decided to throw all caution to the wind--glad that my blogging ninja skills (see slang term of the day) can still get some people all riled up:)

4. that i broke down and watched the finale of american idol--this is one of the few reality shows i DON'T watch because i don't like that they make it mother-long and that it airs more than one night a week--that's WAAAAAAY too big of a commitment for me. but i have heard the hype, and i watched. i must say, i was thoroughly entertained! but me thinkey that the mormon boy got the shaft. opinions, anyone??

5. diet dr. pepper--it is the nectar of the gods. anyone who would challenge that will have to meet me in the THUNDERDOME-- "two men enter, one man leaves!"


i have a feeling this is NOT what the makers of 'hello kitty' had in mind. MEOW.
note to self: he cannot date any of my daughters.

shallow thoughts: JUST SAY NO!!

WARNING: STRONG OPINION EXPRESSED--NOT FOR WIMPS OR BABIES-- OR THE FAINT AT HEART...... i am putting this out there, but i hope that i don't offend. take this in the light-hearted spirit it was meant to be in. if you can't do that, just send all hater comments to

i ha-ha-HATE silky basketball shorts. now, i'm down if boys are wearing them, but not girls--not ever--with the only exception being if they are actually competing in a sporting event, and even then they make me cringe.

i once knew this woman who was a little on the athletic side--now, before you get all up in arms, please know that i feel that nothing is wrong with being athletic--it's just that she was always about 5 degrees shy of looking like she was a part of an alternative lifestyle. was she a nice person? absolutely. but she somehow managed to look like she was dressed out for junior high pe. 24/7. three hundred and sixty five days a year.

everyday, and i mean EVERYDAY, her outfit (or "uniform" as we referred to it as ) consisted of a t-shirt from some softball tournament tucked in (!!!!!) to some men's athletic shorts. this is how she dressed each and every day, without fail. never an article of clothing with a feminine feel, and NEVER a shoe that didn't lace up or say "nike" somewhere on it. kristin used to say that she must own stock in an athletic clothing company. i used to say that i wondered which team she was REALLY playing for.

about a year ago, kaitlyn went through a phase where she wanted to wear them to lounge around in--i, of course, was vehemently opposed, but russ overruled and bought her a pair at target, telling me to chillax and that she could wear them at home. two days later she walks in the door from school, and there was my worst nightmare of an outfit, displayed on my 12 year old daughter. she looked at me with a big grin on her face, knowing that i was soooo hating it, and said, "well?" to which i replied, "oh, honey--i didn't know it was 'dress like a lesbian' day at fossil ridge intermediate school."

yup. i said just that........ good thing lana was not there to witness my white trash, ghetto parenting rebuttal, or else she would have placed katie in a foster home. these special times are the moments that guarantee lots and lots of years of therapy at matt eschler's counseling office for years to come.

now, i'd like to state for the record that i like lesbians. AND women's softball players. just not their athletic shorts.

3 reasons.....

abbey--three reasons why i love you:

1. i love that you have the sweetest little singing voice--clear as a bell and right on key.

2. you have the funniest, most joyful "cackle" of any single person i know. it makes me giggle.

3. you love to give me hugs and kisses, even though it's not cool with the 7-year old crowd.

{thanks, suzie, for letting me copy!}


hb to my beloved joellen wollumses-h.....i can't even wrap my head around the fact that i didn't even know jody existed until 3 years ago when she moved into our neighborhood. i met her husband, jared, first and i remember him telling me that jody and i would get along like a house on fire because we both enjoyed tivo-ing trashy mtv reality shows--it was a love connection from the start!!!

joellen shares my unhealthy love for depeche mode and is fully committed to our plan to quit our lives and work on their next tour as roadies. if they won't hire middle-aged women with lots of children, then our back-up plan is to just go to as many of their dates as possible and make no apologies.

