dave & martin's christmas wish list

under the christmas tree: the newest favorite napping place.


so, if they are going to take control of our lives, we might as well post their christmas wish list--

first and foremost is catPaint:

it's an i phone app that lets you paste these adorable little (and not so little!) fellas on every photo. because, really, isn't that what the world needs? more cat-themed photos?

{courtesy of jimmy fallon blog}

next up would be a piece of furniture that would reflect their unique personality and fashion-forward sense of style--we found a few at the sophisticated cat--a luxury cat boutique:

the belleville lounge, elephant arms chaise lounge, candy sofa, and the joker sofa would all do. nicely.

last, but certainly not least, would be jingle cats--the ultimate christmas dvd for cats and cat lovers alike. what's not to love about kittens singing christmas classics? this here is what i lovingly refer to as "hours and hours of holiday entertainment. especially for megan and neal--

you're welcome, guys.


Kami said...

Oh Noooo... it's way worse than I thought. ;)

tammy said...

Are you a member of stuffonmycat.com yet?

susiefarns said...

I totally love that you love your cats this much. It makes me sort of like cats....or at least yours.

Vanessa said...

How lame am I that I watched that whole video and thought it was cute?

Heather D. said...

You are lucky your cats just choose to sleep under the tree. Mine chose to sleep IN the tree, about 2/3rds of the way up. Last year they constantly un-decorated the tree. This year the tree is in the basement. Still love their guts though.