"M" is for.....ledges lunch w tanja & amy & MIA!

MIA--my future blogger.

i stole these photos from my blesbian blover tanja's blog because i wanted you to see what a young, 3 year old blogger in training does in front of the camera when her blogger mother doesn't notice:

(plus you get to see my really cute shoes and amy's cherella bag.)

we were doing the "mom pose" in this photo-- turn on the angle, put your feet in the third position, and tilt your head--mia has it down to a science:

what just kills me is that, as a mother, i am always aware of what mia is doing in photos. but as a blogger, at times, i am more concerned if we are all in the shot, if you can see everyone, if my eyes are closed or if i look slightly stoned, etc. and i'm not thinking about what she is doing as somebody snaps the photo for us. (because, really, isn't it all about me? or SHOULDN'T it be??)
you don't really know what things or actions your children will pick up from just watching you.....i guess mia is ready to post any day now.


Vanessa said...

I always pick the photos where I look the best. That's ok, right? Mia is just a quick learner. You have taught her well!

Ida said...

of course we pick the best photos of ourselves. And she is a doll she has posing down to a science. You Rock Mia.

tammy said...

I love how Mia's in the pics. Too cute.

Anonymous said...

She is just as cute as a button!

mCat said...

Mia = Rock Star

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

How funny! I wuv her!