thankful thursday

things that i am thankful for this week:

**the chance to make gingerbread cookies with my children.

normally, this isn't a thing i'd be really that thankful for--it's too much effort and mess multiplied by children fighting and sticky fingerprints EVERYWHERE. but i decided to cave to my sentimental side and give it a whirl.

thank goodness we had megan over to supervise and talk me off the ledge. i think, all in all, it was a success.

we used kami's recipe and the cookies were freaking FANTASTIC! i'm not normally a fan of any type of gingerbread, but i think these were over-achievers. unfortunately, our decorating skillz were a little ghetto--i would consider these to be the red-headed stepchildren of gingerbread cookies.

my favorite part of it all was the frosting--any time you incorporate a whole can of sweetened condensed milk into a project, it's gonna be a winner~

**the chance to have our annual christmas s'mores roast with our beloved friends & family.

i've realized that i've officially become OLD, because my worst fear is being cold. in my opinion, it ranks up there with the worst kind of torture. so, even though we live in the desert and it's practically a balmy spring day compared to other climates, i had us dressed a la winter storm watch.

we sang and ate and burned things and poked sticks in hot coals. what more could we ask for?

**a cat who finds itself perfectly at home inside a christmas sack. and wiggled UNDERNEATH the handles that were tied together.

we think he might be gifted and talented. we'll be having him tested soon.

**the beauty of animated neil diamond.


Kami said...

Yay! I'm glad they turned out for you. That frosting is sooo good! I love your Thankful Thurs. because they are like a Clove Family Weekly Recap.

alex dumas said...

I always wondered why Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand made Christmas albums...

Great song. Thanks to Adam Sandler.

Plain Jame said...

What the ehll? I would be totally thankful thursday today if I had a recipe for liquid crack made from manna from heaven... make our day and give the internets the recipe.

Shawn said...

Ooooo---wish I could have me some of those cookies----unfortunately, I will be doing my 50% less sugar cookies again this year, since I am still dieting....sigh.

tiburon said...

I wanna have some Smores!