non-sierra club hike

i can tell that i am getting old.

why, you ask? (at least that's what i'm PRETENDING in my head that you said. i realize that the more correct answer might be, "DUH.")

because i am starting to have late-in-life guilt about living next to something as magnificent as
snow canyon, and the fact that i've been there about 2.5 times in the past 10 years.

and because my children haven't been. but by golly they know the inside of the movie theaters really well!

so this year, on president's day, we decided to celebrate the glorious births of washington and lincoln by hiking en masse to white rocks.

baby dole & his daddy were ready & willing:

the day was absolutely perfect--60 degrees, sunny, with a slight chance of massive amount of offspring:

there was a large sand-dune hill that the kids enjoyed running down. soon, there were all sorts of daring feats of bravery, technique, incredible skill, as well as death-defying acrobatics:

we mothers took a deep breath, turned a blind eye to the sand/dirt/mud, and let the kids get bananas.

our friend amber even violated her first commandment of sand dunes and let her children wear clothing. WITH POCKETS. (living on the edge!)

dannielle brought her fancy big camera with large neck-strap attached as well, so she got a photograph of the photographer:

the day was lovely. we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

but you can always count on somebody, somewhere, who wants you to take a photo of his wood:


Unknown said...

Awesome! I always forget that outside is way more fun.

kami @ said...

You guys are surrounded by beauty... and so are we. We have no excuses.

tiburon said...

You people always have so much fun.

That's it. I am moving to Dixie.

But I need the VIP treatment.