jody is my multi-facted, multi-talented friend who could has both a license to do hair AND a license to sell real estate, as well as a 'license to ill'---she is good to me with the maintenence and upkeep of my eyebrows and cuts the rbc's hair as well as my children. many, many occasions she has been "hair and make-up" for dance recitals, concerts, galas, and birthday parties-- she makes us look fabulous and i love that she would give us this service and drop everything to come up and take care of our neediness.
jody is rocking the adult orthodontia right now and still manages to somehow look like smokin' hot cougar--if you'd like to get the full effect of her grill (see slang term of the day) just click on the picture of us above with the vegas show-girl makeup and be amazed.

i know that just about anything i find funny, jody will find even funnier, and i love her sense of humor and her ability to make fun of situations and be a sarcastic bitty just like me.

jody is a fiercely loyal friend to her friends, and she won't tolerate b.s.--she gets in and kicks some trash when she needs to, but i think she prefers to be a lover, not a fighter. she is a wonderful mother who loves her kids and married her high-school sweetheart and is still head over heels in love with him.

my girl loves donuts, mac make-up, shakin' it like a salt shaker, going to bed early, hawaii, donny osmond, naturalizer shoes, being her friend's personal shopper, and diet coke with LOTS of ice.

i love jody's friendship and her ability to make me giggle--she stands by me when things get tough and celebrates when things are not, and i couldn't imagine life without her.

so, hb joellen!! i love you and wanted you to know how fanFREAKIN'tastic you are!!! here is a special little bit 'o love to you from me:

if i was gonna get one......

you know of my secret love for (some) tattoos--still never gone there and not planning to since i don't wanna step over my mother's dead body to do it.

BUT, if i were to ever take the plunge, i found some that i think i would love---

being a girl who likes to throw as well as go to parties, i think i could make this work:

i do love me some of the crazy, umbrella-assaulting britney. and i'm sure i wouldn't regret THIS one in the morning:

my brother, ryan, could do the chewbacca--i think he looks like a jellyfish, though. mindi is skeered.

if my goal was to have children running away from me, shrieking in fear, i could rock this one:

to cope with my inadequacies of possessing only two izods in eighth grade, i could get this one:

megan would TOTALLY get this one:

but my first choice would definitely be chuck norris--NOBODY would mess with me if chuck was on my arm.......fear the norris!

my mia the potty-trained pixie

she is finally potty-trained!!! let the celebrations commence!!!

my favorite

today is my favorite leisure activity--now, the hobby i have, hands-down, bar-none that i spend all of my money on is traveling. but i think that would be under a different category......, i'm gonna have to go with pampering. in all ways, shapes, and forms.

being a self-admitted, 'high maintenance' type of gal, this should come as no surprise to some. i love to get my hair done, my nails done, a pedicure, a massage, a facial--you name it, i will be happy to have it done to me, and even happier if i get to wear a fluffy white robe while i'm at it.

although i am a woman of, ahem, mature years, i actually didn't ever have my first massage or facial until russ bought me a little spa package for my 29th birthday. i was a nervous wreck going in and felt so stupid, thinking i just wouldn't be able to relax with somebody massaging all of my cellulite and rating my body on a one to ten scale in their mind.......i got over that after the first 4 minutes.

last year for mother's day the husbands bought me and some of my gals a spa day out at red mountain, and that was one of my favorite experiences.

i know i should have lied and said that my bestest leisure activities would be scrapbooking or organizing humanitarian aid, but that is best left to other, less selfish bloggers.

p.s. i found this picture somewhat terrifying and creepy. i fell in love immediately.

do i have to twist your arm?? free stuff!

