hb amy!

hb to my life-long friend amy!!!

live it up today, old woman--love you lots.

merry christmas

thankful thursday

so many things to be thankful for this time of year--this week i am truly thankful for:

**the anonymous benefactors that left a package on our door thanking us for our christmas lights! we were shocked and stunned. and completely DELIGHTED.

we just wish we would have known we were in the running, cuz then we would have gone for ALL STATE. (next year!)

**the fact that depeche mode would liken themselves unto the three wise men.

**for a stellar, star-making performance by abbey in the 3rd grade christmas program.

**this poster that made me smile~

**the preschool program complete with songs, dance, and cookies--mia was SO excited to have us in attendance--

**miss brandi, who makes mia's world turn!

**the chuckle that this video gave me --

it was generally unspectacular until :35 left when fallon started bringing in the 80's bad-ass synth-air drumming combo, and then it REDEEMED itself. fully. (plus i loved that tracy morgan's job was simply to stand there and dance.)

**and finally, for you.

although i am not a very "social blogger" anymore, i do read each and every comment that i get.

and i love them.

so thanks for validating me in 2009--i'm OUT until 2010. have a very merry!!

feliz navidad

{loni, mindi, & derrill in front of san jose house, 1972}

i always envied the fact that my older sister loni was born in mexico city, mexico.

it just always seemed so glamorous and hip, being born somewhere other than the united states of america. too bad i didn't realize early on that mexico city is a flipping DUMP with a capital D. it might have also been the fact that i was just plain jealous that the nurses in the hospital wanted my mom to pierce her ears at less than a day old--SCANDALOUS!!! (my mom held her ground, fyi--no mexi-earrings for baby loni.)

my parents were living there while my dad attended school on some kind of ultra-great scholarship. between living there for a few years and my dad's 2 1/2 year mission in mexico prior, both of my parents were fluent in spanish.

i remember seeing a few birthday cards that had been saved through out those years--they would write them entirely in spanish, always ending with 'te amo'. i thought it was so romantic!

so when it came time for me to sign up for a foreign language in 7th grade, there wasn't any question--german and french were for wussies. the ONLY foreign language i was interested in learning was espanol.

but it was for one very particular reason: each year as christmas time rolled around, my parents would have entire conversations in front of us about our gifts in spanish. it drove us CRAZY.

my goal: fluent spanish interpretation.

hipster santa

he knows when you are sleeping......

he knows when you're awake.

shouldn't this creep us out a bit?

sadly, my last cat-themed posting of 2009

you knew this was coming, didn't you?

i know. there ARE no words.

but guess what's greater than cats in santa hats?

a blogging bff who enables your cat-dysfunction:

and, fyi? tabby treats is a hallmark keepsake collectible ornament--"add a picture of your mischievous cat to this ornament to make it tuna-licious." HELLO?!

the only thing that could make this post a little better is the fact that you realized the santa you've put on your kitchen table for the past 3 years is holding a cat. and YOUR cat to boot:

i could never have told you what this santa was holding in a million years--i just never noticed it. who woulda thunk it was "maaaahhhhhhtiiiin"?

we were obviously meant to be.

dirty driving

seriously. THIS made my day.


in a house with 5 women, these ultra-cute, coordinating blow dryers and straightening irons would make us happy. while keeping us HIP.

(PLUS, i'm a sucker for cute packaging--what's not to love?)

(too bad mindi's in a committed relationship with her chi.)

making me L.O.L:

married to the sea always gets a smile out of me.


dear jakob,

you were ROBBED.

to quote clark w. griswold, "If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn't be more surprised than I am now."

the only people who held a candle to you in the final six were ellenore and kathryn. i didn't even cave to utah-pride pressure when it came to ashleigh & ryan --but mostly because i was annoyed that he wouldn't ever button his shirt. oh my FLIPPIN' HECK!

yes, i enjoyed russell doing a bit 'o krump. but i really never, never ever, NEVER EVER EVER thought he would win. and frankly, i am just a bit chapped about it.

you were so breathtaking, i even forgave you quite quickly for spelling your name with a "k". you were THAT good.

did america temporarily lose it's mind and forget about the brilliance of these routines?

christmas lights in the STG

if you live in the santa jorge area, then you need to drive past our two favorite christmas light displays:

the most spectacular lights by sheer volume is in bloomington hills--turn onto ft. pierce drive from river road and drive past the the l.d.s. chapel and turn onto vermillion--from there, take the third right onto harmony place and there you will see it in all of it's christmas glory. the thing we like best about this is that an abundance of christmas lights usually = TACKY, but these guys have kept it classy. (almost rhymes! i'm a lyrical gangsta~)

but, by far, our new favorite house this year if off of washington fields road-- turn onto riveredge road (which soon turns into apache drive) and you'll see it at 735 apache drive. tune your radio to 101.5 fm and enjoy the choreographed lights and music--

i tell you what: this is right up my alley. i literally could have sat there for a good hour. unfortunately for me, russ and the girls were done after about 5 minutes.

