top 9 things we loved about scottsdale* 2010

ahhhhhh, scottsdale--how we love thee...

such good times we had. such great memories we made. (such big $ we spent. YIKES.)

so, without further ado, i give you the TOP NINE THINGS WE LOVED ABOUT SCOTTSDALE SPRING BREAK 2010: (because top ten is so two weeks ago...)

since our grandma and grandpa are short-timers (costa rica is calling--and it says, "hola?") we were more than thrilled that they came along with us for the ride.

we took advantage:

*we saw this in 3-d. and we were amazed. (even though i may or may not have taken a teeny nap somewhere in there. allegedly. cause i'm geriatric.)

we had a butt-load of offspring. TWENTY to be exact.

we turned a few heads:

unfortunately for us, these teen-beauties turned a few heads as well:

(pray for us.)

who would have that that a little airbrush gun and some temporary body paint could bring so much joy?

a good amount of dinero was spent on this foolish waste of money. and, as you can see, it was worth every penny:

the best tattoo, however, was applied to mindi's leg.

and her only regret that was it wasn't permanent:


this was the group before we took off for adventures in the sonoran desert-- (and we were missing a few.)

do you know what's better than a group shot?

a group shot with PSEUDO-SUBURBAN GANG SIGNS!!!

know what's even better than the group shot of pseudo-suburban gang signs?

our sweet little mia, throwing her own:

(i wuv her.)


can you see the joy they bring? i think it's pretty apparent.

camelback mountain hasn't bested us yet!

this was our second annual hike, & we were thrilled that our grandpa came along with--at 69 years young, he amazed us by getting all the way up.

and then all the way down. (a little low-blood sugar scare was for WIMPS only. he finished!)

since we didn't bring a camera, i was pretty happy with the decent photos my phone produced:

(hiking with this crew is never dull.)

there was only a SINGLE meal before eleven o'clock for mindi that didn't include this food of the gods--

we particularly enjoyed them from here. and here. AND here.

and, as usual, we were grateful to have jared along to provide us with entertainment. as well as supreme photos for his future coffee-table book:


Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures

Vanessa said...

You are turning in to quite the outdoorsy hiker!

Looks like so much fun...and the kids little red faces are a sure bet that they had fun swimming!

Tiffany said...

I want to travel with your family. PLEASE! Love the gang pictures. So, so much!

Anonymous said...

A rigorous physical, mental and emotional evaluation process is required to hang with this crew, including, but not limited to:IQ testing, personality profiling and VERY extensive physical examination from Jared "I'm not a doctor, but i play one on TV".
If you want to apply for a spot, send a very recent full body shot and $51USD to paypal accepted.

tiburon said...

I want to go on a trip with Jared. I want to take him on ever single trip for the rest of my life.

And the #1 reason your trip sucked? Tiburon wasn't there.

kami @ said...

Your Springbreak every year always looks like such a blast.

Awww, little Mia with the gang signs...hers is my favorite.

Michael C. Hanks said...

Yes! I love my brother! Too too funny

Omgirl said...

Alice in Wonderland was just so-so for me. I don't know if it was the theater or the production company or what, but some 3D's have been really dark with uncomfortable glasses (Up and Alice) while others were vibrant with totally comfortable glasses(Avatar). Weird.