PEOPLE!!! i want to buy your love and devotion, but cannot as long as you don't leave a comment.......have you LEFT A COMMENT??? to get in on all this sweet, fowl-themed action, click HERE

thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

1. school concerts--chandi last friday, katie on tuesday, chandi again tonight, and abbey next tuesday--WHEW!! lots of running around, but oh-so-fun to see them perform. must admit that i was shocked the cheesy 4th grade cover of celine dion's "because you loved me" sung OVER the song (what? no karaoke version?) accompanied by sign language (uggggh..) snuck up and surprised me. had me wiping away some tears. i think it's a conspiracy. myspace graphic comments

2. the utah jazz--rbc and friends got tickets to their playoff game up in slc and he is as giddy as a school girl. let's just hope they don't screw it up and salt (see slang term of the day) their chances--them's fightin' words here in yeeeew-tahhhh--i so crazy.

3. jody's scissors--she came over and cut katie's and mia's hair this week. right in my kitchen--love the convenience. i had her cut off ALL of mia's hair, and i mean all. she got a pixie cut and i think she's adorable. risky, but it turned out--will post a photo tomorrow. thanks joellen!

4. motorcycle rides with my man--the weather has been just beautiful and our ride last night through coral canyon was awesome. love to feel the wind through my hairs.

5. my blogging buddies--yesterday my master plan worked--MUUUUUUWWWWWAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA--and i had eleven lurkers come out--one all the way from australia!! thanks, guys. you always make me feel so loved. good thing you don't know me in real life.
also, after i told kami that my computer blocked a photo (infowest clean internet--both a blessing and a curse) on her blog ,she sent me an email with the photo of this. it made my whole year--thanks for that, kami!! oh, and do not forget to enter her super-cool cd giveaway HERE as her taste in music is right ON.

tool time, male

ahhhh, another international male catalogue graced my mailbox the other day--it's always better than christmas morning when i find it waiting for me......

with father's day coming up, i thought i would share with you some of my favorite selections--russ is gonna be crazy-insane in LOVE with these wardrobe choices:

the westgate suede trench or times square leather trench are simply stunning choices and would make you more popular with friends and loved ones--don't let the fact that summer is nearly upon us deter you--you can always turn the thermostat DOWN........

speaking of thermostats, it's getting hot in herrrrrrrrrre when the tinello faux chinchilla hooded jacket & faux fox fur coat appear--do you want that promotion at work?? show up wearing either one of these show-stoppers, and let your boss know that you have what it takes to go ALL the can also rest easy knowing that only baby chinchillas and foxes who were diagnosed with terminal cancer and/or already dead on the road were used in the making of these essential wardrobe items....

the agadir tunic paired with the mechanic's jeans would be the perfect choice for an evening out at the potter's wheel molding clay with your special lady--call now, and a free flat iron will be included with your purchase! (speaking of clay...clay aiken bought TWO sets. do NOT delay.)

wanna show that special someone that you have a tiger lurking underneath that straightlaced exterior? then the safari 5 pocket pant with the pintuck pullover shirt would demonstrate your ability to roar! vegetarian? then you are showing your support of animal-cruelty free slacks AND shirts with both the words pin and tuck in them.

outrigger jeans+ westpoint military jacket = perfection in our book!! jeans with a zipper that goes nowhere paired with a jacket inspired by michael jackson will assure those other dads at the soccer game that you can still BRING IT. don't mess.

want to move from sunday school secretary up to elder's quorum 1st counselor without having to do all the hard work?? show up to stake conference wearing the madison banded collared shirt paired with the manhattan cuban heel boot and sit back and watch as the bidding war over your
hidden talents warms up....

yes, we KNOW you are complex and have a softer, more feminine side you'd like to embrace without getting your trash kicked. our solution? the collarless gauze shirt or the ultimate poet's shirt. they say "i have needs, too"...

so your sister is getting married, and you want something that will make you stand out from the rest of your 64 first cousins?? the ciccione suit or ritz satin shirt and tie combo would do that trick--heck, it might even put you right in charge of your next family reunion!

and, without any further ado, the shining jewel in our international male crown--the moroccan tunic paired with the side split denim short. this outfit will single handedly win you more friends and influence more people than a lifetime of t-shirts and basketball shorts! seize the day!!!
p.s. yes, if you wear these shorts, your legs WILL look like this. guaranteed.

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