i hated leaving because i wanted to see what was coming up next--so i have a feeling we might be stalking them a time or two more during this season.....

or it could be just a lone, nearly-40 year old woman in an acura. sitting for long periods of time in her car with the radio blaring. (creepy much?)

what i want for christmas: ITEM SEVEN

tickets to see keane on their uk forest tour 2010--

The band has announced plans for a summer tour of forests in 2010, including a homecoming show at the Bedgebury Pinetum, just outside the band’s hometown of Battle, East Sussex. Dates are as follows:

10th June – Thetford Forest, Suffolk
11th June – Bedgebury Pinetum, Kent
18th June - Westonbirt Arboretum, Gloucestershire
19th June – Sherwood Pines Forest, Nottinghamshire
25th June – Dalby Forest, North Yorkshire
26th June – Cannock Chase Forest, Staffordshire

seeing them in concert in may was nigh unto a spiritual experience.

i just priced airfare for 1 ticket, roundtrip from las vegas to manchester, england.

all i need is $1,420.40.

"a party over here...a party over there....wave your hands in the air..."

i'm a party girl. so i think it's IMPERATIVE that i posses this party-to-go kit--

immediately. if not sooner.

build your own snowman.

we had way too much fun on yahoo's build your own snowman--

there were many different looks you could choose from and a few of us took advantage of this very christmasy-creative outlet.


my snow woman:




shallow thoughts

does anybody else find it sickly satisfying if they help their middle or high school child write a paper/poem/essay and then their teacher LOVES it?

(or is that just me?)

christmas morning.

true story:

as children, we never went into see what santa left for us under the tree until our parents came in and gave us the OK. we would sit in our bed, yelling for them to wake up and "COME GET US!"-- not getting a sneak peek at the goods was a small price to pay for the delicious anticipation we'd experience snuggled together in bed in matching homemade pj's. it's a tradition that i carry on to this day with my own children. seeing their faces as they run into the living room for the first glimpse is always my favorite part of christmas morning.

one year when i was 7 and loni was 10, my parents finally came in and told us to get ready to line up (always youngest to oldest, which worked just FINE for me until my younger brother ryan was born. FUNSUCKER.)

i was trying to be adult-nonchalant-cool about the whole christmas thing: i didn't want loni to smell my desperation and sense my pathetic, shameless desire for STUFF. so while putting on our robes and slippers, i casually threw out, "i wonder if santa ate our cookies and drank our milk? do you think he enjoyed them?"

i was pleased. this sounded very appropriate and had just the right amount of concern for santa's well-being without sounding overly-caring about the presents underneath the tree.

she looked at me, rolled her eyes and said, "like i CARE. i just want to see how much money he spent on my toys. DUH!"

and that, my friends, is how it should be done.

thankful thursday

short list this week, but i am nonetheless thankful for:

**this simply STUNNING idea that i am gonna use for our family christmas cards next year--i think i could really take it to the next level with this forward-thinking concept.

Cat lovers will reach owner-enlightenment with glasses featuring yin and yang images exploring feline duality. Corresponding cat wisdom in English and Chinese floats above each image, while the secret of true harmony: "The Tao of Cat is to do your thing and leave the kitty alone" runs along the side of each glass in English and Chinese.

The many sides of kitty include:

: "In catnip there is dignity"

:"Napping overcomes wrath"

Bad Cat/Good Cat
:"To obey is to resist"

Go Away/Love Me
:"To shun is to adore"

**these "tale of two kitties" glasses that i received in the mail from one of my favorite people in the world--they could not have arrived at a better time. they put a smile on my face and a little warmth in this cold old heart--i plan on using them for honored guests and esteemed colleagues. (i don't really have any colleagues. but it sounds good, doesn't it?)

**that our local concert choir has not taken on this number as of yet. (but you could BET that i would be there, front & center when they do!)

MORE cowbell

i think if i had this more cowbell i could really "EXPLORE THE SPACE".

what i want for christmas: ITEM SIX

i think there is no good reason why kris kringle shouldn't bring me the WHY yacht--

after all, i AM the "julie mccoy, cruise director" of our friend group, and i am always on the look out for something new and fun to use in our travels--

this bad boy accommodates 12 (guess i'll have to cut some of you out of my life--sorry!) and with a staff of 20, i think all of my needs will be attended to nicely.


do you ever just feel like this?

i do. today.

so i'll catch my breath. but AHHHHHLLLL BE BAAAHHHHHCCCK on wednesday--

i'm planning on having lots of joy & star quality. somewhere in this vein:

(i just hope the world will continue revolving. let me know if it doesn't~)