raggedy annes

last week my mom emailed me this photo. and i had NO idea who it was.

i called her and asked who the little girls were--she informed me that it was me & loni in our raggedy anne halloween costumes, taken about 1975ish.

i was floored--i looked and looked at the photo and saw no resemblance to either her or i. i also don't remember the costume, and had never seen a picture of myself or my sister in the costumes.

it rocked my world a bit. i'd figured that i'd seen just about every image from my childhood.

guess i was wrong.

i'm thrilled to be mistaken, however--i love that i get a new little sneak-peak into my young life. plus, it shows what a RADICAL sewing ninja my mother was! (she was pretty incredible. no store-bought costumes for this young lady! what in the H happened to me? pathetic.)


Vanessa said...

I see a little bit of Mia underneath that mop of yarn.

I have utterly shamed my mother. Her dying wish would be for me to sew. I guess she will be thoroughly disappointed.

tiburon said...

That is rad.

I think you could pull that look off now.