there comes an important day in every young person's life.......and the fact that your mom is there, documenting every step might be a bit embarrassing.

however, kaitlyn handled it with class, style, & grace.

she filled out the appropriate forms:

and was extremely relieved that she did NOT have to register as a sex offender in the state of utah:

she had primped and prepped for her official driver's license photo--she knew it was her turn to shine:

but she was pleased as punch when she saw that there were other candidates who had apparently spent even MORE time on their hair:

she did some nervous texting while waiting for the verdict.....

but, in the end, she prevailed:

congrats to my darling daughter whom i love more than life--you make your father & i so very proud to be your parents!

and so yet ANOTHER ONE is gonna put the rubber to the road.......yikes!


tammy said...

I am a little scared for this day to come with Taylor. I have two short years left.