one clothing designer's REALLY bad robitussin trip

the 80's clothing revival movement has been in full swing for quite some time now, but i was totally SHOCKED at the latest items available over at american apparel

when i was in new orleans i stopped into a clothing store merely because (and i am a little sheepish admitting this. BAAAAHHHH.) they had a d.j. set up in the front of the store spinning some really great tunes.

as i wandered through, the 80's throwback assortment was overwhelming. but because i was getting my groove on to 'rock your body dance remix' i attempted to find something to try on.

my little sales associate-- whom i am fairly certain was younger than some of the salad dressings in my fridge--kept bringing over outfits that she thought i should try on.

when being accosted by a particularly heinous jessie-spano jean-shirt-tucked-in-boots-with-socks combo, i protested that i was too old.

she replied, "you look like a hip lady. you could TOTALLY pull this off."

i immediately thought, "hmmmmm. somebody hasn't made their sales quota yet this week?"

but then i informed her that i had heard that if you wore a certain fashion-trend the FIRST TIME AROUND, you should not be wearing it THE SECOND TIME AROUND.

so i give you some of the newest clothing available that i would have worked over during the 'decade of decadence':

unisex highlighter flex fleece zip hoody
i had this in pink along with the other dixie high school freshman class officers. we wore it for our yearbook photo. we bought them at christensen's and they were 'out' about 2 miliseconds later.

printed spandex jersey harem pant
i had a pair similar to these that i wore to the jets/jermaine stewart/stacy q concert. (and no, i did not just make that up.)

stretch bull denim slim slack with ankle zippers
ahhhh, the ankle zipper! they were present and accounted for on my first ever pair of guess jeans that i bought at the meadows mall in las vegas at the first of my sophomore year. i knew i had taken it to the next level when nicole carter (popular girl) commented on them as i walked across the street to seminary.

(btw: this is also available in a 'MINERAL WASH' which we lovingly referred to in the 80's as ACID WASH.)

velour romper
my mom bought me one of these bad boys against her better judgement for my 6th grade track day. and the track is STILL in therapy.

now, my glasses were a tad bit cooler than these babies, but not by far. they were red and covered about 3/4ths of my face. and the lenses were made out of heavy glass which weighed about 10 pounds. SUCH a great look. SO glad they thought to bring these back!

the only thing i ever learned how to sew from lana. i made quite a few of these in different knit colors/patterns and would wear them with my units belts that were also fashioned by the sweat of my brow. it was pretty spectacular, as you can imagine.

shiny legging
i admit, i didn't ever have a pair of these. but it didn't stop me from wanting to look like olivia newton john at the end of 'grease'. dare to dream.


Erin said...

This entire post was perfect. From beginning to end.

But I think you ought to go buy some shiny leggings. Just to say you did.

jennie w. said...

I wanted the shiny leggings (known in Utah as "lay-gins") because I was hard-core into Buck Rogers. Those were the nasty old days.

Kami said...

the velour romper is like the sixth grade. ;)

Nicole Carter (popular girl)...she probably reads your blog. Your memory is amazing.

Those gold pants...I so wanted to be Olivia Newton-John too! Seriously...what were our parents thinking letting us watch that show. Talk about innuendo!

Vanessa said...

My eyes are totally burning. Plese make it stop!

I had a velour romper too, but I am a couple years younger, so I'm sure the 2nd grade was traumatized.

Renee said...

No joke, I saw several boys at the middle school wearing very similar zebra print stretchy pants. Not good.

I agree with the "don't wear it if you wore it the first time it was in style" rule. Absolutely. Although I still want to look like Olivia Newton John, but not the Grease look... I'm Xanadu all the way.

LN said...

"my little sales associate-- whom i am fairly certain was younger than some of the salad dressings in my fridge-"

bwaaah haa haaa!!! Best. Description. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Did you sport the mall hair to go along with these outfits? Inquiry minds want to know! ;)

Krista said...

it's actually a really good place to purchase the basic tee's and hoodies. good quality and nice fit. if you can get over the crazy stuff.

Melissa said...

Wow! Those outfits are pretty bad...couldn't they have brought back something worth wearing a second time around?

And P.S. - weren't those the leggings the Solid Gold Dancers wore back in the day?

alex dumas said...

Ah, the Solid Gold dancers...such memories.
All of it makes me gag.

Ali said...

Hi Mindi,
Just passing this message on from Devri:

Can you do me a favor, can you let Mindi know that everytime I get on her site, and then try to exit, it leaves my computer frozen, i know like 10 other people it does it to also.. I love going to her blog, but have stopped cuz I can't stand starting my computer over everytime I do..

I love her blog, please let her know and try to fix the bug, so I can keep going over there and other people too.. Thanks alot!

April 14, 2009 10:23 AM

JenTix said...

I am impressed with your style! You must have been in the popular group!

Ida said...

I must say it was before my time. Does this mean I get to rock the shiny leggings now? (I am totally kidding) There is no way my legs can rock that.

gigi said...

I'm still just trying to soak it all in. Walking down memory lane.

Anonymous said...

I am always having flash backs when we are shopping for clothing. I have yet to see flower jackets and long skirts yet. My daughters swear that their clothing is way cuter than mine ever could have been. Yet, I remember wearing the same leggings under skirts!

I use to dream of being Olivia Newton John, in my shiny leggings, with all the boys drooling over me.

Great post. Now I need to snap out of this flash back.

Shawn said...

Oh gosh! Don't think that I can handle it!! I was modeling some of that sick stuff---heh, heh!

Ankle zippers----oh, you had me laughing!

MiaKatia said...

I think I have a picture of me in that velour romper... BUT I was like 4 or 5. I still think that qualifies me for the "wore it the first time can't wear it the second time" rule. Aside from the fact that I would make all onlookers very very ill.

Omgirl said...

Where were zippers on jeans when WE were wearing pegged jeans??? I would have died for zippers on my jeans insetead of folding them over and rolling them up.

p.s. I saw a girl wearing these the other day and DIED because I wore those exact pair in 1985...

Angie said...

Mindi, FREAKING HILARIOUS! I can't help but laugh hysterically at this post!! You are awesome!

Shaunte Wadley said...

She shrieks, clutching her neon colored plastic beads.

We should have kept everything.