1 down, 8 to go

yesterday i got in the car with mia to go pick up the kids from school.

i just happened to be on the phone with my bff kamari, who had pulled up down the street at my other bff's house. i told her i was pulling out of my driveway and would stop to see her for a moment.

i pulled up, she got out of her car, turned to face me and screamed, "YOU HAVE A CAT ON TOP OF YOUR CAR!!"

apparently "maaaahhhhhhtin" had been chilling on my car roof and hadn't really bothered to climb down when i backed out of the garage.

i'm wondering how far he would have made it......?


Tiffany said...

That Martin, he's one krazy kat.

Out of curiosity, have you incorporated the Broadway musical CATS into your playlist? You should!

CoLiE-O said...

that happened to me before too! fortunately, the cat tried to slide down the windshield as i was backing out of the drive way- i nearly lost my bladder.

Vanessa said...

At age 10, I shut the garage door on top of my cat. He was stuck under there for awhile til a neighbor alerted us to his deafening cries. He lived. (after lots of rectal medication given by good ole Tom)

I'm sure Martin would have made it to the school and back and probably wouldn't have lost any zzzzzzz's.

Christi said...

One time my husband went on a kayayking/camping trip 2 hours away. He loaded the kayak on top of the car the night before. When he got to the river, our cat was inside the kayak on top of the car!!!! She was shaking and had lost spots of hair from nerves. But, unfortunately, she survived.

tiburon said...

Can I tell you that it took me a minute to get the title of this post.

That Martin is a crazy cat.

And that might make me like him.

But only a little.

Omgirl said...

AGH!!!! Poor kitty. Thank goodness heaven (in the form of your friend) intervened.