thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

**the beautiful 80 degree weather on tuesday in which these two little girls were able to play outside in for hours. with MINIMAL fighting. (MAJOR big deal.)

**the motorcycle ride i got to take with my man while looking like THIS:

while wearing these assless chaps

**the opportunity for a GOOD. NAP. :

crystal light . i've been trying to cut way down on my calories AND diet dr pepper and it's been slowly sucking my WILL. TO. LIVE. thank goodness for my leetle friend here who has saved my life. and restored my faith in humanity.

**chanandler bong and her love of choir concerts where they get to dress up in 50's garb:

& finally, for burger king--because they are making commercials like this one:


Vanessa said...

MMMM, Crystal Light sounds really good right about now.

Tanja said...

I would say kids getting along sounds even better to me! ;)

Kami said...

have you tried white grape yet?! It's my favorite. How cute is baby cole on Russ?!

ps. I love your th. Thursdays, because it is all pictures from what is really going on in your life.

SO said...

I saw that BK commercial yesterday! Laughed and Laughed although the King still creeps me out.

tiburon said...

Look at how sunny and green it is there.

You suck.

And Russ looks at peace. You should give him one of those.

Rusti said...

Dude, the King is uber creepy.

I REALLY need to get down to St. George. I can almost feel the sun coming through your pictures.

Misty said...

sooo jealous of that weather right about now.

Shawn said...

The weather looks idyllic!

So jealous.