hb kami!

hb to my birthday girl, kami~

how much do i love you? i can't even begin to count the ways.......

i wish you rainbows and puppies and magical unicorns on your special day!

Happy Birthday myspace comments

watch THIS and fall in love with my adorable blogging bff/bestie/blesbian~


it was love at first sight:

met my blogging bff tanja for a 'REAL FIRST DATE' today with amy--she was even more adorable in person.

i felt like i'd known her forever--could that be due to the fact that we've done many,many months of blog-foreplay? just one of my theories.....

we ate lunch at the beautiful ledges golf clubhouse and enjoyed 60 degree weather. perfect.

for kaitlyn: magic frog to prince

kaitlyn totally needs this magic frog to prince--she is convinced she is gonna off bella, marry edward, & live in complete vampire ecstasy for the rest of eternity.

it's time she learned the truth.

easy, step by step directions for creating your prince:

funnyfunnyfunny randomness

{thanks, more cowbell & karasti for some of the images!}

happy superbowl.

have a great weekend and make sure to ingest some gas station nacho-quality food!


graph jam: music

i posted this lovely little number a few months ago:

yesterday i came across graphjam and spent the better part of an hour glued to the screen.

see if you know the songs:

sweet music to my neck

i love this handmade headphones necklace--i'm thinking a music lover like myself should have this hanging 'round my neck.

and at a mere $300.00, i would consider it an investment in mindi.

i am currently taking sponsors to help fund this purchase. buy in NOW at ground level and get "platinum" status!! buy in during the next 24 hours and i'll give you a presentation with lots of levels and circles!


thankful thursday: backcombers, UNITE!

i am thankful this week for:
my peeps over at the coolest allen family blog for relaying the following SUPERDUPER IMPORTANT information that strangely draws me towards it while it's also frightening me in it's sad, sick & twisted way~

remember all of the "backcombing" controversy we had in confession booth TRES?

well, FEAR NO MORE, yeeeewwtaaaaahhh ladies (and in some cases, lads.) i give you:

please to watch:

who's with me on this one? i think we could start a great bumpits wave that would cover the entire state of the promised land--perhaps we could make it a mandatory item on the temple recommend interview? or at least if you want to be promoted up from boy scouts or nursery....



Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

i just read this on gawker about the rules at martha stewart's new offices--

martha decided that her new design scheme will be tainted by any of the following: ink colors other than red or black, desks that are not completely clear at the end of the day, except for one metal basket of approved office supplies, and anything that could be construed as being personal, such as photos or coffee mugs.

this kind of frightens me. if she is this much of a control freak, i'm guessing there must be NO casual friday.....? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

applications, anyone?

music makes me lose control.

i saw this on amy's man caylor's "blog-LITE" (facebook) and thought i might have an aneurysm.

caylor's stock just rose 1000 points with that one--thank you big daddy!

so, if one's good, then 3 more = AWESOME....

this is what i envision kaitlyn's driver's ed teacher's experience to be:

i posted this back in january as one of my favorite superbowl commercials--it still delivers.

but this one? this one makes me snort.

you're welcome, internet.

it's never too late....

...to teach an old dog new tricks.

i went with my posse to brianhead and took advantage of their "learn a new snow sport" special--only $39 for your lift pass, your equipment, & a 2 1/2 hour lesson. SCORE.

i went in with low expectations (translation: didn't even think i'd be able to get up. really.) and was pleasantly surprised that i actually COULD ski. proof? check me out below: (NOTE TO READER: that is actually a triple black diamond run, and the hill is a ginormous, straight-down, 90 degree angle monster. NOT the bunny hill that the camera makes it appear to be.)

jody & i learned everything we'd need to know plus a few extra skill sets from our main man, dave--he was a stone cold fox at 60 years young and was just what we needed.

the picture below kristin snapped right after he told us that we looked so great on the slopes, that it was a good thing we hadn't been going down naked, as nobody would have been getting anything done around there.....

i told him that he wasn't ready for all this jelly.

he begged to differ.

i decided that it was destiny that i had waited nearly 39 years to ski, because the skis are so much shorter now--they are a bit of a different shape as well, and i felt like it made a big difference in maneuvering around while i channeled peekabo street on a REALLY bad day.

it was an absolutely beautiful day on the slopes, and i am pleased to report that i fell down less than a million times. but i did have a few SPECTACULAR crashes that bordered on taking all-state. or maybe even nationals.
i may or may not have also cultivated a bad habit where i said naughty words when i sped up a little. ALLEGEDLY.

it didn't hurt really when i fell, but currently (7:00 p.m. tuesday night) i am in a world of hurt. i guess the old dog's bones are a little more brittle and sensitive to multiple crashes. who knew?

l to r: kristin, mindi, jody, kamari

i'm now just waiting for brianhead to contact me about instructing. i'm pretty sure the phone call is coming ANY moment.....

birds & bees

it was the most magical time of the year at chandler's elementary school: MATURATION PROGRAM DAY.

she brought home the note telling me about it and wanted to make sure i could come. i said i would ONLY if i could raise my hand and answer any questions they had OR if i could talk about our experiences with maturing using only examples of her.

poor chanandler bong. this is a suckity time to have a smart arse as a mother.

she just rolled her eyes and said, "MOM! don't embarrass me!"

ahhhh, the maturation talk.....i remember it fondly.

i also remember coming out of the dark lunchroom after viewing the slide show, carrying my bag of "speshhuulnesss" under my coat and trying to avoid all eye contact with anybody of the opposite sex.

but i must say, they did quite a bang-up job of it over in our neck of the woods. the video was current, up-to-date and not chuck full of cringe-worthy "a very SPECIAL after school special" performances.

the doctor who came to speak with us afterwords was straight forward, funny, and candid. as was the teacher who handled it all with style.

the only problem was the fact that chandler had to keep telling me, "mom--be QUIET! SHUT UP!" when i would lean over to give her commentary. i can't figure out why....

so, my question to you is: did you have a 'MATURATION PROGRAM' at your elementary? do tell.....

i heart bono

seriously. how freaking BAD ARRSSSE is bono & company?

this video always makes me fall in love with them all over again every time i see it.

they are total REBELS, and i dig them even more for it.

they are coming out with a new album soon, and i am desperately hoping they are gonna tour.

cuz it will be ON. like donkey kong.

edward cullen makes me scream like a little girl

katie has this life-size cardboard cutout of edward cullen that resides in her bedroom. (scandalous!)

she bought him with her christmas dinero and felt like it was an investment in her HAPPINESS. i felt like it was a complete and total waste of money, but what do i know since i buy retarded things like toe rings and shiny, glittering objects? i didn't have a leg to stand on, so the purchase was made.

a few days after she and edward shacked up, i walked downstairs in the late afternoon to put some clean clothes on the bed. i turned to leave her bedroom when i saw him standing in front of the closet , and i dropped my drink, the laundry basket, and yelled "AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!" louder than i thought my 38ish-year-old-mommy lungs were capable of.

he scared the living daylights right outta me. BIG time.

my heart was thumping, and my pulse racing and my stomach did flip flops and i had to lean against the bedpost to catch my breath and try to laugh at myself. but never before had i been scared that hard--i was convinced it was a man who had snuck into the basement, and it was a feeling i don't ever want to experience again. (unless he's there to clean the carpets, and then i'm totally cool.)

it made me think about what i would have done if edward had REALLY snuck in, and i needed to bust a move on him. the thing i keep coming back to is :




attention all potential predators who are gonna sneak into my basement after recognizing my house from photos i carelessly posted on my blog: i have ninja skillz, and i'm not afraid to BRING THE PAIN.