christmas lights in the STG

if you live in the santa jorge area, then you need to drive past our two favorite christmas light displays:

the most spectacular lights by sheer volume is in bloomington hills--turn onto ft. pierce drive from river road and drive past the the l.d.s. chapel and turn onto vermillion--from there, take the third right onto harmony place and there you will see it in all of it's christmas glory. the thing we like best about this is that an abundance of christmas lights usually = TACKY, but these guys have kept it classy. (almost rhymes! i'm a lyrical gangsta~)

but, by far, our new favorite house this year if off of washington fields road-- turn onto riveredge road (which soon turns into apache drive) and you'll see it at 735 apache drive. tune your radio to 101.5 fm and enjoy the choreographed lights and music--

i tell you what: this is right up my alley. i literally could have sat there for a good hour. unfortunately for me, russ and the girls were done after about 5 minutes.

i hated leaving because i wanted to see what was coming up next--so i have a feeling we might be stalking them a time or two more during this season.....

or it could be just a lone, nearly-40 year old woman in an acura. sitting for long periods of time in her car with the radio blaring. (creepy much?)


alex dumas said...

Whatever. That would have been you if Russ and the kids had't been there making you drive away.